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Competences: Employee Learning & Growth Program

Employee Learning & Growth Program

The purpose of the Employee Learning and Growth Program is to give library staff members the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the core competencies needed to succeed at the Ephrata Public Library.  Staff members will gain knowledge and skills through participation in a variety of both online and classroom courses.


All library employees are required to participate in the Employee Learning and Growth Program.  At the employee’s yearly performance evaluation, courses will be suggested by the employee’s immediate supervisor based on areas the employee may need to improve upon.  Employees may exercise flexibility in scheduling courses; however, all required credits must be completed by the end of the year.  Upon completion of a course, an employee will receive a continuing education credit certificate; a copy of the certificate should be submitted to the employee’s immediate supervisor.  Failure to meet the required number of credits will result in a negative impact on an employee’s yearly performance evaluation.


Part-time employees will be paid for the number of continuing education credits completed.  For example, if an employee completes 8 continuing education credits, they will be paid for 8 hours of work.  Salaried or full-time employees will not be paid for continuing education credits completed; instead they should complete their continuing education credits during the work week.  Approved continuing education expenses will be reimbursed by the library.

CEU Completion

It is the responsibilty of each employee to schedule and complete annual CEU requirements. In order for your CEUs to be credited, you must submit a digital copy (as a PDF file) to the Executive Director and a paper copy to the Operations Manual. Failure to complete the annual CEU requirement can negatively affect your annual evaluation or result in dismissal.

New CEU Requirements for Library Staff

Library Director


Assistant Director 10
Manager of Operations 10
Public Services Manager 10
Technical Services Manager 10
Children's Librarian 10
Children's Programming Assistants 10
Coordinator of Adult and Teen Programs 10
Acquisitions Specialist 8
Shift Manager 10
Library Assistants (20 hours or more) 8
Library Assistants (20 hours or less) 4
Circulation Support 3
Passport Agents 3

Employee Learning & Growth Program Classes

Employee Learning & Growth Program Classes




Advanced Millennium (Abby) - Classroom - CEUs TBA

Course description TBA


HOLDs (Stephanie) - Classroom - CEUs TBA

You will learn to:

·      Place holds from the Patron Record AND Search/Holds

·      Understand Bib-Level vs. Item-Level Hold Queues and how things move, when they move, and why they move where!

·      Learn how to Modify, Cancel, and Transfer Holds

·      Understand the Loan Rules, and more…




OverDrive (Laura) - Classroom - CEUs TBA

Course description TBA


OneClick (Laura) - Classroom - CEUs TBA

Course description TBA


LibGuide Digital Pathfinders (Penny) - Classroom - 3 CUEs

Online pathfinders, or learning guides, are a great way to focus on a specialty subject and provide patrons with a variety of resources on that topic. This training introduces you to LibGuides, a subscription service that EPH offers. If you take this course, you are expected to create and complete a learning guide for the public within 6 months of training.



Advocacy 101 (Penny) - Classroom - CEUs TBA

What does advocacy really mean? Learn about the current advocacy activities of the library and find out how you can become involved!