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Competences: 23 Things Reference - Thing #11

Masterfile Main Edition

MasterFile Main Edition is the most general database that we have at our disposal.  It is a fairly new edition to the POWER Library suite of databases that are provided by Commonwealth Libraries.  It is similar to, but as extensive, as MasterFile Search Premire that was a part of POWER Library in the past. 

MasterFile Main Edition provides full text for magazines, trade publications and periodicals covering general interest subject areas.  It has full text for more than 1,350 general reference resources, more than 350 full text reference books and over 910,000 photos, maps and flags.

MasterFile Main Edition is published by EBSCO and uses the EBSCOhost interface.  Several other databases that our available through POWERLibrary also use the EBSCOhost interface, including Middle Search Main Edition and Primary Search Main Edition.

How to access MasterFile Main Edition

1) Go directly to or click on the POWER LIbrary link at the bottom of our homepage (

2) Enter your Library Card number in the box at the top and click on the GO TO ONLINE RESOURCES button

3) The select the database you wish to use from the menu by clicking on the icon to the left of each database description.  MasterFile Main Edition is closer to the bottom.


On question that is occasionally asked at the circulation desk is whether or not we subscribe to a particular magazine.  A great place to look is the publication feature of MasterFile Basic.  It is the master list of what publications are included in MasterFile Basic, what the dates of coverage are, if it is available in full-text or not, and what datesof  coverage of full text are (if any).  Remember that some publications are abstracts only, meaning that there will only be a summery and not the complete article.

Just click on the tab at the very top of the page.  See the red arrow below if you have trouble finding it!

Questions for Thing #11

Use the MasterFile Main Edition database to answer the following patron questions.  Your answers should be sent as an email attachment to

1) You need to find articles on the Ephrata Public Library for a project you are working on.  Are there any in MasterFile Basic that pertain to the Ephrata Public Library?  If so, name one.  Use it's title as your answer.

2) A patron comes in and ask for the following publications.  Are they available through Masterfile Main Edition?  If they are available, are they available in full text and for what dates?

a) Maclean's

b) Time

c) People Management

d) Library Journal

3) You library director needs information on an exciting  program called "Discover Earth" that is traveling to libraries all over the country.   Are there any articles you can show her about this project?  If you find an article, use the title as your answer.

Question for Thing #12

A patron comes in and asks for US Census information from 1930.  Where do you find access to this set of documents?  Find it in at least 2 places and send the URL as an email to

EBSCOhost Basic Search

EBSCOhost Advanced Search

EBSCOhost Results List