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Competences: Week 15 - Google Maps & Images

Week 15

Week 15 - Google Maps & Images

Google offers great tools we can use to help our patrons.

Google Maps - Visit this tutorial on how to use Google Maps. When you're finished, please go to Google Maps and search for your home address. Tell me the following:

  1. Is there a Google Street View of your home?
  2. How far is your commute to work?
  3. If you had to walk to work, how long does Google Maps estimate it would take you?

Google Images - Visit this tutorial on how to use Google Images. Please note: Many of the images on Google Images are copyrighted. Patrons may not use them in any way except to view online. The copyright holder must be contacted and given permission before images are allowed to be used for any other purpose.

When you're finished, comment with your answers to the Google Maps questions and discuss whether you knew about the Google Images copyright policy.