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Competences: 23 Things Reference - Thing #3

Information Literacy

Do you know what information literacy is? Many people have misconceptions about the phrase. For this "Thing," we're going to learn about it!

Information Literacy Readings

Your Assignment

Leave a comment with your answers.

After reading the article and viewing the video, how has your opinion of information literacy changed? How important do you think being information literate is to employees that work the circulation desk? How information literate are you?

Reference Question for Thing #4

A patron is looking for a list of all the coffee shops in the Lancaster area.  Send the list of coffee shops as an attachment to  Include in your email what resource you used to find the list/information.

VIDEO: Information Literacy

Watch this video and answer the following questions. Comment on the video using the link directly under it. Feel free to comment on each other's posts if you want to.

How often do you check your Facebook each day?

How often do you check your email each day?

How long after you wake up do you look at social media or email?

What do you do when you feel overloaded by information?

Information Literacy Information Links