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LARC Mocks: 2023 Picture Books

Working list of starred reviews to be considered for the Mock Caldecott and Newbery Award

2023 Picture Books

Abdel-Fattah, Randa.  Eleven Words for Love: A Journey Through Arabic Expressions of Love.  K 9/15/23

Acevedo, Linda J.  Breaking to the Beat!  BL 5/1/23, K 6/1/23, HB 7/23

Agard, John. Windrush child : the tale of a Caribbean child who faced a new horizon. BCCB 4/23

Agostini, Alliah L.  Big Tune: Rise of the Dancehall Prince.  K 1/1/23, PW 2/6/23

Aguilera, Claudio.  9 Kilometers.  K 11/15/22, PW 12/19/22

Alexander, Kwame.  An American Story.  BL 11/1-15/22, PW 12/19/22

Alexander, Rilla.  You Rule! K 2/1/23, PW 4/24/23

Allen, Savannah.  The Nature Journal: A Backyard Adventure. K 3/1/23

Almond, David.  A Way to the Stars.  K 9/15/23, BL 11/1-15/23

Alvarez, David with David Bowles.  Ancient Night.  K 1/15/23, PW 1/30/23

Anatol, Giselle.  Small-Girl Toni and the Quest for Gold.  K 10/1/23

Armand, Glenda.  All Aboard the Schooltrain: A Little Story from the Great Migration.  K 11/15/22, BL 12/1-15/22, PW 12/19/22

Arnaldo, Monica.  Mr. S.  BL 4/15/23, SLJ 5/23, PW 6/26/23

Aronson, Katelyn.  When PB Met J.  K 11/1/22

Asterplume, A.B. Sometimes, a Tiger. SLJ 5/23

Aswan, Jashar.  I'm Going to Build a Snowman.  SLJ 10/23

Avant-garde, Zaila.  Words of Wonder From Z to A.  K 5/1/23

Awan, Jashar.  I'm Going to Build a Snowman.  K 10/15/23

Bagley, Jessixa. Maurice. PW 3/20/23

Bailey, Jenn.  The Twelve Hours of Christmas.  PW 8/28/23, K 9/1/23

Bailey, Linda.  The Three Musketeers.  BL 9/1/23

Baker, Jeannie. Desert Jungle. PW 7/24/23

Barnes, Derrick.  Like Lava in My Veins.  K 6/1/23

Barnes, Derrick.  Santa's Gotta Go.  SLJ  9/23

Barnett, Mac.  How Does Santa Go Down the Chimney?  K 9/1/23, SLJ 9/23

Barnett, Mac.  Twenty Questions.  BL 2/15/23

Barrows, Annie. Like. HB Jan/Feb 23

Bates, Amy June.  The Welcome Home.  K 7/15/23, SLJ 10/23

Batsel, Hannah.  The Knight of Little Import.  BL 9/1/23

Bauer, Marion Dane. We, the Curious Ones. PW 9/18/23

Becker, Aaron.  The Tree and the River.  K 12/1/122, PW 1/30/23, HB 3-4/23

Becker, Shelly.  One, Two, Grandpa Loves You. SLJ 2/23

Beckmeyer, Drew.  I Am a Tornado. SLJ 6/23

Benard, Lacey & Lulu Cheng.  Counting with Dim Sum.  BL 9/1/23

Bentley, Tadgh. One Chicken Nugget.  K 1/1/23

Bently, Peter.  I Am Cat!  SLJ 8/23

Berger, Carin.  In the Night Garden.  K 4/15/23, PW 5/1/23, BL 6/1-15/23, HB 7/23, SLJ 8/23

Bergstrom, Adriana Hernandez. Tumble. PW 7/24/23

Berkowitz, Leah.  The Moving-Box Sukkah.  SLJ 9/23

Bernstein, Ariel.  You Go First.  K 4/1/23

Bigdelou, Ghazaleh.  How Do You Become Friends with the Moon?  K 9/15/23

Bingham, Winsome.  The Walk.  K 7/15/23, BL 9/1/23

Birkjaer, Betina.  Monster-Scared.  K 7/15/23

Blackall, Sophie.  If I Was a Horse.  BL 8/23

Blair, Landis.  The Night Tent.  BL 3/15/23

Bolling, Valerie.  Together We Swim. K 6/15/23

Boss, Shira. The City Tree. SLJ 2/23

Bowles, David.  Ancient Night. SLJ 1/23

Boyton, Sandra.  Woo Hoo! You're Doing Great!  K 1/15/23

Brantley-Newton, Vanessa. Nesting Dolls. HB 9/23

Brown, Lisa.  The Hospital Book.  K 1/1/23, BL 2/15/23, HB 3-4/23

Brown, Tameka Fryer.  That Flag.  SLJ 12/22

Brun-Cosme, Nadine.  Rabbit, Duck, And Big Bear. K 12/15/22, BL 1/1-15/23, BCCB 1/23

Buitrago, Jairo.  Afterward, Everything Was Different: A Tale from the Pleistocene.  K 4/15/23, PW 5/29/23

Bunten, Alexis.  What Your Ribbon Skirt Means to Me: Deb Haaland's Historic Inauguration.  K 8/1/23

Burgess, Matthew.  The Red Tin Box.  K 2/15/23

Burgess, Matthew.  Sylvester's Letter. K 7/1/23, BL 8/23

Calvert, Howard. The Fastest Tortoise in Town. BCCB 2/23

Carzoo, Breanna  Greenlight.  K 5/1/23, PW 5/8/23

Casal, Liz.  Baller Ina.  K 7/1/23

Catchpole, James. What Happened to You? HB 9/23

Chang, Vivienne & Eugenia Yoh.  This Is Not My Home.  BL 1/1-15/23, BCCB 12/22

Charles, Tami.  We Are Here.  K 12/1/22, PW 12/19/22, HB 3-4/23

Charlton-Trujillo,  A Girl Can Build Anything.  SLJ 5/23

Cho, Lian.  Oh, Olive!  K 7/15/23, BL 10/15/23

Cohen, Tziporah. Afikomen. HB 3-4/23

Cordell, Matthew. Evergreen. PW 12/12/22, SLJ 1/23, BL 1/1-15/23

Cousseau, Alex.  The Brothers Zzli.  BL 10/1/23

Cummings, Troy.  Otto the Ornament.  SLJ 9/23

Cummins, Lucy Ruth.  Our Pool.  K 4/1/23, PW 4/17/23

Dabarera, Dinalie.  Quiet Time With My Seeya.  K 12/15/22, PW 5/1/23

Daise, Natalie.  Okra Stew: A Gullah Geechee Family Celebration  K 10/1/23

David, Arihhonni.  Who Will Win?  BL 4/15/23

Derby, Cindy. Oh, Panda. PW 7/10/23

Desnitskaya, Anna. On the Edge of the World (Stories from Latin America). PW 9/18/23

Devins, Cara. The Brilliant Ms. Bangle. PW 6/26/23

DiPucchio, Kelly.  Becoming Charley. K 3/15/23

Doerrfeld, Cori.  Beneath.  K 12/1/22

Donaldson, Julia.  Welcome to the World.  BL 12/1-15/22. SLJ 2/23

Downing, Julie. Night in the City. PW 1/23/23, HB 3-4/23

Dyckman, Ame. Don't Blow Your Top! HB 11/23

Dyckman, Ame. How DInosaurs went extinct: a safety guide. BCCB 4/23

Dyson, DK. Window Fishing. PW 6/5/23

Ehlert, Molli Jackson.  Everybody Has a Body.  K 6/1/23

Ejaita, Diana. A Day in the Sun. PW 6/19/23

Esbaum, Jill. Stinkbird has a superpower. BCCB 4/23

Esperanza, C.G. Kicks in the Sky.  K 8/1/23

Evans, Gabriel. A Human for Kingsley.  SLJ 4/23

Fang, x.  Dim Sum Palace.  BL 9/1/23

Feder, Sandra V.  Peaceful Me.  SLJ 6/23

Ferry, Beth.  Christmassy Cactus.  SLJ 9/23

Figueroa, Raissa.  What My Daddy Loves. K 3/15/23, PW 5/22/23

Fisher, Lalena. Friends Beyond Measure. PW 12/12/22, SLJ 1/23

Fleming, Candace. Mine! HB 7/23

Fleming, Candace.  Penny & Pip.  K 5/1/23, HB 7/23

Fogliano, Julie.  All the Beating Hearts.  K 11/15/22

Fontenaille, Elise.  At the Drop of a Cat. K 10/15/22

Ford, Bernette.  The Magical Snowflake.  K 9/1/23

Fox, Janet.  Wintergarden.  K 9/1/23, PW 9/18/23, BL 12/1-15/23

Franklin, Ashley.  The Masjid Kamal Loves.  K 5/1/23

Frazee, Marla.  In Every Life.  K 11/15/22, PW 12/19/22, SLJ 1/23

Freitas, Bethany V.  Ready for Kindergarten.  SLJ 5/23

Gastaldi, Federico.  Chip.  K 8/15/23

Genhart, Michael.  Spanish is the Language of My Family.  K 5/15/23, HB 7/23, BL 8/23, PW 8/7/23

Gianferrari, Maria. Thank a Farmer. PW 10/9/23

Giddens, Rhiannon.  We Could Fly.  K 8/1/23

Going, K. L., This is the Planet Where I Live. PW 5/29/23

Gonzalez, Xelena.  Remembering.  K 6/15/23, PW 7/31/23

Goodale, E.B.  The Moon Remembers.  K 3/1/23, PW 4/3/23

Gorman, Amanda.  Something, Someday.  K 7/1/23, PW 7/10/23

Graham, Bob. The Concrete Garden. PW 9/25/23

Graham, Georgia.  The Smallest Owlet.  K 9/1/23

Gray, Gary. I'm From.  PW 7/24/23, SLJ 8/23, HB 9/23

Greanias, Margaret Chiu.  How This Book Got Red.  K 7/15/23

Grimes, Nikki.  A Walk in the Woods. K 7/15/23, PW 8/7/23, BCCB 9/23, BL 9/1/23, HB 9/23

Grimes, Nikki.  Lullaby for the King.  K 10/1/23

Hammond, Tiffany.  A Day with No Words.  BL 5/1/23

Handy, Bruce. What If One Day... PW 7/3/23

Hansson, Julia  Billie and Bean at the Beach. K 4/1/23

Hansson, Julia.  Billie and Bean in the City.  K 4/1/23

Harjo, Joy. Remember. PW 1/23/23, BL 2/15/23, BCCB 3/23

Harrison, Vashti.  Big.  PW 4/3/23, BL 4/15/23, K 6/15/23

Hartman, Brooke.  Watch Out for the Lion!  SLJ 12/22

Hassani, Mojdeh. Mama Shamsi at the Bazaar. BCCB 2/23

Henderson, Leah.  The Courage of the Little Hummingbird: A Tale Told Around the World. K 2/15/23, PW 8/14/23

Herreros, Ana Cristina.  The Amazing and True Story of Tooth Mouse Perez.  K 1/1/23

Hest, Amy.  Sometimes It's Nice to Be Alone.  K 11/1/22, BCCB 12/22, SLJ 1/23

Higgins, Carter.  Some of These Things Are Snails.  BL 5/1/23

Higuera, Donna Barba.  The Yellow Handkerchief.  K 4/15/23, PW 7/3/23

Hillenbrand, Will.  The Voice in the Hollow.  K 11/1/22, SLJ 2/23, PW 8/14/23, BL 9/1/23

Hillman, Jonathan.  The Wishing Machine.  K 8/15/23, BL 10/15/23

Ho, Joanna.  One Day.  K 1/15/23

Ho, Joanna.  Say My Name.  K 7/1/23, PW 10/9/23

Ho, Richard.  Two New Years.  BL 8/23, PW 10/23/2023

Hoeffler, Kate.  In the Dark.  BL 8/23

Holt, Bob.  The Red Jacket.  BL 5/1/23, PW 5/1/23

Hopkinson, Deborah.  Cinderella and a Mouse Called Fred.  K 7/1/23

Howe, James. Milo Walking. PW 9/18/23, K 10/1/23

Howes, Katey. Woven of the World. PW 12/19/22, SLJ 3/23

Hrachovec, Anna.  Catside Up, Catside Down.  K 8/1/23

Hubbard, Kirsten. Dear Stray. PW 7/24/23, BCCB 9/23

Irving, A.J.,  The Wishing Flower. SLJ 4/23, K /15/23

Jacoby, Sarah.  Doris. K 7/1/23

Jaesun, Ahn. The Tailor Shop at the Intersection. PW 9/11/23

James, Alison. Maple and Rosemary. BCCB 2/23

Janicki, Peggy.  The Secret Pocket.  SLJ 6/23

Johnson, Kevin.  Cape.  K 4/15/23, BCCB 6/23, HB 7/23

Jonker, Travis. Just One Flake. PW 9/4/23, SLJ 10/23

Joy, Mackenzie.  Wallflowers.  K 11/15/22

Kamalyan, Astrid.  BABO: A Tale of Armenian Rug-Washing Day.  K 7/15/23, HB 9/23, PW 10/9/23

Kemp, Laeken Zea.  A Crown for Corina.  SLJ 1/23

Khalil, Aya.  The Night Before Eid. A Muslim Family Story.  K 1/1/23

Kim, Anna.  Danbi's Favorite Day.  K 2/1/23

Kim, Dan-ah. The Train Home.  SLJ 3/23

Kimmelman, Leslie.  Eve and Adam and Their Very First Day.  K 8/15/23

Kirwan, Wednesday. Big Kids No Everything. PW 2/13/23

Klassen, Jon.  The Skull: A Tyrolean Folktale.  BL 1/1-15/23, HB 7/23, BCCB 7-8/23

Kleinrock, Liz.  Come and Join Us!: 18 Holidays Celebrated All Year Long.  SLJ 9/23

Kozikoglu, Tulin.  The Ferris Wheel.  BL 12/1-15/23.

Krans, Angela Pham.  Finding Papa.  SLJ 1/23, BL 2/1/23

Krans, Angela Pham.  Words Between Us.  K 10/15/23

Kurilla, Renee. It's Fall. PW 7/31/23

Lam, Maple.  Dim Sum, Here We Come! K 12/1/22, PW 2/27/23

Lam, Thao.  Happy Birthday to Me.  K 2/15/23

LaRocca, Rajani.  Summer is for Cousins. K 3/1/23, PW 3/27/23, BL 4/15/23

Lawrence, Patrice.  Granny Came Here on the Empire Windrush.  K 4/15/23

Lazar, Tara.  Flat Cat.  BL 8/23

Le, Minh. Real to Me. BCCB 5/23

Lee, Spohia N. Lolo's Sari-Sari Store.  SLJ 8/23

Lee, Suzy.  The Shade Tree. K 8/1/23

Lee Gee-eun  The Red Fruit.  K 9/1/23

Leung, Julie.  The Truth About Dragons.  SLJ 9/23

Levington, Rebecca Gardyn.  Pase lo que pase manana. SLJ 8/23

Li, Hui. Scroll.  SLJ 10/23

Lin, Grace & Kate Messner.  Once Upon a Book. K 11/15/22, HB Jan/Feb 23

Lindstrom, Carole. My Powerful Hair. HB 3-4/23, BL 3/15/23, K 5/15/23

Liu, Dane. Laolao's Dumplings. PW 10/9/23

Liu, Linda.  Hidden Gem.  K 5/1/23

Lobel, Anita. Good Morning, Good Night. PW 12/5/22

Love, Jessica. A Bed of Stars. PW 2/6/23, BCCB 2/23

Luby, Brittany. Mnoomin maan'going / The Gift of Mnoomin. HB 11/23

Luby, Brittany.  When the Stars Came Home. SLJ 8/23, PW 9/18/23, K 10/15/23, HB 9/23

Lukoff, Kyle.  Awake, Asleep.  K 5/1/23, BL 5/15/23, HB 7/23

Madison, Megan.  Goodbye: A First Conversation about Grief.  BL 9/1/23

Mahdavi, Azam.  Empty and Me: A Tale of Friendship and Loss.  SLJ 9/23

Maijala, Marika. Rosie Runs. PW 6/5/23

Mance, Ajuan.  What Do Brothers Do All Day?  K 9/15/23

Martin Jr., Bill.  Bing! Bang! Chugga! Beep!  K 4/1/23

Marshall, Albert D. & Louise Zimanyi.  Walking Together.  BL 5/1/23

Martinez-Neal, Juana.  Alma, Head to Toe: Alma, de pies a cabeza.  BL 5/15/23

Marx, Patricia.  Tired Town.  K 9/1/23

Mattsson, Jens.  We Are Lions!  K 5/1/23

McGhee, Alilson.  Baby Be. SLJ 10/23

Mehre, Namita Moolani. The Light Within You. PW 8/14/23

Messier, Mireille.  The Magic Cap.  BL 5/15/23

Messner, Kate.  The Scariest Kitten in the World.  SLJ 8/23

Meza, Erika.  To The Other Side. K 1/1/23, PW 1/30/23

Miller-Lachmann, Lyn.  Ways to Play.  K 7/1/23

Misdea, Dan. The Light Inside. PW 7/31/23, BCCB 9/23

Molesso, Ashley & Chess Needham.  ABC-Deconstructing Gender.  BL 5/15/23

Montanari, Eva.  What Does Little Crocodile Say at the Beach? K 1/1/23

Montijo, Rhode.  Si, NO!  K 6/15/23, PW 7/31/23

Moore, David Barclay.  Boyogi: How a Wounded Family Learned to Heal.  K 8/15/23, BL 10/15/23

Moorjani, Niall.  Rajiv's Starry Feelings.  K 8/15/23

Muhammad, Ibtihaj.  The Kindest Red: A Story of Hijab and Friendship.  K 1/1/23

Murphy, Julie.  Chubby Bunny.  BL 8/23

Muth, Jon J. Stillwater and Koo Save the World. PW 12/19/22, K 1/1/23, BL 2/1/23

Namir, Hasan.  Banana Dream.  K 6/1/23

Napoli, Donna Jo. As Night Falls: Creatures that Go Wild After Dark. PW 6/19/23

Nelson, S.D. Grandma's Tipi: A Present-Day Lakota Story. BCCB 5/23

Newman, Leslea.  The Fairest in the Land.  K 4/1/23

Niebuhr-Siebert, Sandra.  Mina Belongs Here.  SLJ 8/23

Obuobi, Laura. Black Gold. HB 1-2/23

O'Hara, Mo.  Hush, Little Rocket.  K 1/1/23

O'Leary, Sara. The Little Books of the Little Brontes. PW 9/11/23

Otheguy, Emma.  Martina Has Too Many Tias.  K 4/15/23

Otis, Chad.  The Bright Side.  K 4/1/23

Parappukkaran, Sandhya. The Boy Who Tried to Shrink His Name. BCCB1/23

Park, Hyunmin. So Much Snow. HB 3-4/23

Paul, Baptiste. Patchwork Prince.  SLJ 5/23

Pendreigh, Kirsten. Maybe a Whale. HB 11/23

Peoples, Daria.  Hello, Mister Blue.  K 3/15/23, BCCB 5/23

Peterson, Isaac.  Gray in the Moonlight.  SLJ 1/23

Petrus, Junauda. Can We Please Give the Police Department to the Grandmothers?  K 2/1/23, SLJ 4/23, PW 5/1/23

Phung Nguyen Quang.  My Grandfather's Song.  K 9/15/23

Pinkney, Andrea Davis.  Hey, Baby Girl!  SLJ 9/23

Pintadera, Fran.  Why Are We Afraid?  K 4/1/23

Piven, Hanoch. Dream Big, Laugh Often And More Great Advice From the Bible.  K 1/15/23

Pizza, Andy J. & Sophie Miller.  Invisible Things.  BL 6/1-15/23

Pizzoli, Greg.  Mister Kitty Is Lost!  BL 1/1-15/23

Quang, Phung Nguyen. My Grandfather's Song. PW 10/9/23

Quintero, Cristina.  The Only Way to Make Bread.  BL 10/1/23

Pendziwol, Jean E. Skating Wild on an Inland Sea. PW 10/2/23

Provensen, Alice.  The Truth About Max.  K 11/1/22, PW 3/27/23

Raczka, Bob.  You Are a Story.  BL 2/15/23

Rayner, Jacqueline K.  Lost Cat!  K 1/1/23

Reich, Susanna.  Pass the Baby.  BL 10/15/23

Reidy, Jean.  A Book About You and All the World Too.  SLJ 5/23

Rex, Adam.  Oh No, The Aunts are Here. PW 3/20/23, K 4/1/23, BL 4/15/23

Reynolds, Justin.  There Was a Party for Langston.  BL 8/23, PW 8/14/23

Richardson, Melissa Seron. The Last Slice: A Three Kings Day Treat.  PW 8/28/23, BL 12/1-15/23

Rinker, Sherri Duskey.  Roto and Roy: To the Rescue!  BL 2/15/23

Robertson, David A.  The Song That Called Them Home.  K 3/1/23

Rogers, Kim.  Just like Grandma.  BL 12/1-15/22

Rogers, Kim.  A Letter for Bob. K 7/15/23, BL 8/23, PW 10/9/23

Rosen, Michael.  Bear's Big Dreaming.  BL 10/1/23

Ruttan, Molly.  Something Wild.  K 12/1/22

Rylant, Cynthia. Hornbeam All In: Three Small Stories About One Large Moose. PW 10/2/23

Salmieri, Daniel. Before, Now. PW 4/17/23, HB 7/23

Salmon, Caspar.  How to Count to One: (And Don't Even THINK about Bigger Numbers!).  BL 3/1/23

Saltzberg, Barney.  A Delicious Story.  SLJ 6/23

Santamaria, Sendy.  Yenebi's Drive to School.  K 5/1/23, PW 6/26/23

Savage, Chloe.  The Search for the Giant Arctic Jellyfish.  K 4/15/23, PW 7/24/23

Sayre, April Pulley.  In Between.  K 1/1/23

Scanlon, Liz Garton.  The World's Best Class Plant.  K 3/15/23

Scharer, Kathrin.  How Do You Feel?  K 4/1/23

Scharnhorst, Becky.  How to Get Your Octopus to School.  SLJ 8/23

Schu, John.  This is a Story. SLJ 3/23

Scott, Jordan.  My Baba's Garden.  PW 1/30/23, K 2/1/23, HB 3-4/23, SLJ 3/23, BL 3/15/23

Shatokhin, Oleksandr.  Yellow Butterfly: A Story from Ukraine.  K 11/1/22, BL 1/1-15/23

Shute, Linda.  Remind Me.  K 4/15/23

Silvestro, Annie.  Bravo, Little Bird!  K 12/1/22

Simpson, Tonya.  Forever Our Home/kakike kikinaw (bilingual edition) SLJ 5/23

Sindu, SJ. Shakti. BCCB 5/23

Singh, Rina.  Once, a Bird.  SLJ 8/23, K 8/15/23, BL 9/15/23

Siqueira, Ana.  Abuela's Super Capa.  SLJ 1/23

Smith, Danna. Peek-A-Boo Haiku: A Lift-the-Flap Book.  SLJ 3/23

Smith, Lane.  Stickler Loves the World.  PW 5/22/23, K 6/1/23

Smith, Nikkolas.  The Artivist.  K 7/15/23, PW 7/15/23

Smith, Sydney.  Do You Remember?  K 8/1/23, PW 8/21/23, BL 10/1/23, HB 9/23

Soloy, Lauren.  The Hidden World of Gnomes.  BL 5/15/23

Soman, David. Papa's Home. PW 3/27/23

Spalding, Amy. No Boy Summer. BCCB 5/23

Sriram, Meera.  A Garden in My Hands.  K 2/1/23

Stansbie, Stephanie.  The Owl Who Dared.  BL 10/1/23

Stead, Philip.  The North Wind & The Sun. K 8/1/23

Steinberg, Avi.  A Story No One Has Ever Heard Before.  K 9/15/23

Sterlilng, Michelle.  Maribel's Year.  K 4/1/23

Stith, Shaunna & John Stith.  Black Beach: A Community, an Oil Spill, and the Origin of Earth Day.  BL 12/1-15/22.

Straub, Emma.  Very Good Hats. K 10/15/22, PW 11/28/22

Strickland, Shadra. Jump In! PW 11/28/22, K 12/1/22

Stutzman, Jonathan. Soon, Your Hands. PW 1/9/23, BL 2/1/23

Sudyka, Diana.  Little Land.  BL 3/1/23, PW 5/29/23

Sullivan, John. Stanley's Secret. PW 10/31/22

Sullivan, John.  Ethan and the Strays.  SLJ 10/23

Suzuki, David. Bompa's Insect Expedition (A Backyard Bug Book for Kids). PW 10/9/23

Sworder, Zeno.  My Strange Shrinking Parents.  K 1/1/23

Tabor, Corey R.  Simon and the Better Bone.  PW 4/3/23, K 4/15/23

Takahashi, J.P.  Tokyo Night Parade.  SLJ 9/23

Tatsukawa, Maya.  Mole is Not Alone.  K 8/15/23, PW 8/21/23

Thamizhmani, Lakshmi.  Ganesha Goes Green.  SLJ 6/23

Theule, Larissa.  Mouseboat.  BCCB 2/23, BL 3/1/23

Thompkins-Bigelow, Jamilah.  Salat in Secret.  K 4/15/23, PW 5/1/23

Tillotson, Carrie.  B is for Bananas.  SLJ 5/23

Tonatiuh, Duncan. Dia de Muertos: Numeros: A Day of the Dead Counting Book.  K 4/1/23

Tortolini, Luca.  My Dog and I.  BL 11/1-15/23

Townes, Jess.  Sometimes I Cry.  K 7/15/23, BCCB 7-8/23, SLJ 8/23, BCCB 9/23

Trejo, Jesus.  Papa's Magical Water-Jug Clock.  PW 4/24/23, K 5/1/23, SLJ 6/23

Trimmer, Christian.  The Good Hair Day.  K 3/1/23, PW 5/15/23

Tullet, Herve. Tap! Tap! Tap! Dance! Dance! Dance!. PW 3/20/23

Valdes, B., Judith.  An Ofrenda for Perro.  K 7/1/23

Van, Muqn Thi.  The Shape of You.  K 4/1/23, PW 7/15/23

Van Otterloo, Ash. The Beautiful Something Else. BCCB 5/23

Vasco, Irene.  The Young Teacher and the Great Serpent.  K 8/15/23

Verde, Susan.  Who I Am: Words I Tell Myself.  K 9/1/23

Vere, Ed.  The Artist.  K 2/1/23

Verhoeff, Nelleke.  Bruno Builder Bakes Bread: A Mix-and-Match Book.  SLJ 3/23

Vernick, Audrey and Liz Garton Scanlon. The World's Best Class Plant. PW 6/26/23

Volker, Sven.  Are We There Yet?  K 5/1/23

Wallmark, Laurie.  Rivka's Presents.  BL 5/15/23

Ware, Syrus Marcus. Abolition is Love. PW 8/14/23

Watkins, Rowboat. Go-Go Guys. PW 7/15/23, BL 9/1/23

Weatherford, Carole Boston. You Are My Pride: A Love Letter from Your Motherland. PW 5/29/23

Weaver, Jo.  Bibi.  K 4/1/23, BL 5/1/23

Wechterowicz, Przemyslaw.  When Little Owl Met Little Rabbit.  BL 2/15/23, PW 4/17/23

Weinstein, Jane.  What Rosa Brought.  K 10/15/23, BL 11/1-15/23

Weissman, Elissa Brent.  Hanukkah Upside Down.  SLJ 9/23

Wen, Lenny. Spicy Spicy Hot!.  K 3/1/23

Wenzel, Brendan.  Every Dreaming Creature. PW 7/3/23, K 7/15/23

Wesolowska, Monica.  Elbert in the Air. SLJ 2/23

Westera. Bette.  Later, When I'm Big.  K 7/1/23

White, Dianne. Dark on Light. HB Jan/Feb 23

Wild, A.M.  Not He or She, I'm Me.  K 10/1/23, BL 10/15/23

Wilkins, Ebony Joy.  Zora, The Story Keeper.  K 8/1/23, PW 9/4/23

Willan, Alex.  Elves are the Worst!  SLJ 9/23

Windness, Kaz.  Bitsy Bat, School Star.  K 8/23

Wilson, Anna. Grandpa and the Kingfisher.  K 6/1/23

Wilsonn_Trudeau, Marty. Phoenix Gets Greater. BCCB 6/23

Windness, Kaz.  Bitsy Bat, School Star.  K 5/1/23

Wong, Jack.  When You Can Swim.  PW 3/27/23, K 5/15/23, HB 7/23

Woodgate, Harry.  Grandad's Pride.  K 2/1/23

Wynter, Anne.  Nell Plants a Tree.  BL 12/1-15/22, K 1/1/23, HB 1-2/ 23

Yaccarino, Dan. City Under the City. HB Jan/Feb 23

Yamasaki, Katie.  Place Hand Here. SLJ 10/23

Yang. James. Go, Sled! Go! HB Jan/Feb 23

Yashinsky, Dan.  The Golden Apples.  K 10/1/23

Yoon, Helen. Is This...Winter? PW 8/28/23

Yoshitake, Shinsuke.  I Can Open It For You. PW 7/24/23, BL 8/23, K 10/1/23

Yuly, Toni.  Slowly, Slowly.  SLJ 8/23

Yumoto, Kazumi.  The Bear and the Wildcat.  K 11/1/22, PW 3/20/23

Zaman, Farida.  Aliya's Secret: A Story of Ramadan.  BL 12/1-15/23

Zhang, Gracey. When Rubin Plays. PW 5/8/23

Zsake, Balint. Bunny & Tree. PW 4/10/23

ZO-O. Corner. PW 1/16/23, K 3/1/23


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  1. In identifying a “distinguished American picture book for children,” defined as illustration, committee members need to consider:
    1. Excellence of execution in the artistic technique employed;
    2. Excellence of pictorial interpretation of story, theme, or concept;
    3. Appropriateness of style of illustration to the story, theme or concept;
    4. Delineation of plot, theme, characters, setting, mood or information through the pictures;
    5. Excellence of presentation in recognition of a child audience.
  2. The only limitation to graphic form is that the form must be one which may be used in a picture book. The book must be a self-contained entity, not dependent on other media (i.e., sound, film or computer program) for its enjoyment.
  3. Each book is to be considered as a picture book. The committee is to make its decision primarily on the illustration, but other components of a book are to be considered especially when they make a book less effective as a children’s picture book. Such other components might include the written text, the overall design of the book, etc.

Note: The committee should keep in mind that the award is for distinguished illustrations in a picture book and for excellence of pictorial presentation for children. The award is not for didactic intent or for popularity.