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Competences: Week 11 - Government Websites

Week 11

Week 11 - Government Websites

Complete these "real life" reference questions using the government resources mentioned. Copy the questions into a Word file and attach it to an email to

A patron wants to the phone number to call to reserve a pavilion at Roland Park in Akron.  Using the Borough of Akron’s website (, find that phone number.

Before the most recent election, a patron asks for the address of the polling place for Terre Hill Boro.  Find this information using the Lancaster County website (

A patron wants to file for unemployment compensation benefits.  Do they need their Social Security Number to do so?  Use the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s unemployment compensation website to answer their question (

A college student wants information on working in the agricultural science field, particularly possible earnings.  Using the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook (, find the annual earning information for an agricultural and food scientist.  Use the median salary for food scientists and technologists as your answer.

A senior citizen asks for information on the drug Atorvastatin.  Using the National Library of Medicine’s MedlinePlus (, find information on this drug.  Use the brand name of the drug as your answer.

A student comes in and asks for information on Peru.  Using the CIA’s World Factbook (, find the population of Peru.

A caller tells you that they are going to a meeting at an office located at 1866 Colonial Village Lane in Lancaster, PA and asks for the street address of the nearest Post Office to that location.  Use the United States Post Office’s website ( to answer their question.

Someone comes into the library and asks for information on working for the Federal Government.  What is the website for employment with the Federal Government?

A caller wants a copy of IRS Form 8863.  Find a PDF of that form using the IRS website (  Use the name of that form as your answer.