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Competences: 23 Things Reference - Thing #8


CareerLink is the state-wide employment service run by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  It provides an employment database called JobGateway, as well finding job hunting assistance like resume and interview skills training.  In order to collect Unemployment Compensation in Pennsylvania, you must be registered with CareerLink.

The first question that you ask a patron who comes in for employment resources should be "have you contacted CareerLink?"


CareerOneStop is the US Department of Labor's job search website.  It offers assistance with job search skills and with educational resources as well.  CareerOneStop also has a job board and allows you to explore many different career fields. is about as close as you are going to finding the perfect job database.  It doesn't have every job, but it compiles jobs from other sites like and for close to one stop shopping for employment.  Here is a cool tutorial on how to search on Indeed.

Reference Question for Thing #9

A patron wants to purchase a tablet, but wants to view ratings and recommendations of all the tablets on the market before purchasing.  What resource would you reccommend this patron use to find ratings and reveiws?  Email your answer to  

Employment and Online Job Hunting Reference

It is important to realize that there is no magic bullet for job searching online.  That means that there is no one place you are going to find every job ad that is produced.  Job searching can be a job in and of itself.

When assisting someone with a job search it is best to leave no stone unturned.  Look anywhere and everywhere.  Don't be lazy and just look on Monster or CareerBuilder.  The best source for employment is still the local paper online.  Those are jobs that are here in South Central Pennsylvania.

Look for trade and professional associations and unions, industry specific webistes, and even colleges and universities.  Many of these provide job postings online.

Online Job Searching


Answer the following questions about employment reference.  Your answers should be sent as an email attachment to

1) Find an interesting career on CareerOneStop.  Tell me something about it using information you find there.

2) Look for jobs driving a truck in Orlando, FL using  Use the URL or web address of the results page as your answer.

3) Look at and, compare and contrast them.  What do you like or not like about each.

4) Find a job posting for a welder on CareerLink's JobGateway.  Use the job number as your answer.