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Competences: Week #7 - Word (Part 3)

Continuing With Word...

Why is it so important that passport agents know more advanced Microsoft Word skills?
Well...there are things you need to do as part of your job that require more advanced word processing skills. In addition, there are things that you will be assigned in the future that will require these skills.

Are these skills going to part of our competency exam in 2014?
Yes. You will be asked to demonstrate various skills in Word. You will not be asked anything that has not been covered in this training.

So...this week we will be continuing to learn about Word.

Click here to go to your assignment. This week, you'll be doing sections 18-24 in the "Working with Objects" chapter. Make sure you download the practice documents and submit them to me. In addition, you have another assignment. You can see the assignment with all instructions in the right column.

Enjoy learning!

Assignment: Flyer Creation

Please create a flyer advertising the passport office to the public. Use graphics and include information, including office hours, that a patron may need to know. You can find images at You can use full color and all of your creativity!!!