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Competences: 23 Things Reference - Thing #17

Education Reference


Education reference is a vast field of information. You might need to help find information on schools, financial aid, test prep, and various other subjects. Thankfully we have some nice resources at our disposal to help our patrons find what they need.

Learning Express Library

Whatever your goal, LearningExpress Library's resources will help you succeed. Each of their Learning Centers offers the practice tests, exercises, skill-building courses, eBooks, and information you need to achieve the results you want—at school, at work, or in life. Looking to land a job? You'll find an entire Learning Center dedicated to helping you get the one that's right for you.

The LearnExpress Library has an entire User Guide section filled with video tutorials to help you navigate the new website. Be sure to check it out!

Some of the available practice tests include:

  • GED
  • ACT
  • GRE
  • LSAT

There are more tests available on the site. 

College Libguide

One of the best resources the library offers on Education is the College Libguide that Keith made. If someone comes in asking for information on Colleges this is a great go-to resource.


Fastweb is the premier online resource when it comes to paying for and preparing for school. We have scholarships for every type of student from the high school freshmen to the returning adult.

We've been around for over 15 years and have earned a reputation as a leading scholarship search provider. We not only find scholarships but offer our members information on financial aid, jobs and internships, student life and more.


Use these sites to check how colleges are ranked against each other. Check out who the top schools are.

College Test Links


Answer the following questions about education reference.  Your answers should be sent as an email attachment to

1) Name two practice tests offered on Learning Express Library that aren't listed in the box on the left side of the screen.

2) Using U.S. News look at the top ranking Best Online Bachelors Programs. What is the #3 ranking online bachelor program?

3) Using the Admitted! College Libguide, what is one of the books the Ephrata Public Library offers to help find the right school for you?