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LARC Mocks: 2021 Picture Books

Working list of starred reviews to be considered for the Mock Caldecott and Newbery Award

2021 Picture Books

Achikeobi-Lewis,  Omileye.  My Heart Flies Open.  K 7/15/21

Adelman, Hallee.  Way Past Jealous.  K 2/15/21

Ainoya, Yuki. Sato the Rabbit. PW 12/21/20; HB 1-2/21, K 10/15/21

Akveld, Joukje.  What Ollie Saw.  SLJ 12/20

Alemagna, Beatrice. Never, Not Ever! PW 6/28/21

Alessandri, Alexandra.  Isabel and Her Colores Go To School.  SLJ 8/21

Alko, Selina.  I is for Immigrants.  K 5/15/21, SLJ 7/21

Allen, Jimmie.  My Voice is a Trumpet.  SLJ 7/21

Amavisca, Luis.  The Ugliest Monster in the World.  K 7/15/21

Anand, Shelly. Laxmi's Mooch. PW 2/1/21, K 12/15/20, BL 3/15/21

Archer, Micha.  Wonder Walkers.  K 2/1/15

Ashman, Linda.  Phoebe Dupree is Coming to Tea.  SLJ 9/21

Auerbach, Lera & Marilyn Nelson.  A is for Oboe: The Orchestra's Alphabet.  BL 10/15/21

Baek, Heena. Magic Candies. PW 7/5/21

Baek, Heena.  Moon Pops.  K 7/15/21

Bagley, Jessixa.  Daisy.  K 12/15/20

Baker-Smith, Grahame.  Wild is the Wind.  K 4/15/21, SLJ  7/21

Baptist, Kelly J.  The Electric Slide and Kai.  K 2/1/21

Baptiste, Tracey.  Looking For a Jumbie.  K 8/1/21, SLJ 9/21

Barnett, Mac.  What Is Love?  BL 9/1/21

Barrager, Brigette.  Welcome Flower Child: the Magic of Your Birth Flower.  SLJ 2/21

Bassi,  Sandro.  Alien Nation.  K 3/15/21

Bates, Janet Costa. Time for Bed, Old House. BCCB  7-8/21, SLJ 8/21, PW 8/30/21

Battersby, Katherine.  Trouble.  SLJ 1/21

Beaty, Andrea.  Aaron Slater, Illustrator.  K 11/1/21

Bedia, Elizabeth Gilbert.  Balloons for Papa: A Story of Hope and Empathy.  SLJ 4/21

Bernasconi, Pablo. Infinity. PW 1/25/21

Betancourt-Perez & Karen Lynn Willams.  A Thousand White Butterflies.  BL 2/15/21

Biedrzycki, David.  Invasion of the Unicorns.  K 9/1/21, BCCB 10/21

Bingham, Winsome. Soul Food Sunday. PW 7/19/21, BL 10/1/21

Bigwood, Kira.  Secret, Secret Agent Guy  K 4/15/21, SLJ 7/21

Birdsong, Bea.  Sam's First Word.  K 12/1/20

Birkjaer, Betina.  Coffee, Rabbit, Snowdrop, Lost.  K 11/1/21

Blackburne, Livia.  I Dream of Popo.  K 12/1/20

Bomgaars, Megan.  Born to Sparkle: A Story About Achieving Your Dreams.  K 8/15/21

Booth, Anne.  A Shelter for Sadness.  BL 9/1/21

Boulay, Stephanie.  Riley Can't Stop Crying.  SLJ 2/21

Bowles, David. My Two Border Towns. PW 6/21/21, K 7/15/21, HB 7-8/21, BL 8/21

Boyle, Doe.  Hear the Wind Blow.  K 2/1/21

Brashares, Ben.  The Great Whipplethorp Bug Collection.  K 3/1/21

Broder, Robert.  Our Shed: A Father-Daughter Building Story.  K 4/1/21

Brosgol, Vera.  Memory Jars. PW 3/8/21, BL 3/15/21, SLJ 5/21

Brown, Meredith. Milk and Juice: a Recycling Romance. BCCB 11/21

Brown, Peter.  Fred Gets Dressed.  BL 3/15/21,  K 4/1/21, SLJ 8/21

Brown-Wood, JaNay  Shh! The Baby's Asleep.  SLJ 7/21

Bruchac, Joseph.  A Peacemaker for Warring Nations: The Founding of the Iroquois League.  K 3/1/21

Buitrago, Jairo.  Wounded Falcons.  K 8/1/21, BL 9/1/21

Burgess, Matthew.  Bird Boy.  BL 5/15/21

Campbell, Marcy.  Something Good.  K 8/1/21

Canty, John.  Shapes and Colors.  K 7/15/21

Capetti, Antonella.  How Beautiful.  BL 11/1-15/21

Carmona, Hannah.  Anita and the Dragons.  K 3/1/21

Carozzi, Nicolo.  Brave as a Mouse.  BL 4/15/21, PW 7/19/21

Carter, Anne Laurel.  What the Kite Saw.  K 4/1/21, SLJ 4/21

Casey, Dawn.  My Nana's Garden.  K 3/1/21

Cenko, Doug. Viking in Love. BCCB 11/21

Chaim, Shoshana.  I Am a Peaceful Goldfish.  SLJ 6/21

Chan, Ruth. Thank You, Neighbor! PW 7/12/21

Charles, Tami.  My Day With the Panye.  SLJ 1/21

Charles, Tami.  Zuri Ray Tries Ballet.  K 5/1/21, SLJ 5/21

Charrow. Poojo's Got Wheels. BCCB 2/21

Child, Lauren. The Goody. PW 9/27/21

Chirif, Micaela.  Sheep Count Flowers.  K 8/1/21

Christie, Tory.  A Little Round Panda on the Big Blue Earth.  SLJ 8/21

Clarke, Maxine Beneba.  When We Say Black Lives Matter.  K 7/15/21, SLJ 7/21, PW 9/27/21, BCCB 10/21

Coat, Janik.  Comparrotives.  BL 5/15/21

Cole, Lo.  We Want a Dog.  K 5/15/21, BCCB 6/21

Collier, Bryan.  We Shall Overcome.  SLJ 9/21, PW 10/25/21, BL 11/1-15/21

Cooper, Elisha. Yes & No. PW 2/8/21, BL 3/15/21, SLJ 6/21, BCCB 4/21, HB 5-6/21

Cordell, Matthew. Bear Island.  PW 11/16/2020, HB 3-4/21

Cordell, Matthew.  Follow That Frog.  BL 12/1/20

Cornell, Kevin.  New in Town.  K 7/1/21

Costa Bates, Janet.  Time for Bed, Old House.  K 8/15/21

Court, Moira.  Ten Animals in Antarctica: A Counting Book.  K 1/1/21

Craft, Aimee.  Treaty Words For as Long as the Rivers Flow.  K 3/15/21, SLJ 6/21

Crumble, P. The Cat Want Cuddles.  SLJ 6/21

Cummins, Lucy Ruth.  Vampenguin.  PW 7/26/21, K 8/1/21

Curtis, Andrea.  Barnaby.  K 3/15/21

Cyrus, Kurt.  Trillions of Trees: A Counting and Planting Book.  SLJ 2/21

Czekaj, Jef.  Little Ghoul Goes to School.  SLJ 5/21

Dalton, Angela. Ruby's Reunion Day Dinner. PW 5/31/21

Dapier, Jarrett. Jazz for Lunch! K 8/1/21

Dapier, Jarrett. Mr. Watson's Chickens. PW 8/9/21

Davies, Jacqueline.  Bubbles...Up!  K 4/1/21, BL 4/1/21, SLJ 4/21

Davis, Jacky.  Sunny-Side Up.  K 12/15/20

de la Pena, Matt. Milo Imagines the World. PW 1/4/21, BL 2/15/21, K 12/15/20, HB 3-4/21

Del Rizzo, Suzanne. Birds on Wishbone Street.  K 10/15/21

Diaz, Lucky.  Paletero Man.  K 5/1/21, SLJ 5/21, PW 5/31/21, Reynolds, Emma.  Amara and the Bats.  BL 7/21

Dillard, Sarah.  Blueberry Cake.  K 5/15/21, PW 8/9/21

DiPucchio, Kelly. Forty Winks: A Bedtime Adventure. PW 8/2/21, K 9/1/21

Dipucchio, Kelly.  Oona. SLJ 12/20

Doherty, Kathleen.  The Thingity-Jig.  K 3/1/21

Dominguez, Angela.  I Love You, Baby Burrito.  K 12/1/10

Dorleans, Marie.  The Night Walk.  BL 3/1/20, K 3/1/21, PW 5/17/21, HB 5-6/21

Douspis, Eleonore.  The Day the Rain Moved In.  K 3/15/21

Downing, Julie.  Hello, Moon.  K 4/15/21

Doyon, Samara Cole.  Magic Like That.  K 7/15/21

Duncan, Alice Faye.  Opal Lee and What It Means to Be Free.  BL 9/15/21

Eggers, Dave. Faraway Things. PW 4/12/21

Eggers, Dave. We Became Jaguars. PW 1/11/21, K 2/1/21, SLJ 1/21, K 4/15/21

Ejaita, Diana.  Olu & Greta.  PW 8/30/21, K 9/1/21

Ellsworth, Melanie.  Clarinet and Trumpet.  SLJ 2/21

Emberley, Michael. I Can Make a Train Noise. PW 5/24/21, HB 7-8/21

Engle, Margarita.  A Song of Frutas.  PW 6/14/21, K 6/15/21, BL 8/21

Engle, Margarita.  Light For All.  K 9/1/21

Epstein, Adam Jay. Have You Seen Gordon? PW 7/5/21,  K 9/1/21

Erskine, Kathryn.  All of Us.  BL 5/15/21, SLJ 6/21

Esperanza, C.G.  Boogie  Boogie, Y'all.  SLJ 9/21

Estellon, Pascale.  Orange is An Apricot, Green is a Tree Frog.  K 3/1/21

Everington, Kristy.  Isobel Adds It Up. SLJ 8/21

Fagan, Cary.  Bear Wants to Sing.  K 7/15/21, PW 8/9/21

Falatko, Julie. Yours in Books. PW 11/1/21

Fan, Larissa.  Ten Little Dumplings.  K 1/1/21, SLJ 2/21

Fan, Terry.  It Fell From the Sky.  SLJ 9/21

Farish, Terry.  A Feast for Joseph.  K 8/15/21

Faruqi, Reem.  Amira's Picture Day.  K 3/15/21, SLJ 3/21, PW 4/29/21

Faruqi, Reem.  I Can Help.  K 7/15/21, BL 8/21

Feagan, Alice.  The Collectors.  SLJ  7/21

Feder, Tyler.  Bodies Are Cool.  K 5/1/21, BL 6/1-15/21, SLJ 7/21

Finison, Carrie. Don't Hug Doug.  K 10/15/20, PW 2/15/21

Fishman, Seth.  When I Wake Up.  BL 11/1-15/21

Flett, Julie.  We All Play.  K 3/15/21, PW 3/15/21, HB 5-6/21, SLJ 8/21

Floca, Brian.  Keeping the City Going.  K 3/1/21, PW 3/1/21, BL 4/1/21

Florence, Debbi Michiko & Jamie Michalak.  Niki Nakayama: A Chef's Tale in 13 Bites.  BL 10/1/21

Fontaine, Valerie.  The Big Bad Wolf In My House.  K 2/1/21, SLJ 5/21

Ford, Vanessa & JR Ford.  Calvin.  BL 11/1-15/21

Fox, Mem.  Cat Dog.  PW 7/5/21, K 7/15/21

Fox, Mem. Early One Morning. PW 11/23/2020

Frank, Jennifer.  The Worm Family Has Its Picture Taken.  K 4/1/21

Fraser, Lu.  The Littlest Yak.  K 8/15/21

Frazee, Marla. The Farmer and the Circus. PW 2/8/21

Freedman, Deborah.  Is Was.  K 4/1/21

Freeman, Mylo.  Smile With African Style.  K 8/15/21

Fullerton, Alma.  No More Plastic.  K 4/1/21

Garland, Sally Anne.  Nook.  K 4/1/21

Gauld, Tom. The Little Wooden Robot and the Log Princess. PW 5/31/21, K 7/15/21, HB 7-8/21, BL 8/21, BCCB 9/21

Genhart, Michael.  May Your Life be Deliciosa.  K 9/1/21, BL 10/1/21

George, Kallie.  The Secret Fawn.  K 12/1/20

Gephart, Donna. Go Be Wonderful. PW 4/19/21

Geron, Eric.  Poultrygeist.  K 8/1/21, SLJ 9/21

Gerstein, Mordicai.  Moose, Goose, and  Mouse.  K 12/1/20

Gianferrari, Maria. Be a Tree! PW 1/18/21

Giardino, Alexandria.  Me + Tree.  K 2/1/21

Gigot, Jami.  Starboy: Inspired by the Life and Lyrics of David Bowie.  SLJ 5/21

Gilbert, Leah.  The Perfect Plan.  K 5/15/21

Gilmore, Sophie. Terrific! PW 4/29/21, K 6/1/21

Giron, Maria.  Arthur and the Forgetful Elephant. K 12/15/20

Giroux, Benjamin.  I Am Odd, I Am New.  K 9/1/21

Golio, Gary.  Sonny Rollins Plays the Bridge.  K 8/15/21

Gomez, Blanca.  Bird House.  K 3/15/21, PW 6/14/21

Gonzalez, Xelena.  Where Wonder Grows.  K 10/15/20, PW 12/21/20

Goodall, Jane.  Pangolia.  K 5/15/21, BL 6/1-15/21

Gorman, Amanda.  Change Sings. A Children's Anthem.  K 7/15/21, PW 7/19/21

Goth, Shane.  The Midnight Club.  PW 9/20/21, K 10/1/21

Grant, Jacob.  No Pants!  K 3/1/21

Greenfield, Eloise.  Alaina and the Great Play.  K 4/15/21

Greenlaw, Suzanne and Gabriel Frey. The First Blade of Sweetgrass. PW 6/14/21

Griffin, Molly Beth. Ten Beautiful Things. PW 11/16/2020, BL 12/1/20

Grimes, Nikki.  Off to See the Sea.  BL 11/1/20

Grimly, Gris.  10 Spooky Pumpkins.  PW 7/26/21, K 8/1/21

Gustavson, Adam.  The Froggies Do Not Want to Sleep.  K 4/1/21

Hadley, Moni Ritchie.  The Star Festival.  SLJ 3/21

Hale, Shannon. Itty-Bitty-Kitty-Corn. PW 1/11/21

Hall, Carla and Kristen Hartke. Carla and the Christmas Cornbread. PW 9/13/21

Hall, Michael.  House Mouse.  SLJ 4/21

Hamilton, Kersten.  First Friend: How Dogs Evolved From Wolves to Become Our Best Friends.  SLJ 3/21

Handy, Bruce. The Happiness of a Dog with a Ball in Its Mouth. PW 2/1/21

Harbridge, Paul.  Out into the Big Wide Lake.  BL 4/1/21

Hare, John.  Field Trip to the Ocean Deep. SLJ 3/21

Harkness, Andy.  Wolfboy.  BL 12/15/20, K 12/2/20

Harris, Shawn. Doing Business. PW 5/24/21

Harris, Shawn. Have You Ever Seen a Flower? PW 3/8/21

Hatch, Leanne.  Unraveled.  BL 8/21

Haughton, Chris. Maybe... HB 9-10/21

Heidbreder, Robert.  Roar-Chestra! A Wild Story of Musical Words.  K 5/1/21

Henderson, Leah.  A Day For Rememberin': Inspired by the True Events of the First Memorial Day.  K 4/15/21

Henkes, Kevin. A House. BCCB 7-8/21, HB 9-10/21

Henrichs, Marjoke.  No! Said Rabbit.  K 2/1/21

Herz, Henry.  I Am Smoke.  K 8/1/21

Higgins, Carter.  Circle Under Berry.  K 8/1/21, PW 8/2/21

Higgins, Ryan T. Norman Didn't Do It (Yes, He Did). BCCB 7-8/21, PW 7/5/21

Hill, Pilar Winter.   A Neighborhood Walk, A Musical Journey.  SLJ 7/21

Hirst, Daisy. I Like Trains. PW 1/25/21,  K 3/15/21

Ho, Dung.  Eyes That Kiss in the Corners.  K 11/1/20

Ho, Richard. The Lost Package. PW 1/18/21,  K 1/15/21

Hodgson, Rob.  When Cloud Became a Cloud.  SLJ 1/21

Holt, Bob.  Let's Taco About How Great You Are.  SLJ 3/21

Hong, Leah.  Happy Dreams, Little Bunny.  K 12/1/20

Hopkinson, Deborah.  The Story of a Story.  SLJ 9/21, BL 11/1-15/21, PW 11/1/21

Howes, Katey. Rissy No Kissies. PW 2/15/21, K 1/1/21

Hrab, Naseem.  The Sour Cherry Tree.  K 8/1/21, BL 10/1/21

Hudson, Wade and Cheryl Willis Hudson. Recognize! An Anthology Honoring and Amplifying Black Life. PW 9/27/21

Hundley, Sam.  Gifts of the Magpie.  K 1/1/21

Hussain, Nadiya.  My Monster and Me.  K 1/15/21

Huy Voun Lee.  Like a Dandelion.  K 4/15/21

Hwang, Sarah.  Toasty.  SLJ 4/21

Inglis, Kate.  A Great Big Night.  K 2/1/21

Iwai, Melissa.  Dumplings for Lili.  PW 4/29/21, BL 5/1/21

Jackson, Richard.  I See You See.  K 1/1/21

Jacoby, Sarah.  Can I Sit With You?  K 2/1/21

Jaramillo, Susie.  First 100 Words.  SLJ 3/21

John, Jory.  Something's Wrong! A Bear, A Hare, and Some Underwear.  K 1/15/21, SLJ 4/21

John, Jory.  Cat Problems.  BL 8/21

Jonker, Travis. Blue Floats Away. PW 1/18/21, K 1/15/21

Kahn, Naaz. Room for Everyone. PW 8/30/21

Kalman, Maira.  Darling Baby.  K 5/1/21, SLJ 8/21

Kang, Anna.  Hudson and Tallulah Take Sides.  BL 2/15/21

Karlins, Mark.  Kiyoshi's Walk.  K 1/1/21, SLJ 5/21

Keller, Joy.  Frankenslime. SLJ 9/21

Kelly, Scott.  Goodnight, Astronaut.  SLJ 2/21

Kerstein, Lauren.  Home For a While.  SLJ 1/21

Khan, Naaz. Room for Everyone. BCCB 9/21, K 9/1/21

Kheiriyeh, Rashin.  The Shape of Home.  K 7/15/21, SLJ 9/21, BL 10/1/21

Khorram, Adib.  Seven Special Somethings: A Nowruz Story.  SLJ 3/21

Kim Hyo-eun.  I Am the Subway.  K 6/15/21, SLJ 9/21

Kitamura, Satoshi.  The Smile Shop.  K  3/1/21

Klassen, Jon.  The Rock From the Sky.  BL 12/15/20, PW 2/8/21, K 3/15/21, SLJ 3/21, HB 3-4/21, BCCB 4/21

Klein, Cheryl B. Hamsters Make Terrible Roommates. PW 6/14/21

Kobayashi, Yutaka.  Return to the Most Beautiful Village in the World.  K 11/15/20

Krishnaswami, Uma.  Two at the Top: A Shared Dream of Everest.  K 9/1/21

Kusel, Susan.  The Passover Guest.  BL 12/1/20, K 2/1/21, SLJ 12/20

Langley, Kaija.  When Langston Dances. K 8/1/21, PW 9/6/21

LaRochelle, David.  How to Apologize.  K 3/15/21

LaRochelle, David. See The Cat: Three Stories About a Dog.  SLJ 1/21

Larochelle, David.  See the Dog: Three Stories About a Cat.  SLJ 7/21

Larsen, Reif.  Uma Wimple Charts Her House.  SLJ 7/21

Lawlor, Laurie.  Fearless World Traveler: Adventures of Marianne North.  SLJ 4/21

Lawson, Jon Arno.  Over the Shop.  K 10/15/20, PW 10/19/20, SLJ 12/20

Leannah, Michael.  Most Days.  K 12/1/20

Lebedovich, Lisa.  The Umbrella.  K 5/1/21

Lee, Huy Voun.  Like a Dandelion.  SLJ 5/21

Lehman, Barbara. Little Red and the Cat Who Loved Cake. PW 9/6/21

Lehman-Witzig, Tami.  Soosie: The Horse That Saved Shabbat.  K 1/15/21

Letria, Jose Jorge.  War.  K 8/15/21

Levrero, Mario.  Sleepy Stories.  K 5/15/21

Lewkowicz, Freda.  I Am Hava: A Song's Story of Love, Hope & Joy.  K 10/15/21

Light, Steve.  Road Trip!: A Whiskers Hollow Adventure.  SLJ 3/21

Lightman, Alan. Ada and the Galaxies. PW 6/21/21, K 8/15/21, BL 11/1-15/21

Lilly, Elizabeth. Let Me Fix You a Plate: A Tale of Two Kitchens.  K 8/1/21, BL 10/1/21

Lim, Hope.  I Am a Bird.  K 1/15/21

Lim, Hope.  My Tree.  K 5/1/21

Lindgren, Astrid.  Now That Night is Near.  K 4/1/21

Liu, Dane. Friends Are Friends, Forever. BCCB 11/21

Llanos, Mariana.  Run, Little Chaski!: An Inka Trail Adventure.  K 4/1/21

Locke, Katherine.  What Are Your Words? A Book About Pronouns. SLJ 8/212

Macias, Maryann Jacob.  Teo's Tutu.  K 7/15/21

MacLaughlin, Patricia. When Grandfather Flew. PW 5/10/21, K 6/1/21

Maclear, Kyo. The Big Bath House. PW 9/6/21, BCCB 10/21, HB 11-12/21

Maclear, Kyo.  Hello, Rain!  BL 3/15/21, K 4/1/21

Madison, Megan and Jessica Ralli. Our Skin: A First Conversation About Race. PW 9/27/21

Maizes, Sarah.  Atticus Caticus.  K 4/1/21

Manley, Curtis. The Rescuer of Tiny Creatures. PW 4/19/21, BL 6/1-15/21

Manrique, Maria Eugenia.  The Caiman.  BL 5/15/21

Marinov, Isabelle.  Leo and the Octopus.  K 7/1/21

Marlow, Layn.  Noah's Seal.  K 5/1/21

Martin, David.  The More the Merrier.  SLJ 8/21

Martin, Stephen W.  Fluffy McWhiskers Cuteness Explosion.  K 7/15/21, PW 8/30/21

Martinez-Neal, Juana.   Zonia's Rain Forest.  BL 1/1-15/21, SLJ 2/21

McBratney, Sam. Mindi and the Goose No One Else Could See. PW 2/8/21

McCardie, Amanda.  Let's Play!: A Book about Making Friends.  K 4/1/21

McGeachin, Jess.  When We Fly.  K 3/15/21

McGinty, Alice B.  The Water Lady: How Darlene Arviso Helps a Thirsty Navajo Nation.  K 3/1/21

McKinlay, Meg.  How To Make a Bird.  K 3/15/21, PW 6/14/21

McNamara, Margaret.  The Little Library.  K 1/15/21

McMullan, Kate.  Happy Springtime!  BL 2/15/21

Meisel, Paul.  My Stinky Summer by S. Bug.  SLJ 3/21

Meisel, Paul. My Tiny Life by Ruby T. Hummingbird.  SLJ 3/21

Melling, David.  Ruffles and the Red, Red Coat.  K 9/15/21

Mendez, Yamile Saied.  What Will You Be?  K 4/15/21

Merritt, Kory.  School of Phantoms.  K 7/15/21

Michalak, Jamie and Debbi Michiko Florence. Niki Nakayama: A Chef's Tale in 13 Bites. PW 5/31/21

Midler, Bette. The Tale of the Mandarin Duck: A Modern Fable. PW 12/14/2020, K 12/1/20

Miller, Pat Zietlow.  Be Strong.  K 7 /1/21

Minor, Wendell.  Pumpkin Heads.  SLJ 9/15

Mirchandani, Raakhee.  Hair Twins.  K 4/1/21, PW 4/29/21

Miyares, Daniel.  Hope at Sea.  BL 10/15/21

Moises, Yesenia.  Stella's Stellar Hair.  K 11/15/20

Montanari, Eva.  What Does Little Crocodile Say?  K 5/1/21, PW 6/28/21

Moore, Clement C. The Night Before Christmas. PW 9/13/21

Morales, Yuyi.  Lucero/Bright Star.  PW 7/19/21, K 8/1/21, BL 9/1/21, HB 9-10/21, SLJ 9/21

Morgan, Sally.  Little Bird's Day.  K 7/15/21

Moriconi, Renato.  The Very Hungry Plant.  K 7/1/21

Morstad, Julie. Time is a Flower. PW 6/7/21, K 7/15/21, BL 9/1/21

Musser, Andy Chou.  A Home Under the Stars.  K 9/1/21

Myers, Matt.  Dino-Gro. SLJ 7/21

Naylor-Ballesteros, Chris.  Out of Nowhere.  K 1/1/21

Neil, Aliya King.  Keep Your Head Up.  K 8/1/21

Newell, Chris.  If You Lived During the Plimoth Thanksgiving.  SLJ 9/21

Newman, Leslea.  As Babies Dream.  K 7/1/21

Nontshokweni, Sihle.  Wanda.  K 3/1/21

Noor, Nabela.  Beautifully Me.  K 7/1/21

Nordqvist, Sven.  The Dog Walk.  K 8/15/21

Norman, Kim.  One-Osaurus, Two-Osaurus.  K 12/15/20

O'Leary, Sara.  Percy's Museum.  K 3/15/21

Osada, Hiroshi.  Almost Nothing, Yet Everything: A Book About Water.  K 7/15/21

Paddon, Dave.  Kimmy & Mike.  K 2/15/21

Parsley, Elise. How to Catch a Clover Thief. PW 11/16/2020, SLJ 11/20

Paschkis, Julie.  The Wordy Book.  K 7/15/21

Pastro, Joana.  Bisa's Carnaval.  K 10/15/21

Paul, Baptiste.  To Carnival! A Celebration in Saint Lucia. K 3/1/21

Paul, Miranda & Baptiste Paul.  Peace.  SLJ 3/21

Peacock, Lou.  Charlie Chooses.  K 4/1/21

Pearson, Debora.  My Words Flew Away Like Birds.  K 7/15/21

Pearson, Tracey Campbell.  Girls and Boys Come Out to Play.  SLJ 5/21

Pearson, Yvonne. Little Loon Finds His Voice. PW 6/14/21

Peoples-Riley, Daria.  America, My Love, America, My Heart.  K 3/1/21, PW 5/24/21, BCCB 5/21, HB 5-6/21

Perkins, Lynne Rae.  The Museum of Everything.  K 4/1/21, BL 4/1/21, SLJ 5/21, BCCB 4/21, HB 7-8/21

Perkins, Mitali. Home is in Between.  PW 1/4/21, SLJ 3/21

Pham, LeUyen.  Outside, Inside.  BL 2/1/21, K 12/1/20, SLJ 4/21

Phelan, Matt. Sweater Weather. PW 8/16/21, HB 11-12/21

Phi, Bao.  Hello, Mandarin Duck!  SLJ 3/21

Phing Nguyen Quang.  My First Day.  K 1/15/21

Pimentel, Aneette Bay. Pura's Cuentos: How Pura Belpre Reshaped Libraries with Her Stories. PW 11/1/21

Pinkney, Andrea Davis.  Bright Brown Baby.  SLJ 9/21

Pinkney, Brian.  Time for Kenny.  K 11/1/20, PW 11/2/20, SLJ 12/20, HB 1-2/21

Pintonato, Camilla.  Full Moon.  K 2/15/21

Podesta, Lena.  Too Crowded.  K 2/15/21

Porter, Jane. The Boy Who Loved Everyone. PW 12/21/20

Prince,  April Jones.  You Are a Reader!/You Are a Writer!  K 6/15/21

Pulford, Elizabeth.  Seeking an Aurora.  K 11/1/20, BL 12/15/20

Pumphrey,  Jarrett.  The Old Boat.  K 1/15/21

Pyle, Nathan W.  Strange Planet: The Sneaking,Hiding, Vibrating Creature.  SLJ 5/21

Quang, Phung Nguyen. My First Day. PW 12/7/20, SLJ 3/21

Quinton, Sasha.  The Wind May Blow.  K 7/1/21

Rahman, Bahram.  A Sky-Blue Ranch.  K 10/15/21

Ramos,  NoNieqa.  Your Mama.  K 4/1/21, BL 4/15/21

Rascal.  Pablo.  K 4/1/21

Ratanavanh, Seng Soun.  George and His Nighttime Friends.  K 9/1/21

Raul the Third. Tag Team. BCCB 3/21, HB 5-6/21

Raul the Third.  Training Day. BCCB 3/21, HB 5-6/21

Raul the Third.  Vamos! Let's Cross the Bridge.  K 9/1/21

Redd, Nancy.  The Real Santa.  K 9/1/21, PW 9/13/21

Reidy, Jean.  Group Hug.  K 11/1/21

Reynolds, Emma.  Amara and the Bats.  BL 7/21

Reynolds, Peter H.  Our Table.  K 8/1/21, BL 10/1/21

Richardson, Chad.  Family Reunion.  K 4/15/21

Riddle, Tobby. Nobody Owns the Moon.  K 7/15/21

Ringler, Matt.  Strollercoaster.  K 4/1/21, HB 7-8/21

Rinker, Sherri Duskey.  It's So Quiet: A Not-Quite-Going-to-Bed Book.  BL 2/1/21, K 2/1/21, PW 3/8/21

Rislov, Casey. Love. PW 12/21/20

Robert, Nadine. On the Other Side of the Forest. PW 1/25/21, K 1/15/21

Robertson, David.  On the Trapline.  K 4/15/21, PW 4/29/21, HB 7-8/21

Robinson, Gary.  Be Your Own Best Friend Forever!  K 2/15/21

Rocco, John.  Hurricane.  BL 9/1/21, HB 9-10/21

Rogers, Leah.  The Barn.  K 8/15/21, PW 8/30/21

Romanyshyn, Romana.  How War Changed Rondo.  K 8/15/21

Rosen, Sybil.  Carpenter's Helper.  K 2/1/21, PW 4/12/21

Rosenstock, Barb. Mornings With Monet. BCCB 4/21

Roth, Judith L.  Venetian Lullaby.  SLJ 2/21

Rubin, Adam.  Gladys the Magic Chicken.  BL 9/15/21

Ruiz, Angeles.  Valentina and Monster.  K 4/15/21

Rylant, Cynthia.  We Give Thanks.  SLJ 9/21, PW 9/13/21

Samuel, Sigal.  Osnat and Her Dove: The True Story of the World's First Female Rabbi.  SLJ 1/21

Sanders, Rob.  Two Grooms on A Cake.  K 5/1/21

Sauer, Tammi.  Not Now, Cow.  K 3/1/21

Savage, Stephen.  And Then Came Hope.  BL 4/15/21

Scheele, Kyle.  A Pizza with Everything on It.  BL 4/15/21

Schneider, Marine. Big Bear, Little Bear. PW 8/9/21

Schwartz, Amy.  100 Things I Know How to Do.  K 5/1/21

Seeger, Laura Vaccaro.  Red.  K 7/15/21, BL 10/1/21

Sewell, Jacquie. Whale Fall Cafe. BCCB 4/21

Shang, Wendy Wan-Long.  The Rice in the Pot Goes Round and Round.  K 3/15/21

Shea, Bob. Chez Bob. PW 5/17/21, K 6/15/21, BL 8/21

Shireen, Nadia.  Barbara Throws a Wobbler.  K 5/1/21

Sidman, Joyce.  Dear Treefrog.  K 4/1/21

Sigwarth, Lydia M.  Dear Librarian.  SLJ 7/21

Sima, Jessie.  Hardly Haunted.  SLJ 9/21

Singleton, Chris.  Your Life Matters.  SLJ 6/21

Singer, Marilyn.  Best Day Ever!  K 4/15/21

Sis, Peter.  Nicky & Vera: A Quiet Hero of the Holocaust and the Children He Rescued.  K  1/1/21

Slade, Suzanne.  The Universe and You.  K 7/15/21

Smith, Renee Felice.  Hugo and the Impossible Thing.  K 1/15/21

Smouha, C.K.  The Problem with Pierre.  K 6/15/21

Sneed, Brad.  Because I'm New.  K 2/1/21

Snyder, Gabi.  Listen.  K 5/1/21

Soderguit, Alredo. The Capybaras. PW 2/8/21, K 3/1/21

Soloy, Lauren.  Etty Darwin and the Four Pebble Problem.  K 4/1/21

Sookocheff, Carey.  Lost Things.  K 9/1/21, PW 11/1/21

Soontornvat, Christina. The Ramble Shamble Children. PW 1/11/21, SLJ 5/21, HB 5-6/21

Spillett-Summer, Tasha.  I Sang You Down from the Stars.  K 3/1/21, PW 3/1/21, K 4/1/21

Srinivasan, Divya.  What I Am.  SLJ 7/21, PW 8/2/21

Stamm, Rabbi Alyson.  Some Days: A Tale of Love, Ice Cream, and My Mom's Chronic Illness.  K 8/15/21

Stead, Philip C.  Amos McGee Misses the Bus.  K 10/1/21, BL 10/1/21

Steele, K-Fai. All Eyes on Ozzy! PW 8/9/21,  K 9/1/21

Stein, David Ezra. Interrupting Chicken and the Elephant of Surprise. SLJ 8/21

Stein, Peter.  A Tree for Mr. Fish.  K 5/15/21

Sterer, Gideon. It Began with Lemonade. PW 3/22/21

Sterer, Gideon. The Midnight Fair. PW 11/9/20, BL 2/1/21, K 1/15/21, HB 3-4/21

Sterling, Michelle.  When Lola Visits. PW 3/22/21, BL 4/15/21, K 4/15/21

Stevens, Cat..  Peace Train.  SLJ 9/21

Stevenson, Robin.  Pride Puppy!  K 5/1/21, PW 5/3/21

Stewart, Todd.  The Wind and The Trees.  K 2/1/21, PW 4/5/21

Stone, Tiffany.  Wood Could.  SLJ 7/21

Stubbs, Rachel.  My Red Hat.  K 1/1/21

Sturgell, Todd.  Except Antarctica!  K 6/1/21

Stutzman, Jonathan.  A Bear Is a Bear.  BL 9/1/21

Subisak, Tracy.  Jenny Me! Is Sad.  K 5/1/21, PW 6/7/21

Surojegin, Nora.  Olwen Finds Her Wings.  K 8/15/21

Swanson, Matthew.  Sunrise Summer.  BL 2/1/21, PW 2/22/21

Sze, Gillian. My Love For You is Always.  K 8/1/21

Sze, Gillian. The Night is Deep and Wide. PW 3/8/21

Tabor, Corey R. Mel Fell. PW 11/9/20, K 12/1/10, HB 3-4/21

Talbot, Hudson.  A Walk in the Woods.  SLJ 9/21

Tatum, Channing.  The One and Only Sparkella.  SLJ 5/21

Teis, Kyra.  Klezmer! K 9/1/21

Tekavec, Heather.  Arnold is the Super-ish Hero.  K 4/15/21

Theule, Larissa.  Kafka and the Doll.  SLJ 6/21

Tierney, Peggy Porter.  How to Change the World in 12 Easy Steps.  K 9/1/21

Timmers,  Leo.  Where is the Dragon?  K 2/1/21

Tobia, Lauren.  Oscar's Tower of Flowers.  K 4/1/21, HB 9-10/21

Tougas, Chris.  Poem In My Pocket. SLJ 7/21

Tracy, Kristen. A Cub Story. PW 8/9/21

Traore, Marion.  Paratou, The Umbrella.  K 5/1/21

Trevino, Charles.  Seaside Stroll.  BL 2/1/21,  K 2/15/20

Trinder, Theresa.  There Is a Rainbow.  BL 2/1/21, SLJ 1/21

Turner, Tracey.  Goldilocks and The Three Pigs.  K 1/15/21

Ueno, Yoshi.  The Big House and the Little House.  K 2/15/21

Ukhova, Tatiana.  Grasshopper.  K 4/15/21

Underwood, Deborah. Loving Kindness. PW 11/1/21

Usher, Sam.  Free. K 3/1/21

Van, Muon Thi.  Wishes.  K 4/1/21, BL 4/1/21, HB 7-8/21

van Hout, Mies.  If Only . . .  BL 4/1/21

Vernick, Audrey. Scarlet's Tale. PW 10/12/20

Vogrig, Debora.  Black and White.  K 7/1/21

Vogrig, Debora.  Line and Scribble.  K 4/1/21

Volpe, Giorgio.  Before We Sleep.  K 8/15/21

Wade, Stef.  Q and U Call It Quits. SLJ 5/21

Wahl, Phoebe.  Little Witch Hazel: A Year in the Forest.  K 7/15/21

Walder, Lola.  Juanita: The Girl Who Counted the Stars.  K 9/1/21

Walker, Anna. Hello, Jimmy! PW 12/21/20, K 12/1/20

Walker, Tricia Elam.  Dream Street.  BL 7/21. K 8/1/21,  PW 8/2/21, HB 9-10/21, SLJ  9/21

Wang, Andrea. Watercress. PW 2/8/21, K 1/15/21, HB 3-4/21

Watson, Annie.  My Monster Moofy.  K 6/1/21

Weber, Audrey Helen. On the Day the Horse Got Out. PW 4/5/21

Wells, Rosemary.  The Welcome Chair.  K 8/1/21, BL 9/1/21

Wenzel, Brendan. Inside Cat. PW 8/16/21,  K 9/1/21, BL 9/15/21, BCCB 10/21

Wheeler, Lisa.  Someone Builds the Dream.  K 1/15/21, PW 4/12/21, BCCB 3/21, HB 5-6/21

Wick, Walter.  Hidden Wonders!  K 1/15/21

Wild, Charlotte Sullivan.  Love, Violet.  K 10/15/21, PW 11/8/21

Wilder, Derick. The Longest Letsgoboy. BCCB 9/21, BL 9/15/21, K 10/1/21

Willems, Mo. Opposites Attract. PW 8/16/21

Williams, Karen  Lynn.  Spirit  of the Cheetah: A Somali Tale.  K 1/1/21

Williams, Schele. Your Legacy: A Bold Reclaiming of Our Enslaved History.  K 8/1/21

Wind, Lee. Red and Green and Blue and White. PW 9/13/21, HB 11-12/21

Winterson, Jeanette.  Hansel and Greta.  K 10/15/21

Wolff, Ashley.  Wildfire!  K 9/1/21

Wolff, Kathy.  All We Need.  K 4/1/21

Woodgate, Harry.  Grandad's Camper.  K 3/15/21, SLJ 6/21

Wynter, Anne.  Everybody in the Red Brick Building.  K 8/1/21, PW 8/9/21, BL 10/1/21, HB 11-12/21

Yaccarino, Dan. The Longest Storm. PW 5/24/21, K 7/1/21. SLJ 8/21, BL 8/21

Yamada, Kobi.  Trying.  K 12/15/20, SLJ 3/21

Yamanaka, Lois-Ann.  Snow Angel, Sand Angel.  PW 8/30/21, K 9/1/21

Yamasaki, Katie. Dad Bakes.  PW 7/19/21, K 8/1/21

Yang, James.  A Boy Named Isamu.  PW 4/12/21, BL 5/1/21, K 5/15/21, HB 9-10/21

Yang, Kao Kalia. From the Tops of the Trees. PW 11/15/21

Yerkes, Jennifer.  A Perfect Day.  K 10/1/21

Yoon, Helen.  Off-Limits.  SLJ 8/21, HB 11-12/21

Yoon, Helen.  Sheepish (Wolf under Cover).  K 11/15/20, BL 1/1-15/21

Young, Beryl.  Show Us Where You Live, Humpback.  K 4/15/21

Young, Jessica.  I'll Meet You in Your Dreams.  K 2/1/21, PW 3/8/21

Yuksel, M.O.  In My Mosque.  SLJ 1/21, PW 4/29/21

Yum, Hyewon. Grandpa Across the Ocean. PW 4/29/21, SLJ 6/21

Zhang, Gracey. Lala's Words: A Story of Planting Kindness. PW 5/3/21

Zhu, Ben.  Dessert Island.  SLJ 5/21

Zimmerman, Andrea.  If I Were a Tree.  K 3/15/21

Zoboi, Ibi.  The People Remember.  K 9/1/21, PW 9/13/21

Zolotow, Charlotte.  The New Friend.  K 9/15/21



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  1. In identifying a “distinguished American picture book for children,” defined as illustration, committee members need to consider:
    1. Excellence of execution in the artistic technique employed;
    2. Excellence of pictorial interpretation of story, theme, or concept;
    3. Appropriateness of style of illustration to the story, theme or concept;
    4. Delineation of plot, theme, characters, setting, mood or information through the pictures;
    5. Excellence of presentation in recognition of a child audience.
  2. The only limitation to graphic form is that the form must be one which may be used in a picture book. The book must be a self-contained entity, not dependent on other media (i.e., sound, film or computer program) for its enjoyment.
  3. Each book is to be considered as a picture book. The committee is to make its decision primarily on the illustration, but other components of a book are to be considered especially when they make a book less effective as a children’s picture book. Such other components might include the written text, the overall design of the book, etc.

Note: The committee should keep in mind that the award is for distinguished illustrations in a picture book and for excellence of pictorial presentation for children. The award is not for didactic intent or for popularity.