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Competences: Training - Thing #1


Welcome! We're going to start this training off from the bottom up. The first thing we're going to be learning is Windows 7. Things have changed quite a bit with the switch from Windows XP and, while you can get through many of the tasks you need to do, knowing the ins and outs of Windows 7 will make it much easier. So let's get started.

This week, we're going to learn the very basic things about Windows 7. Have fun!

Windows 7 - Tutorial 1: Introduction to the Desktop

Did you learn anything?

Use the comment option below to let me know if you have learned anything. If so, what did you learn. Do you think this is a good place to start or would you rather we move forward and not start at the beginning?

My rationale for doing it this way is to make sure that, as we build, we have a solid foundation. If you feel like this is all too simple, now is your chance to let me know!

Be honest...I want to know!