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Competences: Thing #4: Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

There are hundreds of internet browsers out there - but the most popular one is Internet Explorer. You need to know all the features of Internet Explorer in order to do the best possible searches. This week, I want you to do the lessons here and then take the quiz. Comment and share your quiz score. I don't expect you to know everything so dont be upset if you don't get 100%.

Basic Business Writing

Most people (and I do mean most) do not use the skills they learned in high school English. While this is not only a pet peeve for me, it also reflects poorly on the individual and the organization they represent. Go through this tutorial and take the time to really understand what is being taught. When you're done, write an email to a fictitious passport customer, telling them that the check they wrote to us for passport photos has bounced. You've tried calling them but their phone has been disconnected. Send the email to me, as if I'm the customer. Make the subject line what it would be if you were actually writing the customer.