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Competences: Week 9 - LILLY

Week 9

Week 9 - LILLY


Lilly is a wiki for the member libraries of the Lancaster Library System, where library staff can go to not only find various forms and information, but also share resources and information. To access LILLY click the following link


To log-on to LILLY, click the drop-down menu and choose Ephrata Public Library.  Your username is the first part of your library email address, and your password is the same as your email password.



Explore all Lilly has to offer.  Start with the Circulation Staff Shortcuts page.  All the links, forms, and information on this page are most useful for circulation staff members.




Your Assignment

Copy and paste the following text into a Word file. Answer the questions using LILLY and then attach the Word file to an email and send to with your answers. Make sure to send your email from your library account.


1.     Find the Technology Services page of Lilly.  What is the email address of the IT helpdesk?


2.     Find the Bookmobile page of Lilly.  What day and time does the Bookmobile visit Fairmount Homes?


3.     Find the Training Services page of Lilly.  List at least 3 classes the library system currently offers library staff members.


4.     Find the Supply Request Form on Lilly.  Take a screenshot of Supply Request form and paste the image below.


5.     List at least 3 supplies that we use at the circulation desk that can be ordered from the library system using the Supply Request Form.


6.     What link on Lilly would you click to access the POWER Library databases?


7.     Find the Family Museum Pass Program page of Lilly.  Which museum was the first to join the Family Museum Pass program?  What was the month and year passes began circulating?