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Competences: 23 Things Reference - Thing #10

Use this online directory to search for people or businesses. Includes a reverse lookup feature to search for person or business names based on phone number or address.

Practice Exercises

Your answers should be sent as an email attachment to

1.  A patron is looking for the phone number of the Leola Veterinary Clinic.  Use to find the phone number.

2.  A patron can't remember the name of the organic health food store located in Akron.  Use to find the name, phone number and address of the store.

3.  A patron keeps receiving missed calls from the following phone number, 717-390-4860.  The caller never leaves a message.  Find out who is calling the patron by using the reverse phone search on

 4.  A patron is looking for the phone number of Target in Lititz.  Use to find the phone number.

Question for Thing #11

Your answer should be sent as an email attachment to

A patron comes to the library and is looking to write a paper for a class assignment.  They are looking for information on Princess Diana.  They need magazine and journal articles.  Find some articles and use the title and where you found them as your answer.

Online Phone Directories

When locating the phone number or address of an individual or business, you no longer have to find that large, dusty phone book with the teeny, tiny print hiding under the circulation desk; instead you can use an online phone directory.  Almost every day a patron asks for either the phone number or address of a business, and online phone directories are a great resource to use.  Most online phone directories even have a reverse phone search feature, which allows users to enter a phone number to determine who is calling them.

Take some time and explore the online phone directories listed on the page.  It's often tempting to just use Google, but the next time a patron needs a phone number or address, try using an online phone directory.

Online U.S. yellow pages directory from AT&T. You can search for businesses by name, category or phone number. The website also includes white pages listings, maps and directions, online promotions, and city guides.

Search U.S. white and yellow page listings of people and businesses using keyword, category or business name in this online directory. Also features "reverse lookups" for finding names and businesses from phone numbers or addresses.