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Personal Finance: Banking


  • Banking   A primer from on the basics of setting up a bank account and banking safely online. Additional references include government resources for banking and filing complaints about various banking institutions.
  • Bankrate  A commercial site that provides tools and information to compare banking and credit products.
  • Electronic Banking  Consumer information about electronic banking from the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Consumer Protection  Consumer protection resources from the federal agency that insures bank accounts.
  • FINRA Investor Education Foundation Investor Education Module on Bank Products  A primer on bank products and choosing an account.
  • Help with My Bank  From the U.S. Treasury Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, this website answers various questions about bank products and services.
  • Money Smart  A popular course from the FDIC about the basics of personal financial management, with an emphasis on banking.
  •   The National Credit Union Administration’s consumer education portal.
  • The newcomer’s guides to managing money  Consumer Financial Protection Bureau guides on basic money management for recent immigrants. Includes information about opening a bank or credit union account.
  • Opening a Bank Account  Basic information on opening a bank account from
  • CASSIDI   From the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, CASSIDI provides information about banking markets and allows users to analyze how mergers and other transactions might affect market structure.
  • Fed in Print  The main catalog for publications from the U.S. Federal Reserve System.
  • Map of Failed Banks 2007-Present  Compiled by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, this map allows users to visualize the geography of bank failures and click through for additional information about each bank.
  • Office of the Comptroller of the Currency  An independent bureau of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency regulates and supervises all national banks and federal savings associations. This website offers information on topics such as bank management, bank operations, and consumer protection.
  • Safe Banking for Seniors  Best banking practices for consumers 65 or older from the American Bankers Association.


American Library Association.  Financial Literacy in Public Libraries: A Guide for Building Collections.
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