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Competences: Thing #3: Introduction to the Internet

Introduction to the Internet

This week we are covering internet basics. We'll be doing this using a website that will teach you the lesson in a variety of ways. To get started on the lesson, click here.

When you are done, go under the "Extras" tab and "Take the Quiz!" Email me your score. It's OK if you don't do well. It's OK if you take it more than one time. Just make sure you understand the material.

When you are finished with the lessons and the quiz, comment (using the comment link in this box) what you learned. Is there something that still isn't clear to you? Will you use anything you've learned?

Your Assignment

Please do these assignments alone! Do not work WITH someone or get help from something. I know you'll be able to figure them out...and this is what this assignment is all about!

  1. The logic of finding information: A customer comes into the Post Office and wants to know what to do with mail that is misdelivered to their address. DO NOT USE GOOGLE. Find the answer without using a search engine, using common sense. When you find the answer, copy and past the web address on an answer sheet which you will send to me.
  2. A customer comes into the Post Office and wants directions to the Lancaster Public Library. Using Google Maps, get the directions, copy and paste them onto your answer sheet.
  3. A customer comes into the post office and tells you they are going to be visiting China for vacation. They want to know what they will need besides a passport. Find this information from the primary source (in other words, find it from the original source) and past the URL on your answer sheet. Write down step-by-step how you found the information.