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Competences: Week 18 - OneClick e-Audiobooks

How to Create a OneClick Account

How to Search for Content on the OneClick Website

OneClick Media Manager Installation - Windows 7

How to Download and Transfer Using OneClick Media Manager

Week 18

Week 18 - OneClick Digital eAudiobooks

OneClick Digital is the Ephrata Public Library's e-audiobooks service.  Users can download titles and listen to them on their computer or transfer them to their MP3 player. 

The benefits of OneClick are that there are iPod compatible titles, and a majority of the titles are multi-user acess.  Multi-user access means that multiple users can have the same title checked out at the same time.  With OneClick there is no waiting for titles.  A lot of other e-audiobook services, such as Overdrive, are single-user access, which means only one user can have a title checked out at a time. 

This week watch the 4 How-To videos on OneClick.  After watching the videos, go to EPL's OneClick website ( to create a OneClick account and download the Media Manager to your computer.  If you have a Mac follow the instructions for downloading manually below.  After setting up your account and downloading the Media Manager, take time to explore EPL's OneClick website and to download an e-audiobook title.

When you are done comment to this post and let me know your impressions of this service.  What title did you download?  What are your thoughts on searching OneClick website and the download/transfer process?

MAC Users

Mac users can visit the Mac App Store to download the OneClick Media Player, or download manually (see Mac Instructions for Manual Download).