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LARC Mocks: 2017 Picture Books

Working list of starred reviews to be considered for the Mock Caldecott and Newbery Award

Picture Books

Please alpha by author. If title is already on the list, please add abbreviation and date to it. (PW = Publishers Weekly, SLJ = School Library Journal, HB = Horn Book, Kirkus = K, Booklist = BL The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books = BCCB (feel free to add other journal titles and abbreviations)

Adler, David A. Money Math Addition and Subtraction K 5/15/17

Agee, Jon.  Life on Mars  K 11/1/16, SLJ 12/16, HB 1-2/17

Alemanga, Beatrice. On a Magical Do-Nothing Day. BL 6/1/17, PW 7/10/17

Aman, Kimiko.  The Fox Wish  K 2/15/17

Andros, Camille  Charlotte the Scientist is Squished SLJ 6/17

Anno, Mitsumasa.  Anno's China  K 11/15/16

Applegate, Katherine. Sometimes You Fly. BL 12/1/17

Ashman, Linda. William's Winter Nap. BL 10/1/17, PW 10/2/17

Bachelet, G.  Mrs. Whiterabbit.  K 1/15/17

Bagley, Jessixa. Laundry Day. PW 12/5/16, SLJ 2/17

Banks, Kate. How to Find an Elephant. PW 9/18/17

Banks, Kate. Pup and Bear. PW 8/7/17, SLJ 8/17, BCCB 10/17

Barba, Ale. Time Out! PW 5/1/17, K 4/1/17

Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta.  Rutabaga Boo!  K 4/1/17

Barnaby, Hannah.  Garcia and Colette Go Exploring  K 4/1/17

Barnes, Derrick  Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut  SLJ 9/17, HB 11-12/17

Barnett, Mac. I Love You Like a Pig. PW 6/19/17

Barnett, Mac. Noisy Night. K 12/1/16

Barnett, Mac. Triangle. PW 1/9/17

Barnett, Mac. The Wolf, the Duck and the Mouse. PW 8/14/17, BL 9/15/17, SLJ 9/17, BCCB 11/17, HB 11-12/17

Barros, Bruna. The Carpenter. K 12/15/16

Baruzzi, Agnese.  Opposite Surprise  K 7/1/17

Bate, Helen.  The Creature  K 10/1/17

Bauer, Marion Dane.  Winter Dance  K 8/15/17, PW 10/2/17

Baylis, Aless.  ABC Spanish  K 7/1/17

Becker, Bonny.  A Christmas for Bear  K 9/1/17

Bender, Rebecca. Not Friends. BL 8/17

Bentley, Tadgh.  Samson The Piranha Who Went to Dinner  K 11/15/16

Bernstein, Ariel. I Have a Balloon. PW 7/3/17, K 6/1/17

Bijsterbosch, Anita. Everyone is Yawning. K 12/1/16

Billet, Marion.  Noisy Farm My First Sound Book  K 7/1/17

Birtha, Becky.  Far Apart, Close in Heart: Being a Family When a Loved One is Incarcerated  K 2/15/17, SLJ 4/17

Blabey, Aaron. The Dreadful Fluff. BL 10/15/17

Blanc, Katherine.  Melvin the Mouth.   K 7/15/17

Bogan, Carmen Where's Rodney? K 5/15/17, BL 6/1/17

Bond, Rebecca  Pig & Goose and the First Day of Spring  SLJ 3/17

Bottner, Barbara. Priscilla Gorilla. PW 1/2/17, K 12/15/16, SLJ 2/17

Brantz, Loryn.  Feminist Baby  K 7/1/17

Brenner, Tom. And Then Comes Summer. K 3/15/17

Brett, Jan. The Mermaid. PW 6/19/17

Britt, Paige  Why Am I Me? SLJ 7/17, PW 7/3/17, K 7/1/17

Brockenbrough, Martha. Love, Santa. PW 9/4/17

Brown, Margaret Wise.  Good Day, Good Night K 8/1/17

Brown-Wood, JaNay. Grandma's Tiny House. PW 6/12/17

Browne, Christopher. Marlo. K 12/15/16

Brunetti, Ivan  Wordplay  SLJ 5/17

Buitrago, Jairo. Walk with Me. K 01/01/17, SLJ 3/17

Burton, Jeffrey. The World Shines for You. PW 9/11/17

Buquet, Catherine. Under the Umbrella. K 02/01/17

Cage, John. Mud Book. K 02/01/17

Cao, Wenxuan.  Feather  K 7/1/17

Carle, Eric What's Your Favorite Color?  SLJ 4/17, K 5/1/17

Chebby, Sabra.  Allie's Garden  K 7/1/17

Choldenko, Gennifer. Dad and the Dinosaur. PW 12/12/16

Claire, Celine.  Shelter  K 8/1/17

Clickard, Carrie Magic For Sale K 5/15/17

Coelho, Rogerio  Boat of Dreams  SLJ 2/17

Collier, Bryan. It's Shoe Time! BL 10/1/17

Compestine, Ying Chang. The Chinese Emperor's New Clothes. BL 11/15/17

Conigliaro, Phil and Tae Won Yu. My First Baby Signs. PW 2/6/17

Cooper, Elisha. Big Cat, Little Cat. PW 12/19/16, K 12/1/16, BCCB 2/17, HB 03-04/17, SLJ 2/17

Cordell, Matthew  Wolf in the Snow  SLJ 1/17

Cornwall, Gaia  Jabari Jumps  SLJ 5/17, BCCB 5/17

Corr, Christopher. Deep in the Woods. PW 1/9/17, K 1/15/17

Costello, David Hyde. Little Pig Saves The Ship. K 3/15/17, SLJ 5/17

Cotton, Katie. The Road Home. BL 1/1/17, K 01/01/17

Cousins, Lucy  Hooray for Birds!  SLJ 1/17, BCCB 3/17

Crimi, Carolyn.  There Might Be Lobsters  K 3/1/17

Cronin, Doreen.  Click, Clack, Moo I Love You!  K 10/1/17

Cuevas, Michelle.  Smoot A Rebellious Shadow  K 7/1/17, BL 9/1/17

Curato, Mike. Little Elliot, Fall Friends. PW 7/17/17

Cyrus, Kurt. Shake a Leg, Egg! K 12/15/16

Dacosta, Barbara  Mighty Moby  SLJ 6/17, BL 11/15/17

Damm, Antje.  Waiting for Goliath.   K 7/15/17

Davey, Owen.  Crazy About Cats   K 7/15/17

Davidson, Carli.  Shake, Wiggle, and Roll K 7/1/17

Davies, Nicola. King of the Sky. BL 8/17

Davies, Nicola.  Perfect  K 11/1/16

Davies, Nicola.  The Pond  K 8/15/17

Davies, Nicola.  Song of the Wild  K 9/1/17

Daywalt, Drew. The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors. PW 2/6/17, BL 2/15/17, K 02/01/17, BCCB 3/17

Deedy, Carmen Agra. The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet! PW 11/14/16, K 12/15/16, HB 5-6/17

Dek, Maria.  A Walk in the Forest  K 2/15/17

Deneen, Brendan.  Night Night, Groot  K 2/15/17

Deneux, Xavier.  Fly!  K 7/1/17

Denos, Julia. Windows. BL 9/1/17, K 8/15/17, SLJ 8/17, BCCB 9/17, 11-12/17

Derby, Sally.  A New School Year Stories in Six Voices  K 6/1/17

Dewdney, Anna.  Little Excavator  K 4/1/17

Dieckmann, Sandra.  Leaf  K 10/1/17

Diesen, Deborah.  Bloom  K 4/1/17

DiLorenzo, Barbara. Renato and the Lion. BL 5/1/17

DiPucchio, Kelly. Antoinette. PW 11/14/16, K 12/15/16

DiPucchio, Kelly. Littles: And How They Grow. PW 4/24/17

Doi, Kaya Chirri & Chirra, HB 1-2/17;  In The Tall Grass K 5/15/17

Dominguez, Angela  Sing, Don't Cry  SLJ 7/17

Donaldson, Julia. The Giant Jumperee. PW 1/30/17, SLJ 4/17, K 3/15/17

Dormer, Frank W. Firefighter Duckies! PW 3/20/17, BCCB 5/17

Dyckman, Ame  Read the Book Lemmings!  SLJ 9/17, PW 9/11/17

Eaton, Jason Carter. The Catawampus Cat. PW 1/9/17

Edwards, Karl Newsom.  I Got a New Friend  K 3/1/17

Eggers, Dave.  Her Right Foot K 8/1/17

Elliott, David. Baabwaa & Wooliam: A Tale of Literacy, Dental Hygiene, and Friendship. PW 7/17/17

Elya, Susan  La Princesa and the Pea  SLJ 7/17

Engle, Margarita. All the Way to Havana. PW 6/12/17, SLJ 6/17, K 5/15/17, BL 5/1/17

Engle, Margarita.  Miguel's Brave Knight  K 8/15/17

Ering, Timothy Basil.  The Unexpected Love Story of Alfred Fiddleduckling  K 11/1/16, SLJ 1/17

Erskine, Kathryn.  Mama Africa!  K 8/15/17

Escoffier, Michael.  Sleep Tight, Charlie   K 7/15/17

Eszterhas, Suzi.  Moto and Me  K 3/1/17

Fagan, Cary. A Cage Went In Search of a Bird K 3/15/17

Fergus, Maureen. Buddy and Earl Go to School. PW 5/15/17, K 6/1/17

Fleming, Candace  Go Sleep in Your Own Bed!  SLJ 4/17

Florence, Melanie.  Stolen Words   K 7/15/17

Fogliano, Julie When's My Birthday? SLJ 7/17, PW 7/3/17,  K 7/15/17, BCCB 9/17, HB 9-10/17

Fortenberry, Julie. Lily's Cat Mask. K 3/15/17

Freedman, Deborah. This House, Once. PW 11/21/16, SLJ 1/17, K 12/1/16

French, Jess. Tickly Minibeast Adventures. K 12/1/16

Friesen, Angnakuluk.  Kisimi Taimaippaktut Angirrarijarani Only in My Hometown   K 7/15/17

Frost, H.  Wake Up!  K 1/15/17

Fucile, Tony  Poor Louie  SLJ 5/17

Fullerton, Alma. When the Rain Comes. K 12/15/16

Galing, Ed. Tony. PW 11/21/16, K 11/15/16

Gall, Chris. The Littlest Train. PW 6/19/17, BL 9/1/17

Gallion, Sue Lowell. Pug & Pig Trick or Treat. PW 6/26/17, K 8/1/17

Garza, Cynthia Leonor.  Lucia the Luchadora  K 2/15/17, SLJ 4/17

Gay, Marie-Louise. Short Stories for Little Monsters. HB 03-04/17, SLJ 2/17

George, Kallie. Secrets I Know. PW 3/13/17, K 3/1/17

Geetha, V.  A Village is a Busy Place!  K 4/1/17

George, Bobby and June George. My First Book of Patterns. PW 9/11/17

Gerrive, Sophie. Dinosaur Detective's Search-and-Find Rescue Mission. PW 8/21/17

Gertsberg, Inna. The Way Downtown. BL 9/15/17

Ghahremani, Susie.  Stack the Cats  K 3/1/17

Gianferrari, Maria. Hello Goodbye Dog. BL 6/1/17

Going, K.L. Bumpety, Dunkety, Thumpety- Thump! BCCB 11/17

Goldstyn, Jacques.  Bertolt  K 2/15/17, BL 4/15/17

Goldstyn, Jacques. Letters to a Prisoner. PW 7/17/17

Gravill, Rebecca. Halloween Good Night. PW 6/26/17

Graegin, Stephanie. Little Fox in the Forest. PW 11/21/16, K 11/1/16, BCCB 2/17

Graham, Bob. Home in the Rain. BCCB 9/17, HB 9-10/17

Grant, Holly. Wee Sister Strange. PW 7/10/17

Gravett, E.  Tidy.  K 1/15/17

Gray, Kes & Gray, Claire Dog On A Frog K 5/15/17, BCCB 7-8/17

Grimes, Nikki. The Watcher. PW 9/11/17

Grimly, Gris. Old MacDonald Had a Farm. PW 8/7/17

Gunnufson, Charlotte.  Prince and Pirate  K 3/1/17

Hall, Kirsten. The Gold Leaf. PW 4/3/17

Hanson, Faye. Midnight at the Zoo. K 4/15/17

Harbridge, Paul.  When the Moon Comes   K 7/15/17, SLJ 9/17

Harrit-Sussman, Heather  Seamus's Short Story  SLJ 8/17

Harper, Charise Miracle. The Good for Nothing Button. BL 5/1/17

Heder, Thyra.  Alfie  K 9/1/17

Henkes, Kevin  Egg  SLJ 12/16, HB 1-2/17

Henkes, Kevin.  In the Middle of Fall   K 7/15/17, BL 8/17, SLJ 8/17, BCCB 9/17, HB 11-12/17

Hest, Amy. Buster and the Baby. PW 10/2/17

Hest, Amy. On the Night of the Shooting Star. BL 8/17

Higgins, Ryan T. Be Quiet! PW 1/30/17, K 2/15/17, SLJ 4/17

Hobbie, Holly. A Cat Named Swan. PW 12/5/16

Himmelman, John.  There's a Bug on My Book!  K 1/15/17

Hood, Morag.  Carrot and Pea: An Unlikely Friendship  K 2/15/17

Hopgood, Tim.  Singing in the Rain  K 8/15/17

Hopkinson, Deborah. A Letter to my Teacher. PW 1/30/17, K 1/15/17

Hopkinson, Deborah. Independence Cake: A Revolutionary Confection Inspired by Amelia Simmons, Whose True History is Unfortunately Unknown.  PW 3/6/17

Huggins, Peter.  Thibodeaux and the Fish  K 8/15/17

Hughes, Langston.  That is My Dream   K 7/15/17

Hughes, Laura. We're Going On An Egg Hunt. K 02/01/17

Hutchinson, Sam. Animal Camouflage: Search and Find. PW 8/21/17

Idle, Molly.  Flora and the Chicks A Counting Book K 7/1/17, SLJ 8/17

Idle, Molly. Flora and the Ostrich. PW 9/11/17

Isdahl, Nansubuga Nagadya.  Sleep Well, Siba and Saba   K 7/15/17

Isern, Susanna.  The Lonely Mailman  K 3/1/17

Iwasa, Megumi. Yours Sincerly, Giraffe. BL 2/1/7, K 2/15/17

Jackson, Richard  All Ears, All Eyes SLJ 1/17 PW 1/16/17, BL 2/1/17, K 1/15/17

Jackson, Richard. Snow Scene. PW 10/2/17

Jackson, Richard. This Beautiful Day. PW 6/12/17, SLJ 6/17, K 6/1/17

Jaramillo, Susie. Elefantitos/Little Elephants. K 01/01/17

Jaramillo, Susie Little Skeletons Countdown to Midnight/Esqueletitos un Libro Contar en El Dia de los Muertos  SLJ 9/17

Jeffers, Susan.  Jingle Bells K 9/1/17

Jenkins, Emily.  A Greyhound, A Groundhog  K 10/1/16

Jocelyn, Marthe.  Sam Sorts.  K 1/15/17

John, Jory  The Bad Seed  SLJ 6/17

Kahi, Wanuri  The Wooden Camel  SLJ 10/17

Keats, John. A Song About Myself. K 12/1/16

Kelley, Marty.  Almost Everybody Farts  K 3/1/17

Killen, Nicola.  The Little Reindeer  K 9/1/17

Kim, Julie. Where's Halmoni? PW 8/7/17, SLJ 9/17, BL 10/15/17

Klise, Kate. Stay: A Girl, a Dog, a Bucket Lst. PW 5/29/17, HB 7-8/17

Knapman, Timothy. Time Now to Dream. PW 1/16/17, K 12/15/16

Knowles, Laura.  Once Upon a Jungle  K 9/1/17

Kraegel, Kenneth.  Green Pants.  K 1/15/17

Kuefler, Joseph. Rulers of the Playground. K 02/01/17

Kvasnosky, Laura McGee.  Little Wolf's First Howling.  K 1/15/17, BL 2/15/17, SLJ 2/17

Kwan, James.  How it Feels to Be a Boat  K 5/1/17

Lacroix, Alexandre.  Dragons Father and Son   K 7/15/17

LaReau, Kara. The Infamous Ratsos Are Not Afraid. BL 9/1/17

L'Arronge, Lilli.  Me Tall, You Small.  K 1/15/17

Larsen, Elisabeth.  I Am Life  K 9/1/17

Lawson, JonArno.  Leap   K 7/15/17

Layton, Neal  The Tree  SLJ 2/17

Lee, Suzy. Lines. PW 7/17/17, BL 9/1/17, K 8/15/17

Lehman, Barbara. Red Again. HB 9-10/17, SLJ 9/17, PW 9/11/17, BL 10/15/17

Light, Steve. Have You Seen My Lunch Box? PW 6/19/17

Lindstrom, Eva.  My Dog Mouse  K 7/1/17

Lloyd-Jones, Sally. His Royal Highness, King Baby: A Terrible True Story. PW 7/3/17

Lob-Hagen, Virginia.  Popo's Lucky Chinese New Year  K 11/1/16

Long, Ethan.  Valensteins  K 10/1/17

Luyken, Corinna. The Book of Mistakes. K 3/15/17, SLJ 6/17, BL 4/15/17

Mack, Jeff. Mine! K 4/15/17

MacKay, Elly.  Waltz of the Snowflakes  K 9/1/17, SLJ 10/17

MacLachlan, Patricia. Someone Like Me. BL 5/15/17

Maclear, Kyo. Yak and Dove. PW 7/17/17

Magliaro, Elaine. Things to Do. PW 11/14/16

Manley, Curtis. The Crane Girl. K 02/01/17

Manley, Curtis.  Shwan Loves Sharks  K 2/15/17

Marchini, Tracy.  Chicken Wants a Nap  K 8/15/17

Markle, Sandra.  Thirsty, Thirsty Elephants  K 3/1/17

McCanna, Tim. Watersong. K 12/15/16

McCardie, Amanda. Our Very Own Dog. K 12/1/16

McCarthy, Courtney Watson. ABC Pop-Up. PW 8/28/17

McClintock, Barbara. The Five Forms. PW 7/31/17

McCutcheon, John. Flowers For Sarajevo. K 02/01/17, SLJ 4/17

McDonnell, Patrick.  The Little Red Cat Who Ran Away and Learned His ABC's the Hard Way  K 6/1/17, HB 7-8/17, SLJ 8/17

McLaren. Meg. Pigeon P.I. BL 5/1/17

McMorrow, T.E.  The Nutcracker in Harlem  K 9/1/17

McMullan, Kate. Mama's Kisses. PW 12/19/16, BL 1/1/17

McPhail, David. I Promise. PW 2/20/17

McPhail, David. Who Loves Me? PW 10/16/17

Medina, Juana  ABC Pasta: An Entertaining Alphabet  SLJ 12/16

Mello, Roger.  You Can't Be Too Careful.  K 1/15/17

Merlan, Paula. A Surprise for Mrs. Tortoise. BL 11/15/17

Meshon, Aaron. Delivery. K 12/15/16

Messner, Kate. Over and Under the Pond. PW 2/20/17

Miller, Sharee.  Princess Hair   K 10/15/2017

Miyakoshi, Akiko. The Way Home in the Night. PW 2/6/17, K 3/1/17

Miyanishi, Tatsuya I Will Love You Forever K 5/15/17

Miyares, Daniel That Neighbor Kid  SLJ 3/17

Muhle, Jorg. Tickle My Ears. K 01/01/17

Murguia, Bethanie Deeney.  Toucans, Too  K 3/1/17

Muth, Jon J. Mama Lion Wins the Race. PW 5/8/17, K 5/15/17, SLJ 7/17, BL 5/1/17

Na, Il Sung. Bird, Balloon, Bear. K 12/15/16

Naberhaus, Sarvinder.  Blue Sky White Stars K 4/1/17, SLJ 5/17, BL 3/15/17

Naberhaus, Sarvinder. Lines. PW 7/31/17

Nicholson, Caitlin Dale.  Nipehon I Wait  K 7/15/17

Nogales, Jill. Zebra On The Go. K 02/01/17

Oikawa, Kenji.  Circle, Triangle, Elephant!  A Book of Shapes and Surprises  K 7/1/17

Okorafor, Nnedi.  Chicken in the Kitchen   K 7/15/17

O'Leary, Sara. You Are Three. K 02/01/17

Otheguy, Emma. Marti's Song for Freedom. K 4/15/17

Otoshi, Kathryn.  Draw the Line  K 8/1/17, SLJ 10/17

Pace, Anne Marie. Groundhug Day. PW 10/16/17

Pallotta, Jerry.  The Very Berry Counting Book  K 7/1/17

Patricelli, Leslie. Hair. PW 12/5/16

Pendziwol, Jean  Me and You and the Red Canoe  SLJ 6/17

Perkins, Useni Eugene.  Hey Black Child  K 9/1/17, PW 9/25/17

Petty, Dev. Claymates. K 4/15/17, PW 4/24/17

Petty, Dev. There's Nothing to Do! PW 8/21/17

Phi, Bao. A Different Pond. PW 6/12/17, BL 7/17, HB 9-10/17, SLJ 8/17

Pinkney, Jerry. The Three Billy Goats Gruff. PW 2/27/17, SLJ 2/17, K 3/15/17, BCCB 5/17

Pixton, Amy.  Baby Animals  K 7/1/17

Pizzoli, Greg. The Quest For Z. K 4/15/17

Pizzoli, Greg. The 12 Days of Christmas. PW 9/4/17

Ponti, Claude. My Valley K 12/1/16

Portis, Antoinette  Now  SLJ 6/17, K 5/15/17, BL 5/1/17, HB 7-8/17

Prasadam-Halls, Smriti.  T. Veg The Story of a Carrot-Crunching Dinosaur  K 3/1/17

Raczka, Bob  Niko Draws a Feeling SLJ 2/17

Randall, Emma.  The Twelve Days of Christmas  K 9/1/17

Rees, Douglas  Tyrannousaurus Rex vs. Edna the Very First Chicken  SLJ 10/17

Rex, Adam. Nothing Rhymes with Orange. PW 5/29/17, K 5/15/17

Reynolds, Aaron. Creepy Pair of Underwear. PW 7/17/17, BL 5/15/17, K 8/1/17

Richardson, Bill. The Alphabet Thief. PW 1/9/17

Riddle, Tohby.  Milo A Moving Story  K 8/15/17

Riggs, Kate.  Crowds of Creatures  K 7/1/17

Riggs, Kate.  Under the Sea K 7/1/17

Rinker, Sherri Duskey. Mighty, Mighty Construction Site. PW 11/28/16

Rinker, Sherri Duskey.  Big Machines The Story of Virginia Lee Burton  K 7/1/17

Rissi, Anica Mrose. The Teacher's Pet. PW 5/15/17

Robertson, David. When We Were Alone. BL 3/15/17, HB 3-4/17

Root, Phyllis  Anywhere Farm  SLJ 1/17

Rosenstock, Barb.  Vincent Can't Sleep Van Gogh Paints the Night Sky  K 8/15/17

Rotner, Shelley.  Hello Spring!  K 1/15/17

Rotner, Shelley.  I Like the Farm  K 6/1/17

Ruurs, Margriet.  The Elephant Keeper  K 9/1/17

Rylant, Cynthia  Herbert's First Halloween  SLJ 9/17

Rylant, Cynthia. Life. PW 4/10/17

Rylant, Cynthia. Nativity. PW 9/4/17

Sage, James.  Stop Feedin' Da Boids!  K 2/15/17

Sanna, Francesca. The Journey  HB 03-04/17

Santat, Dan.After the Fall (How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again)  K 8/1/17, BL 9/15/17, SLJ 9/17, HB 11-12/17

Say, Allen.  Silent Days, Silent Dreams  K 8/1/17

Scanlon, Liz Garton and Audrey Vernick. Bob, Not Bob! PW 11/21/16, BCCB 3/17, HB 5-6/17

Schaefer, Carole Lexa.  The Children's Garden Growing Food in the City  K 3/1/17

Schlitz, Laura Amy. Princess Cora and the Crocodile. PW 1/16/17

Schwartz, Amy  100 Thins I Love To Do with You  SLJ 10/17

Schwartz, Joanne. Town Is By The Sea. K 02/01/17, HB 03-04/17, SLJ 2/17

Schnider, Josh. Kid Amazing vs. the Blob. BL 6/1/17

Shaskan, Stephen.  Toad on the Road A Cautionary Tale K 3/1/17

Sher, Emil. Away. K 02/01/17, SLJ 2/17

Sidman, Joyce. Round. PW 1/23/17, K 2/15/17

Sierra, Judy.  Imagine That!  How Dr. Seuss Wrote The Cat in The Hat  K 8/1/17

Sierra, Judy. The Great Dictionary Caper. BL 12/1/17

Simler, Isabelle  The Blue Hour SLJ 3/17

Sis, Peter.  Robinson  K 7/1/17, PW 7/10/17, HB 9-10/17, SLJ 8/17

Slade, Suzanne.  Out of School and Into Nature.  K 1/15/17

Slater, Daschka. Escargot. BCCB 3/17

Slater, Daschka.  The Antlered Ship   K 7/15/17, BL 6/1/17

Smith, Hope Anita.  My Daddy Rules the World  K 4/1/17

Smith, Lane  A Perfect Day  SLJ 1/17, K 12/15/16, HB 01-02/17

Snicket, Lemony. Goldfish Ghost. BCCB 4/17, SLJ 4/17, HB 5-6/17

Snicket, Lemony.  The Bad Mood and the Stick  K 9/1/17

Snyder, Laurel. Charlie & Mouse. PW 2/13/17, HB 7-8/17

Snyder, Laurel. The Forever Garden. BL 4/15/17

Solotareff, Gregoire.  Dictionary of Witches  K 9/1/17

Song, Mika Tea With Oliver K 5/15/17

Spanyol, Jessica. Clive and His Babies. K 01/01/17

Stainton, Sue. I Love Cats! BL 9/1/17

Starkoff, Vanina. Along the River. PW 2/13/17, K 2/15/17

Stead, Philip C.  The Only Fish in the Sea  K 5/1/17 PW 5/29/17, SLJ 7/17, BL 6/1/17

Stevenson, Robert Louis. The Land of Nod. PW 12/12/16

Stewart, Melissa. Can An Aardvark Bark? K 3/15/17

Strouse, Benjamin. Hey, Boy. K 3/15/17

Tabor, Corey R. Fox and the Bike Ride. BCCB 10/17

Takahashi, Kazue.  Kuma-Kuma Chan's Travels  K 9/1/17

Tavares, Matt. Red & Lulu. PW 9/4/17

Teague, Mark. Jack and the Beanstalk and the French Fries. PW 5/22/17

Todd-Stanton, Joe. Arthur and the Golden Rope. K 01/01/17

Todd-Stanton, Joe. The Secret of Black Rock. PW 5/1/17, K 5/15/17

Toht, Patricia.  Pick a Pine Tree  K 9/1/17

Tonatiuh, Duncan.  Danza Amalia Hernandez and El Ballet Folklorico de Mexico  K 7/1/17

Trimmer, Christian. Teddy's Favorite Toy. BL 12/1/17

Tryron, Leslie The Thumbtack Dancer K 5/15/17

Tsurumi, Andrea. Accident! PW 7/31/17, BL 9/15/17

Tullet, Herve Say Zoop! K 5/15/17, BL 7/17

Tupera, Tupera. What Does Baby Want? PW 6/19/17, K 7/1/17

Turnbull, Victoria. Kings of the Castle. PW 2/13/17, K 02/01/17

Turnbull, Victoria. Pandora. PW 2/6/17, K 3/1/17, SLJ 6/17

Twain, Mark.  The Purloining of Prince Oleomargarine   K 7/15/17

Underwood, Deborah. Here Comes Teacher Cat. PW 5/15/17

Underwood, Deborah.  Super Saurus Saves Kindergarten  K 6/1/17

Usher, Sam. Rain. K 01/01/17, SLJ 2/17

Valentine, Madeline.  I Want That Nut  K 7/1/17, PW 8/14/17, BCCB 10/17

Van Biesen, Koen. Roger is Going Fishing. PW 8/21/17

Vander Zee, Ruth.  Next Year  K 8/15/17

Van Slyke, Rebecca. Lexie the Word Wrangler. PW 4/3/17

Veille, Eric. My Pictures After The Storm. K 02/01/17, BCCB 5/17, HB 7-8/17

Vickers, Roy Henry and Robert Budd. Hello Humpback! PW 6/19/17

Verdick, Elizabeth.  Small Walt   K 7/15/17

Walden, Libby.  Things That Grow.  K 1/15/17

Wallis, Quvenzhane.  A Night Out With Mama  K 9/1/17

Wallmark, Laurie.  Grace Hopper Queen of Computer Code  K 3/1/17

Walters, Eric.  An African Alphabet  K 7/1/17

Ward, Lindsay.  Don't Forget Dexter!  K 10/1/17

Weatherford, Carole Boston  In Your Hands  SLJ 7/17, PW 7/17/17, BL 8/17

Wechsler, Doug. The Hidden Life of a Toad. K 02/01/17

Wells, Rosemary. Rabbit Stew. K 01/01/17

Wells, Rosemary. Say Hello, Sophie! PW 2/20/17

Wenxuan, Cao. Feather. PW 7/31/17

Weston, Laura.  The Butterfly Garden  K 7/1/17

Wiesner, David. I Got It! BL 12/1/17

Wild, Margaret.  The Treasure Box  K 2/15/17

Williams, Lily. If Sharks Disappeared. K 4/15/17

Willems, Mo. Welcome. PW 3/20/17, BL 7/17

Wing, Natasha.  When Jackie Saved Grand Central: The True Story of Jacqueline Kennedy's Fight for an American Icon K 2/15/17

Winter, Jonah.  The Secret Project  K 11/1/16

Winter, Jonah.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg The Case of R.B.G. vs. Inequality  K 7/1/17

Wolf, Grita.  Sun and Moon  K 7/1/17

Wolff, Ashley.  Where, Oh Where, Is Baby Bear  K 9/1/17, SLJ 9/17

Wollard, Elli.  The Giant of Jum  K 6/1/17

Yaccarino, Dan  Morris Mole  SLJ 3/17

Ying, Victoria. Meow! PW 8/21/17

Yolen, Jane. On the Duck Pond. BL 3/15/17

Yolen, Jane. Thunder Underground. K 12/1/16

Yoshitake, Shinsuke. Still Stuck. PW 7/17/17

Young, Chuck.  The Day We Lost Pet  K 11/15/17

Young, Ed.  Mighty Moby  K 6/1/17

Zuppardi, Sam.  Things to Do with Dad  K 4/1/17


  1. In identifying a “distinguished American picture book for children,” defined as illustration, committee members need to consider:
    1. Excellence of execution in the artistic technique employed;
    2. Excellence of pictorial interpretation of story, theme, or concept;
    3. Appropriateness of style of illustration to the story, theme or concept;
    4. Delineation of plot, theme, characters, setting, mood or information through the pictures;
    5. Excellence of presentation in recognition of a child audience.
  2. The only limitation to graphic form is that the form must be one which may be used in a picture book. The book must be a self-contained entity, not dependent on other media (i.e., sound, film or computer program) for its enjoyment.
  3. Each book is to be considered as a picture book. The committee is to make its decision primarily on the illustration, but other components of a book are to be considered especially when they make a book less effective as a children’s picture book. Such other components might include the written text, the overall design of the book, etc.

Note: The committee should keep in mind that the award is for distinguished illustrations in a picture book and for excellence of pictorial presentation for children. The award is not for didactic intent or for popularity.