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Competences: For Other Libraries Considering Competencies

Bringing Competencies to Your Library...

I've heard from nearly 100 libraries who are in the process of creating their own competencies using our program as a template. Instead of having to create your program from scratch, I've offered to share our program and all the resources, to any library that wants to use them. In addition, both my management staff and myself are available to consult and do training in your library for a nominal donation to our library. (Member libraries in the Library System of Lancaster County will not have to pay a fee.) Here are the steps we took to get our program in place. Feel free to contact me if you'd like more information. In addition, all surveys and exams are available for library directors who would like to use them. Since competency exams should only be used by library management, if you'd like to have access please email me from your library email and I will be happy to share!

Since you are here, I am assuming that raising the bar in library services are as important to you as it to me. On behalf of library users everywhere, thank you. Excellent service translates to relevency!



Penny L. Talbert
Executive Director
Ephrata Public Library

Competency Timeline

1. Develop competencies

2. Adopt competencies into staff manual and job descriptions

3. Create Employee Learning and Growth Program

4. Introduce competencies to staff and outline new requirements for employment.

5. Pre-competency survey

6. 23 Things - 19 week program (can be more or less)

7. Inservice

   a. Pre-Inservice Survey

   b. Inservice Day (training materials can be provided OR you can contract with us to have our staff

                           come to your location)

   c. Post-Inservice Survey

8. Staff Book Discussion: "Diffusing the Angry Patron" - 8 week program

9. 4-6 week "break" for staff to take classes and review competencies

10. Demonstrative/Written Competency Exams

   a. Year 1 - 80% or better is passing

   b. Year 2+ - 85% or better is passing

Subject Guide