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LARC Mocks: 2019 Chapter Books

Working list of starred reviews to be considered for the Mock Caldecott and Newbery Award

Chapter Books

Please alpha by author. If title is already on the list, please add abbreviation and date to it. (PW = Publishers Weekly, SLJ = School Library Journal, HB = Horn Book, Kirkus = K, Booklist = BL The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books = BCCB (feel free to add other journal titles and abbreviations)

Abbott, Tony. The Great Jeff. BCCB 4/19

Abouet, Marguerite  Akissi: More Tales of Mischief  K 7/15/19

Acevedo, Elizabeth.  With the Fire on High.  PW 3/4/19, BL 3/15/19,  SLJ 4/19, HB 5-6/19

Adeyemi, Tomi.  Children of Vice and Virture.  BL 12/15/19

Adler, Dahlia. His Hideous Heart. PW 7/15/19

Ahmadi, Arvin.  Girl Gone Viral.  BL 5/1/19

Ahmed, Samira. Internment. PW 1/7/19, BL 2/1/19, SLJ 3/19

Alexander, Kwame  The Crossover  K 7/1/19, ​SLJ 7/19, K 8/15/19

Alexander, Zeno  The Library of Ever  K 1/15/19

Alkaf, Hanna. The Weight of Our Sky. PW 11/26/18

Allen, Josh.  Out to Get You.  BL 8/19

Allen, Kate The Line Tender  K 1/15/19, PW 3/18/19, BL 4/1/19, BCCB 4/19

Ali, S.K.  Love from A to Z  SLJ 5/19

Allison, John.  By Night, v.1.  BL 2/15/19

Anderson, Natalie C.  Let's Go Swimming on Doomsday.  BL 2/15/19

Andrews, Ryan. This Was Our Pact. PW 5/13/19, K 4/15/19, BL 6/1-15/19

Angleberger, Tom.  Didi Dodo, Future Spy: Recipe for Disaster  ​SLJ 2/19

Ansari, Rebecca K. S.  The Missing Piece of Charlie O'Reilly  SLJ 12/18

Applegate, Katherine  The First  K 5/1/19

Appelt, Kathi.  Angel Thieves.  BL 4/15/19

Arden, Katherine  Dead Voices  K 7/1/19

Argueta, Jorge.  Jimena Perez Puede Volar/Jimena Perez Can Fly  K 10/1/19

Argueta, Jorge.  Caravan to the North: Misael's Long Walk.  BL 10/15/19

Armstrong, Kelley.  A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying  ​SLJ 7/19

Athaide, Tina  Orange for the Sunsets K 1/15/19, PW 2/18/19

Avi.  The End of the World and Beyond.  BL 11/1/18, K 11/15/18

Bajpai, Nandini. A Match Made in Mehendi. PW 7/15/19

Balcarcel, Rebecca.  The Other Half of Happy.  BL 9/1/19

Baptiste, Tracey  The Jumbie God's Revenge  K 7/1/19

Barbieri, Kara.  White Stag.  BL 11/1/18

Bardugo, Leigh.  King of Scars.   BL 2/1/19, ​SLJ 2/19

Bar-El, Dan.  The Very, Very Far North.  BL 7/19

Barnard, Sara. Goodbye, Perfect. BCCB 1/19

Barnes, Daniel.  The Black Mage  SLJ 10/19

Barron, Rena.  Kingdom of Souls  SLJ 8/19

Bartlett, Claire Eliza. We Rule the Night. PW 3/4/19,  SLJ 4/19, BL 4/1/19

Battle, Craig  Camp Average  K 3/15/19

Baughman, Sarah R.  The Light in the Lake  K 6/15/19

Benjamin, Ali.  The Next Great Paulie Fink  ​SLJ 2/19, PW 2/4/19, K 1/15/19

Benton, Justin.  Moonshine.  BL 9/1/19

Berry, Julie. Lovely War. PW 12/24/18, HB 3-4/19, SLJ 3/19, BL 3/1/19

Bigelow, Lisa Jenn.  Hazel's Theory of Evolution.  BL 10/1/19

Black, Holly.  The Wicked King.  BL 10/15/18

Black, Holly.  The Queen of Nothing.  BL 9/1/19

Blair, Katharyn. The Beckoning Shadow. PW 5/27/19

Blake, Ashley Herring.  The Mighty Heart of Sunny St. James.  BL 1/1-15/19, ​SLJ 2/19, K 1/15/19

Bognanni, Peter.  This Book Is Not Yet Rated.  BL 3/15/19

Bolden, Tonya.  Inventing Victoria  ​SLJ 11/18

Bondor-Stone  Jaclyn Hyde  K 3/1/19

Bonneau, Moe.  The Pursuit of Miss Heartbreak Hotel.  BL 5/1/19

Bowling, Dusti.  Momentous Events in the Life of a Cactus  K 8/15/19

Bracken, Alexandra  The Last Life of Prince Alastor  K 11/1/18

Brahmachari, Sita  Corey's Rock  K 5/1/19

Brallier, Max  Beneath the Bed and Other Scary Stories  K 7/1/19

Broaddus, Maurice  The Usual Suspects  K 3/1/19

Budhos, Marina  The Long Ride K 6/15/19

Burt, Jake.  The Tornado  K 8/15/19, BL 12/1/19

Butler, Emily.  Freya and Zoose  SLJ 12/18

Callander, Drew.  Mightier than the Sword: The Edge of the World.  BL 10/1/19

Cameron, Sophie.  Last Bus to Everland.  BL 5/1/19

Campbell, K.G.  A Small Zombie Problem.  BL 4/15/19

Capetta, Amy Rose and Cori McCarthy. Once & Future. PW 1/21/19

Capetta, Amy Rose.  The Lost Coast.  BL 4/15/19

Carlson, Caroline.  The Door at the End of the World.  BL 3/15/19

Cartaya, Pablo  Each Tiny Spark K 5/15/19, PW 6/10/19

Cervantes, Angela  Lety Out Loud  K 11/1/18

Chapman, Elsie and Caroling Tung Richmond. Hungry Hearts: 13 Tales of Food & Love. PW 4/22/19

Chapman, Elsie.  Caster.  BL 8/19

Choi, Mary H. K.  Permanent Record.  BL 8/19

Chokshi, Roshani. The Gilded Wolves. PW 10/22/18, ​SLJ 11/18

Chokshi, Roshani  Aru Shah and the Song of Death  K 2/1/19

Choldenko, Gennifer. One-Third Nerd. PW 10/22/18, K 10/15/18

Colbert, Brandy.  The Revolution of Birdie Randolph.  BL 5/15/19, PW 6/3/19

Colfer, Eoin  The Fowl Twins  K 8/1/19, PW 9/16/19

Connolly, MarcyKate.  Comet Rising.  BL 11/15/18

Courtney, Nadine Jolie. All-American Muslim Girl. PW 9/30/19, SLJ 10/19

Craft, Jerry.  New Kid  ​SLJ 11/18, BL 11/15/18, K 11/1/18, PW 11/26/18

Cummings, Pat.  Trace SLJ 12/18

Daley, Tracy  If the Fire Comes  K 8/1/19

DasGupta, Sayantani  The Game of Stars  10/15/18, SLJ 12/18

Day, Christine. I Can Make This Promise. PW 7/29/19, K 8/15/19

Dayton, Arwen Elys. Stronger, Faster, and More Beautiful. BCCB 1/19

Daywalt, Drew & Tallec, Ollier. This is MY Fort. BCCB 4/19

Daywalt, Drew & Tallec, Ollier.  What  Is Inside THIS Box?  BL 3/1/19, BCCB 4/19

de Fombelle, Timothee  Captain Rosalie  K 5/1/19

Dee, Barbara. Maybe He Just Likes You. PW 8/12/19

Deenihan, Jamie  When Grandma Gives You a Lemon Tree  K 1/15/19

Del Toro, Guillermo.  Pan's Labyrinth: The Labyrinth of the Faun  SLJ 5/19, BCCB 7-8/19

Deming, Sarah.  Gravity.  BL 9/1/19, SLJ 10/19

DeWoskin, Rachel.  Someday We Will Fly.  BL 2/15/19

DiCamillo, Kate. Beverly, Right Here. PW 5/27/19, BL 6/1-15/19

Dinerstein, Eric  A Circle of Elephants  K 10/1/18

Donnelly, Jennifer.  Stepsister.  BL 4/15/19

Doyle, Catherine.  The Storm Keeper's Island.  12/1/18

Drake, Julia. The Last True Poets of the Sea. PW 7/29/19,  SLJ 8/19, BL 9/1/19

Dunn, Georgia.  Lupin Leaps In   SLJ 4/19

Durst, Sarah Beth.  Spark.  BL 4/15/19

Edge, Christopher.  The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day  SLJ 3/19

Elliott, David. Voices: The Final Hours of Joan of Arc. PW 1/21/19

Emezi, Akwaeke. Pet. PW 6/17/19, ​SLJ 7/19

Faizal, Hafsah.  We Hunt the Flame.  BL 4/1/19, BCCB 4/19, SLJ 5/19

Farrant, Natasha.  A Talent for Trouble.  BL 11/1/19

Ferruolo, Jeanne Zulick.  Ruby in the Sky  K 12/15/18, BL 2/15/19

Fleck, Jessika.  Beware the Night  SLJ 3/19

Foley, Jessie Ann.  Sorry For Your Loss.  BL 5/1/19

Fowley-Doyle, Moira.  All the Bad Apples.  BL 7/19

Fox, Helena.  How It Feels to Float.  BL 4/1/19, PW 4/8/19

Foxlee, Karen.  Lenny's Book of Everything.  BL 2/1/19

Frantz, Maria  The Chancellor and the Citadel  K 11/1/18

French, Gillian.  The Missing Season.  BL 4/1/19

Funaro, Gregory.  Watch Hollow.  BL 11/15/18, SLJ 12/18

Garrett, Camryn.  Full Disclosure  ​SLJ 9/19

Gerber, Alyson.  Focused.  BL 2/15/19, K 1/15/19

Giff, Patricia Reilly.  A Slip of a Girl.  BL 8/19, 7/15/19

Giles, Lamar.  Spin.  BL 1/1-15/19

Giles, Lamar  The Last Last-Day-of-Summer  K 2/1/19, PW 2/25/19, BL 4/15/19

Gillman, Melanie.  Stage Dreams  ​SLJ 7/19

Goldberg, Sloan Holly.  To Night Owl From Dogfish  ​SLJ 2/19

Gough, Julian  Rabbit's Bad Habits  K 12/15/18

Graff, Lisa. Far Away. PW 1/7/19

Gratz, Alan  Allies  K 8/1/19, PW 8/26/19, BL 9/1/19

Griffin, Adele.  The Becket List.  12/1/18

Griffin, Sarah Marie.  Other  Words for Smoke.  BL 3/1/19

Haddix, Margaret Peterson. The Strangers: Greystone Secrets #1. PW 2/4/19

Hand, Cynthia.  The How & the Why.  BL 9/1/19

Hannigan, Kate.  Cape.  BL 7/19

Harrington, Kim.  Revenge of the Red Club  SLJ 11/19

Harrold, A.F.  The Afterwards  K 12/15/18, BL 2/1/19

Hatke, Ben  Mighty Jack and Zita the Spacegirl  K 7/15/19

Hautman, Pete.  Road Tripped.  BL 3/1/19

Haydu, Corey Ann.  Eventown  ​SLJ 11/18, K 11/1/18, PW 12/3/18

Heidicker, Christian McKay.  Scary Stories for Young Foxes.  BL 8/19

Hemingway, Blase. Ghost: Thirteen Haunting Tales To Tell. BCCB 7-8/19

Hemphill, Stephanie.  The Language of Fire: Joan of Arc Reimagined.  BL 5/1/19

Hendriks, Jenni and Ted Caplan. Unpregnant. PW 7/1/19

Henkes, Kevin. Sweeping up the Heart. PW 12/10/18, 3-4/19, SLJ 3/19

Henry, Katie. Let's Call it a Doomsday. PW 6/17/19, ​SLJ 7/19

Henstra, Sarah.  We Contain Multitudes.  BL 3/1/19

Hernandez, Carlos. Sal & Gabi Break the Universe. PW 12/17/18, BL 2/1/19, ​SLJ 2/19, K 1/15/19

Hicks, Faith Erin.  Comics Will Break Your Heart  SLJ 3/19

Hinds, Gareth. The Iliad. PW 1/14/19, BCCB 2/19

Hoffman, Cara  Bernard Pepperlin  K 6/15/19

Holm, Jennifer  Sunny Rolls the Dice  K 7/15/19, SLJ 10/19

Holt, K.A.  Redwood and Ponytail.  BL 7/19, K 7/15/19

Holt, Kimberly  The Lost Boy's Gift  K 3/15/19

Howard, Greg  The Whispers  K 12/1/18

Hutchinson, Shaun David.  The Past and Other Things That Should Stay Buried.  BL 10/15/18, ​SLJ 2/19

Illustratus   Ghost: Thirteen Haunting Tales to Tell  K 6/1/19

Jackson, Kosoko.  A Place for Wolves.  BL 2/1/19, ​SLJ 2/19

Jackson, Tiffany D. Let Me Hear a Rhyme. PW 4/1/19, BL 4/1/19

James, Rory.  Some Girls Bind  SLJ 3/19

Johnson, Terry Lynn.  Dog Driven  K 10/1/19, BL 11/15/19

Johnston, E.K.  The Afterward  ​SLJ 2/19

Johnston, Tony and Maria Elena Fontanot de Rhoads. Beast Rider: A Boy's Journey Across the Border. PW 1/14/19, K 1/15/19

Jonell, Lynne  Time Sight  K 3/15/19

Joy, Amanda.  A River of Royal Blood.  BL 8/19

Kadohata, Cynthia. A Place to Belong. PW 4/1/19, SLJ 5/19, BL 5/15/19, K 4/1/19

Kahn, Hena. More to the Story. PW 7/1/19

Kaplan, Ariel.  We Are the Perfect Girl.  BL 4/15/19, SLJ 5/19

Kaufman, Amie & Kristoff, Jay.  Aurora Rising.  BL 5/1/19

Keating, Jess  Nikki Tesla and the Ferret-Proof Death Ray  K 5/15/19

Kelly, Erin Entrada. Lalani of the Distant Sea. PW 5/27/19, BL 6/1-15/19, K 7/1/19,  SLJ 8/19

Kenny, Padraig.  Tin  SLJ 3/19

Khan, Sabina.  The Love and Lies of Rukhsana Ali  SLJ 12/18

Kiernan, Celine.  The Little Grey Girl  K 8/15/19

King, A.S. Dig. BCCB 3/19, HB 3-4/19, SLJ 5/19

King, A.S.  The Year We Fell from Space.  BL 8/19

Knowles, Jo. Where the Heart Is. BCCB 5/19, HB 5-6/19

Konigsberg, Bill.  The Music of What Happens  ​SLJ 11/18, BL 11/15/18

Kraegel, Kenneth  Wild Honey From the Moon  K 9/1/19

Kramer, J.Kasper  The Story that Cannot be Told  K 7/1/19

Kugler, Tina  Snail & Worm All Day: Three Stories About Two Friends  K 8/1/19

Lackey, Lindsay.  All the Impossible Things ​ SLJ 9/19

Lafevers, Robin.  Courting Darkness. SLJ 12/18, PW 12/17/18, BL 1/1-15/19

Lagercrantz, Rose  Where Dani Goes, Happy Follows  K 2/1/19, HB 5-6/19

Lai, Remy  Pie in the Sky  K 4/1/19, BCCB 5/19

Lai, Thanhha.  Butterfly Yellow.  BL 7/19

LaRocca, Rajami  Midsummer's Mayhem  K 5/15/19

La Sala, Ryan.  Reverie  SLJ 11/19

Lassieur, Allison  Journey to a Promised Land: A Story of the Exodusters  K 11/15/18

Lee, Mackenzie.  Loki: Where Mischief Lies.  BL 9/1/19

Lee, Stacey. The Downstairs Girl. PW 6/10/19, BL 6/1-15/19, BCCB 7-8/19

Lee, Tony  PIrate Queen: The Legend of Grace O'Malley  K 3/15/19

Lee, Yoon Ha. Dragon Pearl. PW 11/19/18

Leno, Katrina.  You Must Not Miss.  BL 1/1-15/19

Libenson, Terri  Just Jaime  K 3/1/19

Lien, Henry  Battle of Champions  K 12/15/18

Lindelauf, Benny  Fing's War  K 6/15/19

Littler, Jamie  Voyage of the Frostheart  K 9/1/19

Lloyd, Natalie.  Over the Moon.  BL 3/1/19

Lloyd, Natalie  Carnival Catastrophe  K 4/15/19

Lloyd-Jones, Emily.  The Bone Houses.  BL 8/19

Lockington, Mariama J. For Black Girls Like Me. PW 5/20/19, BL 7/19, ​SLJ 7/19

Lord, Cynthia. Because of the Rabbit. PW 12/24/18, BL 2/15/19, K 1/1/19

Lucido, Aimee  Emmy in the Key of Code  K 6/1/19

Lupica, Mike.  Strike Zone  K 8/15/19

Mackler, Carolyn  Not If I can Help It  K 5/1/19, ​SLJ 7/19

MacLachlan, Patricia  Dream Within a Dream. PW 3/4/19, K 3/15/19

Maclear, Kyo.  Operatic.  BL 3/15/19,  SLJ 4/19

Magoon, Kekla. Light It Up. PW 8/5/19, ​SLJ 9/19, BL 9/1/19

Mahoney, Kristin. The 47 People You'll Meet in Middle School. PW 6/10/19

Mandanna, Sangu.  Color Outside the Lines.  PW 9/30/19, BL 10/1/19

Mandanna, Sangu.  A House of Rage and Sorrow.  BL 10/1/19

Mathieu, Jennifer.  The Liars of Mariposa Island.  BL 8/19

Mbalia, Kwame.  Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky.  BL 8/19, K 8/1/19, PW 8/19/19, SLJ 11/19

McCarthy, Cori.  Once & Future  ​SLJ 2/19

McKinney, L.L.  A Dream So Dark.  BL 10/1/19

McDunn, Gillian  Caterpillar Summer  K 2/1/19, PW 2/25/19

McGinnis, Mindy.  Heroine  SLJ 3/19

McGovern, Kate.  Fear of Missing Out  ​SLJ 2/19, BL 2/15/19

McManis, Charlene Willing.  Indian No More  ​SLJ 9/19

McManus, Karen M. Two Can Keep a Secret. PW 10/22/18

Meconis, Dylan.  Queen of the Sea  SLJ 4/19, BL 5/15/19, K 5/1/19

Medina, Juana  Big Problems  K 4/1/19

Mejia, Tehlor Kay.  We Set the Dark on Fire  ​SLJ 11/18, BL 11/1/18

Milford, Kate.  The Theif Knot: A Greenglass House Story  K 9/15/19

Melleby, Nicole. Hurricane Season. PW 3/25/19

Menon, Sandhya.  There's Something About Sweetie.  BL 3/1/19

Meyer, Joanna Ruth. Echo North. PW 10/22/18

Milliner, Naomi.  Super Jake & the King of Chaos.  BL 4/15/19

Miller, Sam L.  Destroy All Monsters.  BL 5/1/19

Miller, Sarah. The Miracle & Tragedy of the Dionne Quintuplets. BCCB 7-8/19

Mills, Allison.  The Ghost Collector  SLJ 8/19

Milman, Derek.  Swipe Right for Murder.  BL 5/1/19

Miranda, Megan.  Come Find Me.  BL 11/15/18

Morpugo, Michael.  The Day the World Stopped Turning.  BL 7/19

Moriarty, Jaclyn.  The Whispering Wars.  BL 8/19

Morris, Brittney. Slay. PW 7/8/19, BL 7/19

Morrison, Laurie  Up For Air  K 3/1/19, PW 3/18/19

Morse, Scott  Dugout: The Zombie Steals Home  K 4/15/19

Moskowitz, Hannah.  Sick Kids in Love.  BL 11/15/19

Moskowitz-Sweet, Gloria  It Rained Warm Bread: Moishe Moskowitz's Story of Hope  K 5/15/19

Moss, Tamara.  Lintang and the Pirate Queen  SLJ 11/19

Moulite, Maika and Maritza. Dear Haiti, Love Alaine. PW 7/1/19, BL 7/19

Munda, Rosaria.  Fireborne.  BL 8/19, PW 8/12/19, ​SLJ 9/19

Murphy,  Julie.  Dear Sweet Pea.  BL 8/19, PW 8/5/19, K 8/15/19, SLJ 11/19

Nagai, Mariko.  Under the Broken Sky.  BL 9/1/19

Nazemian, Abdi. Like a Love Story. PW 4/22/19, BL 4/15/19

Nielsen, Jennifer A.  Words on Fire.  BL 10/1/19

Nix, Gareth.  Angel Mage.  BL 8/19

Norriss, Andrew.  Mike  ​SLJ 2/19, BL 3/15/19

Northrop, Michael.  Dear Justice League  ​SLJ 7/19

Nunn, Malla.  When the Ground is Hard.  BL 5/15/19

Oberg, Helena  Your Turn, Adrian  K 4/15/19

O'Donnell, Tom.  Homerooms and Hall Passes.  BL 8/19

O'Hart, Sinead.  The Starspun Web  SLJ 11/19

Dowell, Frances O'Roark.  The Class.  BL 9/1/19

Ofili, Sylvia. German Calendar, No December. BCCB 7-8/19

Older, Daniel Jose  Freedom Fire  K 3/1/19

Onyebuchi, Tochi.  War Girls.  BL 8/19, PW 9/9/19

Ostertag, Molly Knox.  The Midwinter Witch.  BL 10/15/19

Ostler, Scott.  Bouncing Back.  BL 9/1/19

Owen, Margaret. The Merciful Crow. PW 5/27/19

Pancholy, Maulik  The Best At It  K 7/1/19, PW 8/26/19, BL 9/1/19

Panetta, Kevin.  Bloom  ​SLJ 2/19

Panteleakos, Nicole  Planet Earth is Blue  K 3/1/19, BL 4/15/19

Parker, Morgan.  Who Put This Song On?  BL 9/1/19

Parry, Roseanne.  A Wolf Called Wander  SLJ 4/19

Parry, Rosanne  Last of the Name  K 2/1/19

Parsons, Karyn  How High the Moon.  K 12/15/18

Pearson, Mary E.  Vow of Thieves.  BL 7/19

Perez, Celia  Strange Birds: A Field Guide to Ruffling Feathers  K 7/1/19, PW 7/15/19,  SLJ 8/19

Perry, Anthony.  Chula the Fox  SLJ 3/19

Petrus, Junauda.  The Stars and the Blackness between Them.  BL 8/19

Philbrick, Rodman  Wildfire When Trees Explode  K 7/1/19

Plozza, Shivaun. Tin Heart. PW 12/24/18

Pollen, Samuel  The Year I Didn't Eat.  K 12/1/18

Power, Rory.  Wilder Girls.  BL 5/1/19

Prentice, Andrew. Ghost and Bone. BCCB 7-8/19

Puno.  La nina invisible  SLJ 3/19

Pyron, Bobbie  Stay  K 5/1/19

Ramee, Lisa  A Good Kind of Trouble.  K 12/15/18, PW 12/24/18, ​SLJ 2/19

Redman, Jess  The Miraculous  K 5/15/19

Resau, Laura  Tree of Dreams  K 1/15/19

Reynolds, Jason.  Look Both Ways: A Tale Told in Ten Blocks.  BL 8/19, K 8/1/19, PW 8/12/19, SLJ 10/19

Reynolds, Justin A.  Opposite of Always.  K 12/1/18, ​SLJ 2/19

Rhuday-Perkovich  The Hero Next Door  K 4/15/19

Ribay, Randy. Patron Saints of Nothing. PW 4/22/19, BL 5/1/19

Ritter, William. Changeling.  BL 4/15/19

Rivera, Lillian.  Dealing in Dreams.  K 12/1/18

Rivers, Karen.  Naked Mole Rat Saves the World.  BL 9/1/19

Rodkey, Geoff  We're Not From Here.  K  12/15/18, PW 1/7/19

Roehrig, Caleb.  Death Prefers Blondes.  BL 1/1-15/19

Rowell, Rainbow.  Pumpkinheads  SLJ 8/19

Ruby, Laura  The Clockwork Ghost  K 4/15/19

Ruby, Laura.  Thirteen Doorways, Wolves behind Them All.  BL 7/19,  SLJ 8/19

Ruffener, Brenda.  Since We Last Spoke   SLJ 4/19

Rundell, Katherine. The Good Thieves. PW 6/24/19

Ruzzier, Sergio.  Fox and Chick: The Quiet Boat Ride  SLJ 3/19

Russo, Meredith.  Birthday.  BL 4/15/19

Safi, Aminah Mae. Tell Me How You Really Feel. PW 5/6/19, SLJ 5/19

Sage, Angie.  Maximillian Fly.  BL 8/19

Salazar, Aida  The Moon Within.  K 11/1/18, SLJ 12/18

Santat, Dan  Harold & Hog Pretend for Real  K 3/15/19

Schmidt, Gary D.  Pay Attention, Carter Jones  ​SLJ 11/18, K 10/15/18, 12/1/18, PW 12/10/18, HB 1-2/19

Schoenbohm, Ann.  Rising Above Shepherdsville.  BL 5/1/19

Schrefer, Eliot  Gogi's Gambit  K 10/15/18, BL 1/1-15/19

Schusterman, Neal.  The Toll  SLJ 11/19

Scieszka, Jon. Mission One: The Plant Planet (AstroNuts #1). PW 7/8/19, K 7/15/19

Searle, Sarah Winifred  Sincerely, Harriet  K 3/15/19

Sedgwick, Marcus & Julian Sedgwick.  Voyages in the Underworld of Orpheus Black.  BL 6/1-15/19

Seidler, Tor.  Oh, Rats!  BL 7/19

Selman, Salai  Mother Steals a Bicycle and Other Stories  K 4/1/19

Sepetys, Ruta.  The Fountains of Silence.  BL 7/19, PW 7/29/19

Sheinmel, Alyssa.  A Danger to Herself and Others  SLJ 12/18

Shepherd, Gail. The True History of Lyndie B. Hawkins. PW 1/28/19, K 1/1/19, BL 3/1/19

Simukka, Salla. Sisterland. PW 10/14/19

Smith, Alex T.  Mr. Penguin and the Lost Treasure.  BL 3/15/19

Smith, Andrew. Exile from Eden. PW 7/1/19, BL 7/19

Snyder, Laurel. My Jasper June. PW 5/20/19

Solomon, Rachel Lynn.  Our Year of Maybe  ​SLJ 11/18

Sorosiak, Carlie  I, Cosmo  K 8/1/19

Spillett, Tasha.  Surviving the City  SLJ 3/19

Spinelli, Eileen.  Birdie.  BL 2/15/19

Stamper, Phil.  The Gravity of Us.  BL 9/1/19

Stark-McGinnis, Sandy.  Extraordinary Birds   SLJ 4/19

Stark, Ulf  The Runaways 2/15/19, PW 3/11/19, BL 4/1/19

Steinkellner, Emma.  The Okay Witch  ​SLJ 9/19

Steveson, Nanci  Lizzie Flying Solo  K 2/1/19

Stewart, Shanon  Badir and The Beaver  K 2/1/19

Stewart, Trenton Lee.  The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Riddle of Ages.  BL 5/1/19

Stiefvater, Maggie. Call Down the Hawk. PW 9/16/19, BL 10/15/19

Stoddard, Lindsey  Right as Rain  K 11/1/18

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Swore, Wendy S.  A Monster Like Me.  BL 2/1/19

Tamaki, Mariko. Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me. PW 3/4/19, BCCB 5/19

Tamaki, Mariko.  Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass  SLJ 8/19

Tavengerwei, Rutendo. Hope is Our Only Wing. BCCB 7-8/19

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Zhao, Katie.  The Dragon Warrior.  BL 9/1/19

Zoboi, Ibi. Black Enough: Stories of Being Young and Black in America. PW 10/22/18, ​SLJ 11/18, BL 11/1/18

Newbery Criteria

1. In identifying “distinguished contribution to American literature,” defined as text, in a book for children,

a. Committee members need to consider the following:

  • Interpretation of the theme or concept
  • Presentation of information including accuracy, clarity, and organization
  • Development of a plot
  • Delineation of characters
  • Delineation of a setting
  • Appropriateness of style.

Note: Because the literary qualities to be considered will vary depending on content, the committee need not expect to find excellence in each of the named elements. The book should, however, have distinguished qualities in all of the elements pertinent to it.

b.Committee members must consider excellence of presentation for a child audience.

2. Each book is to be considered as a contribution to American literature. The committee is to make its decision primarily on the text. Other components of a book, such as illustrations, overall design of the book, etc., may be considered when they make the book less effective.

3. The book must be a self-contained entity, not dependent on other media (i.e., sound or film equipment) for its enjoyment.
Note: The committee should keep in mind that the award is for literary quality and quality presentation for children. The award is not for didactic content or popularity.

Adopted by the ALSC Board, January 1978. Revised, Midwinter 1987. Revised, Annual 2008.