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Competences: Week 3 - Power Library Part 1

Week #3

Week 3 - Power Library, Part 1

Copy and paste the following text into a Word file. Answer the questions using POWER Library and then attach the Word file to an email and send to with your answers. Make sure to send your email from your library account.

1.     A student comes to the desk and is looking for a short biography of Stephen King. In particular, she wants to know when and where he was born. Use Contemporary Authors to find this information. (Put answer here.)

2.     A patron comes to the desk and is looking for the article Of Presidents and Peace written by Michael Mitchell and published in the Harvard International Review.  Use Business Source Main Edition to find the article.  Cite the volume, issue and page numbers the article appears in.  (Put answer here.)

3.     Does Business Source Main Edition have the publication Washington Monthly available in full-text?  If yes, what dates is full-text available? Put answer here.)

4.     A patron using AP Images wants to know if he can include a photo from this accessible database on his website. What do you tell him about copyright of AP Images? (Put your answer here.)

5.     A middle school student is doing a report on Louisa May Alcott.  Use the Middle Search Main Edition to find biographical information on Louisa May Alcott.  Cite the title, author, copyright date and page numbers of the article. (Put answer here.)

6.     A patron is looking for the newspaper article Broad School Bully written by Will Bunch.  The article was published in The Philadelphia Daily News.  What database would you search?  Search the database and cite the day it was published.  (Put your answer here.)

7.     Is the newspaper The Philadelphia Inquirer available in full-text through the database Newspaper Source Plus?  If yes, would we be able to access an article published in 2008?  (Put your answer here.)

After completing this exercise, remember to email the attachment to