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Competences: Week 4 - Power Library Part 2

Week 4

Week 4 - Power Library, Part 2

Copy and paste the following text into a Word file. Answer the questions using POWER Library and then attach the Word file to an email and send to with your answers. Make sure to send your email from your library account.

1.     Using the Teacher Reference Center, find the article "I Poke Dead People: The Paradox of Facebook." In which journal did this article appear? (Put your answer here.)

2.     An elementary school student is doing a report on Tanzania, Africa.  Use Country Facts in the database SIRS Discoverer to find basic statistics.  Record the population of Tanzania.   (Put your answer here.)

3.     Use MasterFILE Main Edition to find academic journal articles on teachers incorporating information technology into their curriculum.  Cite the article.  (Put your answer here.)

4.     A patron is looking for the article Generation Y by Jeffrey Vargas.  Use MasterFILE Main Edition to find the article.  What is the last word in the article?  (Put your answer here.)

5.     A patron comes in and is looking for the article Libraries Work Together for Common Good which appeared in the Lancaster New Era on August 26, 2011.  Find the article using the Proquest database.  Copy and paste the article's abstract.  (Put your answer here.)

6.     A patron is looking for the obituary of Emery Strohm, which appeared in the Lancaster New Era.  Strohm died in 2003.  Use the Proquest database to find the obituary article.  What date was the obituary published?  (Put your answer here.)

After completing this exercise, remember to email the attachment to