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Competences: 23 Things Reference - Thing #16


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The Electronic Frontier Foundation

From the Internet to the iPod, technologies are transforming our society and empowering us as speakers, citizens, creators, and consumers. When our freedoms in the networked world come under attack, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is the first line of defense. EFF broke new ground when it was founded in 1990—well before the Internet was on most people's radar—and continues to confront cutting-edge issues defending free speech, privacy, innovation, and consumer rights today. From the beginning, EFF has championed the public interest in every critical battle affecting digital rights.

American Patent & Trademark Law Center

American Patent & Trademark Law Center is a professional association of independent registered patent attorneys that specializes in patent, trademark, copyright and related business or government contract matters including licensing. We have both in house counsel and independent counsel who we can engage for clients in need of expertise in specific patent and trademark areas.

With our main offices located in San Diego, California, we have agents and associates throughout the world, including China and Russia, enabling our team of attorneys to handle all types of domestic and international filing needs for our clients.

Copyright Clearance Center

Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), the rights licensing expert, is a global rights broker for the world’s most sought-after books, journals, blogs, movies and more.

Founded in 1978 as a not-for-profit organization, CCC provides smart solutions that simplify the access and licensing of content that lets businesses and academic institutions quickly get permission to share copyright-protected materials, while compensating publishers and creators for the use of their works.

CCC has paid more than $1.3 billion in royalties to rightsholders over the past 10 years, and continues to provide information solutions to companies of all sizes, as well as academic institutions, law firms, healthcare organizations and government agencies.


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Taming the wicked, wicked net: Acceptable use... By: Ebbinghouse, Carol, Searcher, 10704795, Jul/Aug97, Vol. 5, Issue 7

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