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Competences: Week 19 - Overdrive

Week 19

Week 19 - OverDrive eAudiobooks and eBooks

The Library System of Lancaster County provides downloadable audiobooks and eBooks through an internet based library hosted by OverDrive.  Library card holders can check out and download digital titles 24/7… anytime, anywhere.  Users may browse the growing collection of best-selling and classic titles. To check out a digital title, users will need a valid library card and computer with Internet connection. At the end of the 7 to 14 - day lending period, titles will automatically expire and are returned to the digital collection.  There are never late fees or damaged items.  Users may check out 5 titles at one time and they may place 5 holds at one time.

To access the Library System of Lancaster County's OverDrive website go to:

To learn more about how to navigate the OverDrive website go to, and watch the following videos:

  • Browse, Checkout, and Download
  • How to Place a Hold

OverDrive eAudiobooks

An audiobook is a recorded reading of a book that can be downloaded and enjoyed on a computer or portable device. Patrons may listen to spoken word audiobooks on their computers or transfer to a variety of portable devices, including the iPod.  Many audiobooks can also be burned to CD to enjoy in the car.  They are available in two formats:  MP3 and WMA.  In order to borrow and use audiobooks, you must download and install Overdrive Media Console software.

OverDrive Media Console
OverDrive Media Console is a free application designed to use the OverDrive titles available for download at many public library websites. Built with the user in mind, OverDrive Media Console makes downloading easy and convenient. It offers a variety of playback and title navigation options including multiple playspeeds, bookmarking, and a 'resume from most recently played point' button. For those who prefer to take their content 'to go,' OverDrive Media Console has built-in Transfer and Burn Wizards, allowing users to transfer OverDrive titles to portable devices and burn to CD in just a few clicks. OverDrive Media Console is an all-in-one solution for enjoying OverDrive titles.

Watch a video of how to download OverDrive Media Console.

List of Supported Audio Devices
See a list of audio devices that can be used to listen to OverDrive’s selection of audiobooks at OverDrive’s Device Resource Center.

Other Software
Depending on the devices used, there may be other software necessary to listen to OverDrive titles on those devices.  Examples are:
iTunes for Apple Devices

To learn more about the OverDrive Media Console, go to the following website and watch the following videos:

  • OverDrive Media Console
  • How to Transfer to a Portable Device

OverDrive eBooks

An eBook is a digital book, magazine, or graphic novel that can be downloaded and read on a computer or portable device.  They are available in the Adobe®  EPUB and Adobe® PDF format, as well as Kindle format.  In order to borrow and use eBooks, you must download and install Adobe® Digital Editions software, EXCEPT if you own a Kindle. 

Adobe® Digital Editions Software
Adobe® Digital Editions software offers an engaging way to view and manage eBooks and other digital publications. Use it to download and purchase digital content, which can be read both online and offline. Transfer copy-protected eBooks from your personal computer to other computers or devices. Organize your eBooks into a custom library and annotate pages. Digital Editions also supports industry-standard eBook formats, including PDF and EPUB.

Watch a video of how to download Adobe® Digital Editions.

List of Supported eBook Devices
See a list of eBook devices that can be used to read OverDrive’s selection of eBooks at OverDrive's eBook Device Resource Center

Your Assignment

Library ebooks for Amazon Kindle

Watch the following video to learn how to download library ebooks to a Kindle.

Adobe Digital Editions

User with ebook readers such the Nook or Sony Reader (not the Kindle) need to use the software Adobe Digital Editions.  Watch the videos below to learn more about the software.