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LARC Mocks: 2017 Chapter Books

Working list of starred reviews to be considered for the Mock Caldecott and Newbery Award

Chapter Books

Please alpha by author. If title is already on the list, please add abbreviation and date to it. (PW = Publishers Weekly, SLJ = School Library Journal, HB = Horn Book, Kirkus = K, Booklist = BL The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books = BCCB (feel free to add other journal titles and abbreviations)

Abbott, Tony. The Summer of Owen Todd. PW 8/28/17, SLJ 8/17

Abdel-Fattah, Randa.  The Lines We Cross  K 3/1/17

Aceves, Fred. The Closest I've Come. PW 10/9/17

Applegate, Katherine. Wishtree. BL 7/17, PW 7/10/17, K 8/15/17

Ahdieh, Renee. Flame in the Mist. PW 3/13/17

Ali, S.K. Saints and Misfits. K 4/15/17

Alice, Alex.  Castle In the Stars: The Space Race of 1869  K 7/15/17

Almond, David. Harry Miller's Run. PW 12/12/16, K 01/01/17

Alsaid, Adi.  North of Happy  K 2/15/17

Altebrando, Tara. The Possible. PW 5/1/17, BCCB 5/17

Alvarez, Lorena. Nightlights. K 01/01/17, BCCB 02/17

Anderson, Jodi Lynn.  Midnight at the Electric  K 4/1/17, BCCB 5/17

Anderson, John David. Posted. PW 3/13/17, K 3/1/17

Anderson, M. T. Landscape with Invisible Hand. PW 6/19/17, HB 9-10/17

Anderson, M. T. Yvain: The Knight of the Lion. PW 12/12/16, K 02/01/17

Anderson, Natalie C. City of Saints & Thieves. PW 11/7/16

Applegate, Katherine  Wishtree  SLJ 6/17

Arnold, Elana K. A Boy Called Bat. PW 1/23/17

Arnold, Elana K. What Girls Are Made Of. K 02/01/17

Arnold, Tedd. Noodleheads See the Future  K 1/15/17, SLJ 3/17

Arsenault, Emily.  The Leaf Reader  K 4/1/17

Atinuke.  You're Amazing Anna Hibiscus   K 7/15/17

Atwood, Margaret.  A Trio of Tolerable Tales  K 3/1/17

Avi. The Player King. BCCB 11/17

Avi. The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts: Being an Absolutely Accurate Autobiographical Account of my Follies, Fortune and Fate. BL 1/1/17, K 3/1/17, PW 3/20/17

Bacigalupi, Paolo. Tool of War. PW 8/7/17

Baer, Marianna. The Inconceivable Life of Quinn. PW 2/6/17

Bailey, Em The Special Ones K 5/15/17

Bailey, Linda. The Tiny Hero of Ferny Creek Library. BL 5/15/17

Baltazar, Armand. Timeless: Diego and the Rangers of the Vastlantic. PW 8/21/17

Banks, Angelica.  Blueberry Pancakes Forever  K 11/1/16

Baptiste, Tracey.  Rise of the Jumbies  K 7/1/17, SLJ 8/17

Bardugo, Leigh. The Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic. BCCB 11/17

Bardugo, Leigh.  Wonder Woman Warbringer  K 6/1/17

Barker, Kathryn.  In the Skin of a Monster  K 11/1/16

Barr, Emily. The One Memory Of Flora Banks. HB 7-8/17

Bartok, Mira.  The Wonderling  K 7/1/17, SLJ  9/17, BCCB 10/17

Bashardoust, Melissa.  Girls Made of Snow and Glass  K 7/1/17

Beasley, Cassie. Tumble & Blue. PW 6/12/17, SLJ 7/17, K 6/1/17, BL 6/1/17, HB 11-12/17

Beaty, Erin. The Traitor's Kiss. PW 3/13/17

Beauvais, Clementine. Piglettes. BCCB 10/17

Begler, Pete. The Fearless Travelers' Guide to Wicked Places. BL 1/1/17, K 01/01/17

Behar, Ruth.  Lucky Broken Girl  K 2/15/17

Belleza, Rhoda. Empress of a Thousand Skies. K 12/15/16

Bennett, Jenn.  Alex, Approximately  K 3/1/17

Benway, Robin.  Far From the Tree  PW 8/7/17, K 8/15/17

Berry, Julie. The Emperor's Ostrich. BL 5/1/17

Best, Cari.  In the Country of Queens  K 8/15/17

Bird, Betsy.  Funny Girl: Funnniest Stories Ever  K 2/15/17 PW 4/3/17

Biren, Sara. The Last Thing You Said. K 02/01/17

Blabey, Aaron  The Bad Guys in Mission Unpluckable  SLJ 1/17

Blackwood, Sage. Miss Ellicott's School for the Magically Minded. BL 2/1/17

Blake, Kendare.  One Dark Throne   K 7/15/17

Bolden, Tonya. Crossing Ebenezer Creek. PW 3/13/17, K 2/15/17

Bowe, Julie. Big & Little Questions (According to Wren Jo Byrd). PW 1/16/17

Bowman, Akemi Dawn. Starfish. PW 7/17/17

Bowling, Dusti  Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus  SLJ 5/17, BL 8/17

Boyce, Frank Cottrell. Sputnick's Guide to Life on Earth. BL 4/15/17

Bracken, Alexandra. The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding. PW 7/3/17, BL 8/17

Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker. The War I Finally Won. PW 8/28/17, HB 9-10/17, SLJ 9/17

Brashares, Ann. The Whole Thing Together. PW 1/30/17, BCCB 4/17

Brennan, Sarah Rees.  In Other Lands   K 7/15/17

Bright, Paul  The Best Bear in the World  SLJ 2/17

Britt, Fanny. Louis Undercover. PW 8/21/17, BCCB 11/17, HB 11-12/17

Brody, Jessica. The Chaos of Standing Still. PW 9/25/17

Bruchac, Joseph Arrow of Light. K 5/15/17

Brunetti, Ivan. Wordplay. K 3/15/17

Bryant, Megan E. Glow.  K 7/1/17

Bunker, Lisa. Felix YZ. K 3/15/17, PW 5/8/17

Burgis, Stephanie. The Dragon With a Chocolate Heart. K 3/15/17

Burt, Jake. Greetings from Witness Protection! PW 7/31/17, BL 10/15/17

Cajoleas, Jimmy. Goldeline. BL 8/17

Camlot, Heather.  Clutch.  K 9/15/17

Capetta, Amy Rose. Echo After Echo. PW 9/4/17

Cao, Wenxuan. Bronze and Sunflower. K 01/01/17

Carlson, Caroline. The World's Greatest Detective. BL 5/1/17

Carroll, Emma  In Darkling Wood  SLJ 1/17, BL 1/1/17

Cartaya, Pablo. The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora. K 3/15/17, BL 4/1/17

Carter, Caela  Forever, or a Long, Long Time  SLJ 12/16, K 12/1/16, BL 2/1/17

Cashore, Kristin. Jane, Unlimited. BCCB 9/17

Castellucci, Cecil. Soup Leaves Home  K 3/1/17

Chanani, Nidhi  Pashmina  SLJ 9/17

Cheng, Jack. See You in the Cosmos, Carl Sagan. PW 12/5/16, K 11/1/16

Chupeco, Rin. The Bone Witch. PW 1/23/17

Ciccarelli, Kristen. The Last Namsara. BCCB 11/17

Clanton, Ben  Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea  SLJ 12/16

Clanton, Ben. Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt. PW 5/1/17, SLJ 6/17

Clark, Zack Loran. The Adventurerer's Guild  K 8/1/17

Clarke, Cat.  The Pants Project  K 2/15/17

Clements, Andrew  The Losers Club  SLJ 6/17

Coats, J. Anderson. The Many Reflections of Miss Jane Deming. K 12/15/16

Coelho, Rogerio. Boat of Dreams. BL 2/1/17

Colbert, Brandy Little & Lion K 5/15/17

Connolly, MaryKate. Shadow Weaver. BL 10/15/17

Corr, Christopher. Deep in the Woods. BL 2/15/17

Corthron, Kara Lee.  The Truth of Right Now  K 11/1/16

Costa, Ben.  Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo The Road to Epoli  K 4/1/17

Cottrell Boyce, Frank  Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth  SLJ 4/17, K 4/1/17

Croggon, Alison. The Bone Queen: Cadvan's Story. K 4/15/17, BCCB 7-8/17

Crowder, Melanie. An Uninterrupted View of the Sky. PW 5/1/17, K 5/15/17

Crowder, Melanie.  Three Pennies  K 3/1/17, SLJ 3/17

Crowley, Cath. Words in Deep Blue. K 3/15/17

Crowley, James.  Monsterland  K 6/1/17

Cyprus, Naomi. Sisters of Glass. BL 9/1/7, K 9/1/17

Daniels, April. Dreadnought. K 12/1/16

Dao, Julie C. Forest of a Thousand Lanterns. PW 8/21/17

Darrows, Eva.  Dead Little Mean Girl  K 2/15/17

Davis, Jenny Fran. Everything Must Go. PW 8/14/17

Davis, Mandy. Superstar. PW 5/1/17, K 4/1/17

Dee, Barbara  Halfway Normal  SLJ 8/17

Delacre, Lulu. Us, in Progress. Short Stories about Young Latinos. BL 7/17

DeStefano, Lauren. The Glass Spare. BCCB 10/17

Dimaline, Cherie.  The Marrow Thieves   K 7/15/17

Donoghue, Emma. The Lottery Plus One. PW 12/19/16, K 12/1/16

Dooley, Sarah. Ashes to Asheville. PW 2/20/17, SLJ 2/17

Downes, Patrick. Ten Miles One Way. K 12/15/16

Eager, Lindsay. Race to the Bottom of the Sea. BL 8/17, PW 9/11/17

Egelson, Jan. MWD: Hell is Coming Home. K 12/1/16

Elliott, David. Bull. K 12/15/16, HB 3-4/17

Ellis, Deborah. Sit. BL 10/1/17

Emerson, Kevin. Last Day on Mars. K 12/1/16

Emerson, Marcus. Recess Warriors: Hero Is a Four Letter World. BL 4/15/17

Engle, Margarita. Forest World. PW 6/12/17, BL 7/1/17

English, Karen.  It All Comes Down to This  K 5/1/17, SLJ 6/17, BL 4/15/17

Fagan, Cary. Wolfie and Fly. PW 1/9/17, BL 3/15/17

Findakly, Brigitte.  Poppies of Iraq  K 8/15/17

Fine, Anne.  Blood Family.  K 1/15/17

Fine, Sarah.  The True Queen  K 10/1/17

Fine, Sarah. Uncanny. BCCB 11/17

Fleming, Anne. The Goat.  K 1/15/17, BL 2/15/17

Forest, Laurie. The Black Witch  K 3/1/17, PW 3/20/17

Frank, Steven B. Armstrong & Charlie. K 02/01/17

Freemna, Martha Effie Starr Zook Has One More Question  SLJ 2/17

French, Gillian. Grit. K 3/15/17

Friend, Natasha. The Other F-Word. PW 1/9/17

Frost, Helen. When My Sister Started Kissing. K 12/15/16, BCCB 2/17

Fusco, Kimberly Newton.  Chasing Augustus  K 6/1/17

Galante, Cecilia. Stealing Our Way Home. PW 5/1/17

Gay, Marie-Louise.  Princess Pistachio and Maurice the Magnificent   K 7/15/17

Geiger, J.C. Wildman. K 4/15/17

Gerber, Alyson. Braced. K 12/15/16, BL 2/1/17

Giles, Lamar. Overturned. K 01/01/17

Glaser, Karina Yan. The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street. BL 8/17, SLJ 8/17

Goo, Maurene. I Believe in a Thing Called Love. PW 4/3/17, K 3/15/17

Goobie, Beth. The Pain Eater. K 01/01/17

Grant, Michael.  Silver Stars  K 11/1/16

Gratz, Alan. Refugee. PW 5/22/17, K 6/1/17

Graudin, Ryan. Invictus. PW 7/3/17

Gray, Claudia. Defy the Stars. PW 2/13/17, K 02/01/17

Griffin, Paul.  Saving Marty  K 8/1/17

Grunberg, Greg.  Curse of the Harvester   K 7/15/17

Hale, Shannon. Unbeatable Squirrel Girl : Squirrel Meets World. BCCB 2/17

Hale, Shannon. Real Friends. BL 4/15/17

Halpern, Jake. Edgeland. BL 5/1/17

Halpern, Julie. Meant to Be. PW 8/14/17

Hamilton, Alwyn.  Traitor To The Throne.  K 1/15/17

Hardinge, Frances. A Face like Glass.  PW 3/6/17, K 3/1/17, BCCB 5/17

Hardinge, Frances. A Skinful of Shadows. PW 9/25/17,  K 10/15/2017

Harrison, Rory.  Looking for Group  K 2/15/17

Harrold, A.F.  The Song From Somewhere Else  K 5/1/17, SLJ 5/17, HB 5-6/17

Hart, Alison.  Leo, Dog of the Sea  K 2/15/17

Hartley, A.J. Firebrand K 3/15/17

Hatke, Ben.  Mighty Jack and Goblin King  K 7/1/17

Hautman, Pete  Slider  7/17, BL 7/17

Haydu, Corey Ann. The Someday Suitcase. K 3/15/17, BL 5/15/17

Helget, Nicole. The End of the Wild. PW 1/30/17, K 02/01/17

Henson, S.F.  Devils Within  K 10/1/17

Hicks, Faith Erin.  The Stone Heart  K 2/15/17

Hill, Melanie Heuiser.  Giant Pumpkin Suite   K 7/15/17

Hoffmeister, Peter Brown.  Too Shattered for Mending K 6/1/17

Holm, Jennifer.  Swing It Sunny  K 7/1/17, SLJ 8/17

Horn, Lorri.  Dewey Fairchild, Parent Problem Solver K 6/1/17

Horvath, Polly. The Night Garden. BL 9/1/17, BCCB 10/17

Humphrey, Anna.  Clara Humble Quiz Whiz   K 7/15/17

Hunter, Erin Broken Pride K 5/15/17

Hutchinson, Shaun David.  At the Edge of the Universe  K 11/15/16

Hutton, Keely. Soldier Boy. PW 5/1/17, BL 4/15/17

Hyman, Fracaswell. Mango Delight. BL 5/1/17

Iturbe, Antonio.  The Librarian of Auschwitz  PW 8/28/17, K 9/1/17

Iwasa, Megumi  Yours Sincerely, Giraffe  SLJ 3/17

Jackson, Tiffany D. Allegedly. PW 11/14/16, K 11/15/16

Jamieson, Victoria. All's Faire in Middle School. PW 7/17/17, K 8/1/17, SLJ 9/17

Jamieson, Victoria The Great Art Caper K 5/15/17

Jenkins, Emily. Brave Red, Smart Frog: A New Book of Old Tales. PW 7/3/17

Johnson, Jaleigh  The Quest to the Uncharted Lands  SLJ 5/17

Johnston, E. K. That Inevitable Victorian Thing. PW 8/14/17

Juby, Susan. The Fashion Committee. PW 4/3/17, HB 7-8/17

Kaplan, A.E.  Grendel's Guide to Love and War  K 2/15/17

Kaurin, Marianne. Almost Autumn. HB 1-2/17

Kelkar, Supriya. Ahimsa. BL 9/1/17, SLJ 9/17

Kelly, Erin Entrada. Hello, Universe. PW 12/19/16, SLJ 1/17, K 12/15/16

Keyser, Amber J. Pointe, Claw. PW 2/20/17

Khan, Hena. Amina's Voice. BL 2/1/17, K 1/15/17, SLJ 2/17

Kim, Julie.  Where's Halmoni?  K 8/15/17

Kincaid, S. J. The Empress  K 10/1/17

King, Amy Sarig  Me and Marvin Gardens  SLJ 12/16, HB 01-02/17

Kondo, Robert.  The Dam Keeper  K 8/1/17

Konigsberg, Bill. Honestly Ben. PW 1/2/17

Korman, Gordon  Restart  SLJ 5/17

Kuehn, Stephanie.  When I Am Through With You  K 6/1/17

Kullah, Samya.  Escape From Syria  K 9/15/17

LaCoeur, Nina. We Are Okay. PW 12/5/16, K 12/1/16

LaFleur, Suzanne.  Threads of Blue  K 7/1/17, BL 9/1/17, SLJ 8/17

Lagercrantz, Rose.  See You When I See You  K 7/1/17

Lake, Nick.  Satellite  K 8/15/17

Landman, Tanya.  Hell and Highwater  K 4/1/17

Langer, Dana  Siren Sisters  SLJ 1/17

Larson, Sara B. Dark Breaks the Dawn. PW 3/27/17

Lardwood, Kieran. Podkin One-Ear. BL 8/17

Latham, Jennifer.  Dreamland Burning  K 11/1/16

Laurence, Matthew. Freya. K 12/15/16

Lawrence, Mike. Star Scouts. K 02/01/17

Lee, Jen  Garbage Night K 5/15/17

Lee, Mackenzi. The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue. K 3/15/17, PW 4/24/17

Levenseller, Tricia. Daughter of the Pirate King. PW 12/12/16

Levine, Gail Carson. The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre. K 3/15/17

Levy, Dana Alison. This Would Make a Good Story Someday. BL 3/15/16

Lewis, Gill. Gorilla Dawn. K 12/1/16, BL 2/15/17

Liniers. Good Night Planet. BL 7/17, K 8/1/17

Lisle, Janet Taylor. Quicksand Pond. BL 2/15/17, K 3/15/17

Lloyd, Natalie. The Problim Children. BL 10/15/17

Lo, Malinda.  A Line in the Dark  K 9/1/17

Lockhart, E. Genuine Fraud. PW 6/26/17, HB 9-10/17

Long, Hayley. Sophie Someone. K 01/01/17

Loux, Matthew. The Time Museum. K 12/1/16

Lovestam, Sara. Wonderful Feels Like This. PW 1/23/17, K 1/15/17

Lu, Marie. Warcross. PW 6/19/17, K 7/1/17

Lyga, Barry. Bang. PW 2/27/17, K 3/1/17

Mabry, Samantha. All the Wind in the World. BCCB 10/17

Mac, Carrie.  10 Things I Can See From Here  K 11/15/16

Maclachlan, Patricia  Barkus  SLJ 2/17

MacLachlan, Patricia. Just Dance. PW 6/26/17

Macvie, Meagan.  The Ocean in My Ears  K 10/1/17

Mafi, Tahereh. Whichwood. BL 9/15/17, K 9/15/17, BCCB 11/17

Mayhew, Julie. The Big Lie. PW 10/2/17

Metaphrog  Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid  SLJ 6/17

McCahan, Erin.  The Lake Effect  K 6/1/17

McGhee, Alison. Pablo and Birdy. PW 5/29/17

McKay, Hilary. Binny Bewitched. K 3/15/17, HB 5-6/17

McKinlay, Meg. A Single Stone. K 01/01/17, BCCB 4/17

Meehl, Brian. Blowback '07: When the Only Way Forward is Back. PW 5/22/17

Melki-Wegner, Skye.  The Hush  K 5/1/17

Menon, Sandhya. When Dimple Met Rishi. K 3/15/17

Messner, Kate  The Exact Location of Home SLJ 7/17

Meyer, Marissa. Renegades. PW 10/9/17

Milford, Kate.  Ghosts of Greenglass House   K 7/15/17

Miller, Jessica. Elizabeth and Zenobia.  BL 8/17, HB 9-10/17

Miller, Sam J.  The Art of Starving  K 5/1/17, PW 5/15/17

Mills, Emma. Foolish Hearts. PW 10/9/17

Mills, Geraldine. Gold. K 4/15/17

Mobley, Jeannie. Bobby Lee Claremont and the Criminal Element. BL 9/15/17

Montgomery, L.M.  Anne of Green Gables  SLJ 9/17

Moore, David Barclay. The Stars Beneath Our Feet. PW 7/10/17, BCCB 9/17

Mosier, Paul. Train I Ride. BL 1/1/17

Murphy, Emily Bain. The Disappearances. PW 5/8/17

Murphy, Julie.  Ramona Blue  K 4/1/17

Murray, Kirsty and Dhar, Payal. Eat the Sky, Drink the Ocean. K 01/01/17, BCCB 3/17

Murray, Martine  Molly & Pim and the Millions of Stars  SLJ 11/16

Myers, Lily. This Impossible Light. PW 4/10/17

Neri, G.  Tru and Nelle A Christmas Tale  K 8/15/17

Ness, Patrick. Release. PW 7/3/17,  K 7/15/17

Neumeier, Rachel. The White Road of the Moon. K 12/1/16

Neilsen, Susin. Optimists Die First. PW 12/5/16, K 11/1/16

Nilsson, Ulf  A Case in Any Case  SLJ 3/17

Nix, Garth.  Frogkisser  K 11/15/16

Nolen, Jerdine. Calico Girl. K 12/15/16

Nordling, Lee. Belinda the Unbeatable. BL 7/17, K 9/1/17

O'Brien, Joe. Legends' Lair. K 12/15/16

Odhiambo, Eucabeth  Auma's Long Run  SLJ 6/17,  K 7/15/17

Oh, Ellen. Flying Lessons & Other Stories. PW 11/14/16, SLJ 11/16, BCCB 2/17

Oh, Ellen. Spirit Hunters. PW 5/8/17, BL 5/1/17

Okorafor, Nnedi. Akata Warrior. BCCB 11/17

Older, Daniel Jose.  Shadowhouse Fall   K 7/15/17

Onyebuchi, Tochi.  Beasts Made of Night  K 8/15/17

O'Reilly, Jane  The Notations of Cooper Cameron  SLJ 7/17

Ormsbee, Kathryn.  Tash Hearts Tolstoy  K 5/1/17

Orr, Wendy.  Dragonfly Song  K 8/15/17

Osborne, Melissa Jane. The Wendy Project. PW 5/29/17

Oseman, Alice. Radio Silence. PW 1/23/17

O'Sullivan, Joanne. Between Two Skies. K 02/01/17

Ostertag, Molly  The Witch Boy  SLJ 10/17

Parks, James. Rickety Snitch and the Gelatinous Goo: The Road To Epoli. BCCB 4/17

Paver, Michelle.  Warrior Bronze  K 11/1/16

Peet, Mal. Beck. PW 2/27/17, K 2/15/17

Perez, Celia  The First Rule of Punk  SLJ 6/17

Perkins, Mitali. You Bring the Distant Near. PW 7/17/17, HB 9-10/17

Petrosyan, Mariam. The Gray House. K 3/15/17

Philbrick, Nathaniel.  Ben's Revolution  K 3/1/17

Pixley, Marcella.  Ready to Fall  K 8/15/17, PW 9/18/17

Pla, Sally J. The Someday Birds. PW 11/7/16

Ponti, Claude. Adele in Sand Land. K 3/15/17

Ponti, James Vanished! K 5/15/17

Powell, Patricia Hruby.  Loving vs. Virginia  K 11/1/16

Preller, James. Better Off Undead. BL 10/15/17

Pyron, Bobbie. A Pup Called Trouble. BL 11/15/17

Radecki, Barbara. The Darkhouse. K 3/15/17

Raina, Arushi. When Morning Comes. PW 11/28/16, K 11/15/16

Raschka, Chris.  The Doorman's Repose  K 3/1/17

Redgate, Riley. Noteworthy. K 3/15/17

Reed, Amy.  The Nowhere Girls K 8/1/17

Reichs, Brendan. Nemesis. K 12/1/16

Renner, Benjamin  The Big Bad Fox  SLJ 4/17, BCCB 6/17

Reyl, Hilary. Kids Like Us. PW 10/2/17, BCCB 11/17

Reynolds, Jason.  Long Way Down   K 7/15/17, PW 7/31/17, HB 7-8/17, BCCB 10/17

Reynolds, Jason.  Patina   K 7/15/17, BL 8/17, HB 11-12/17

Rivers, Karen. Love, Ish. BL 1/1/17

Rogerson, Margaret. An Enchantment of Ravens. PW 7/17/17

Rosenberg, Madelyn  This Is Just a Test  SLJ 5/17

Rubin, Sean. Bolivar. PW 10/9/17

Ruby, Laura   York: the Shadow Cipher  SLJ 4/17, K 3/15/17, BL 3/15/17

Rundell, Katherine. The Explorer. PW 7/10/17, SLJ 9/17

Sackier, Shelley.  The Freemason's Daughter  K 2/15/17

Saenz, Benjamin Alire. The Inexplicable Logic of My Life. PW 1/2/17, K 12/15/16

Sanchez, Erika L. I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter. BCCB 11/17

Sanden, Marten. A House Without Mirrors. K 02/01/17

Sangster, Caitlin. Last Star Burning. BCCB 11/17

Savage, Kim. Beautiful Broken Girls. K 12/1/16

Sayre, Justin.  Pretty  K 5/1/17

Scaletta, Kurtis.  Rooting For Rafael Rosales  K 2/15/17

Schlitz, Laura Amy  Princess Cora and the Crocodile  SLJ 1/17

Schusterman, Michelle. Olive and the Backstage Ghost. BL 6/1/17

Searcy, Amanda.  The Truth Beneath The Lies  K 10/1/17

Senzai, N.H. Escape rom Aleppo. BL 11/15/17

Shofner, Carabel. Almost Paradise. BL 5/1/17

Siegel, Mark and Alexis. 5 Worlds: The Sand Warrior. PW 3/27/17

Silvera, Adam. They Both Die at the End. PW 7/10/17

Silvera, Adam. History Is All You Left Me. K 10/15/16

Simon, Francesca. The Monstrous Child. BCCB 4/17

Sirowy, Alexandra. First We Were IV. BCCB 9/17

Skrutskie, Emily.  The Edge of the Abyss  K 3/1/17

Sloan, Holly Goldberg. Short. K 10/15/16 

Smith, Heather.  The Agony of Bun O'Keefe  K 7/1/17

Smith, Juliana.  Hafrocentric Comics  K 9/1/17

Smith, Mark. The Road to Winter. K 3/15/17

Smy, Pam. Thornhill. BCCB 7-8/17

Snyder, Laurel.  Charlie and Mouse  K 2/15/17, HB 7-8/17, SLJ 10/17

Snyder, Laurel. Orphan Island. PW 3/20/17

Sonneblick, Jordan. The Secret Sheriff of Sixth Grade. BL 7/1/17

Spinelli, Jerry. The Warden's Daughter. PW 11/14/16, K 10/15/16

Spooner, Meagan. Hunted. K 12/1/16

Stanley, Diane. Joplin, Wishing. K 3/15/17, BL 4/15/17

Steinhofel, Andreas  If My Moon Was Your Sun  SLJ 10/17

Stevens, Robin.  First Class Murder  K 2/15/17

Stiefvater, Maggie. All the Crooked Saints. BCCB 9/17

Stork, Francis X.  Disappeared   K 7/15/17, HB 9-10/17

Strange, Lucy.  The Secret of Nightingale Wood  K 8/15/17, PW 8/21/17, BL 9/15/17

Sugiura, Misa. It's Not Like It's a Secret. K 4/15/17

Swanson, Matthew. The Real McCoys. BL 10/1/17, SLJ 8/17, PW 9/25/17

Tabilio, Marco. Marco Polo: Dangers and Visions. BCCB 10/17

Talley, Robin. Our Own Private Universe. K 12/1/16

Tan, Susan. Cilla Lee-Jenkins: Future Author Extraordinaire. BL 2/1/17

Tanner, Lian  Battlesong  SLJ 6/17

Trafton, Jennifer. Henry and the Chalk Dragon. BL 2/1/17

Tarpley, Natasha. The Harlem Charade. PW 11/7/16, K 10/15/16

Taylor, Lainie. Strange the Dreamer. BCCB 3/17

Teague, David.  How Oscar Indigo Broke the Universe and Put it Back Together Again  K 9/1/17

Thomas, Angie. The Hate U Give. PW 11/28/16, K 12/15/16, BCCB 3/17, HB 3-4/17

Thompson, Lisa. The Goldfish Boy. K 12/15/16

Tolan, Stephanie & Tolan, R. J. Applewhites Coast to Coast. BL 9/1/17

Tolcser, Sarah. Song of the Current. K 3/15/17

Townsend, Jessica  Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow  SLJ 7/17, PW 7/31/17

Trafton, Jennifer  Henry and the Chalk Dragon  SLJ 3/17

Turner, Megan Whalen. Thick as Thieves. PW 3/6/17, HB 5-6/17

Twain, Mark & Stead, Philip. The Purloining of Prince Oleomargarine. PW 7/10/17, BL 8/17, SLJ 9/17

Vail, Rachel. Well, That Was Awkward. BCCB 1/17, HB 1-2/17

Valckx, Catharina. Bruno: Some of the More Interesting Days in My Life So Far. HB 7-8/17

Valente, Catherynne M.  The Glass Town Game K 7/1/17, BL 8/17

Valentine, Jenny. Fire Color One. K 10/15/16

Vickers, Elaine.  Paper Chains  K 8/1/17

Walden, Tillie. Spinning. PW 7/17/17

Wallace, Kali.  The Memory Trees   K 7/15/17, BCCB 9/17

Walton, Julia. Words on Bathroom Walls. PW 5/15/17

Walton, K.M. Ultimatum. PW 1/16/17

Watson, Renee.  Piecing Me Together  K 11/15/16, BCCB 4/17

Watts, Irene.  Seeking Refuge  K 2/15/17

Wein, Elizabeth. The Pearl Thief. PW 3/6/17, K 3/15/17

Wenxuan, Cao. Bronze and Sunflower. PW 12/19/16, BL 2/1/17

Weston, Carol.  Speed of Life. PW 2/13/17, K 2/15/17

Wheeler, Andrew. Another Castle: Grimoire. PW 12/12/16

White, Kiersten.  Now I Rise  K 4/1/17

Willems, Mo & Bryan Collier  It's Shoe Time!  SLJ 10/17

Williams, Ismee.  Water in May K 9/1/17

Williams-Garcia, Rita. Clayton Byrd Goes Underground. PW 4/3/17, K 3/15/17, SLJ 5/17, HB 5-6-17

Winick, Judd. Hilo: The Great Big Boom. BCCB 01/17

Winston, Sherri. The Sweetest Sound. K 10/15/16

Wolk, Lauren. Beyond the Bright Sea. PW 3/27/17, K 4/15/17, SLJ 5/17, BL 5/15/17, HB 7-8/17

Wooding, Chris. Velocity. PW 11/21/16, K 11/15/16

Worsley, Lucy.  Maid of the King's Court.  K 1/15/17

XU, Ru  NewsPrints  SLJ 12/16

Yee, F.C.  The Epic Crush of Genie Lo   K 7/15/17

Yeh, Kat  The Way to Bea SLJ 7/17

Yorinks, Arthur. Making Scents. BCCB 6/17

Young, Moira. The Road to Ever After. PW 9/18/17

Zappia, Francesca. Eliza and Her Monsters. PW 3/27/17, K 3/15/17

Zarr, Sara. Gem & Dixie. PW 2/6/17, K 02/01/17

Zentner, Jeff. Goodbye Days. PW 1/9/17

Zoboi, Ibi. American Street. PW 11/21/16, K 11/15/16

Zorn, Claire.  Protected   K 7/15/17, PW 9/4/17

Catalog Links of Chapter Books

Newbery Criteria

1. In identifying “distinguished contribution to American literature,” defined as text, in a book for children,

a. Committee members need to consider the following:

  • Interpretation of the theme or concept
  • Presentation of information including accuracy, clarity, and organization
  • Development of a plot
  • Delineation of characters
  • Delineation of a setting
  • Appropriateness of style.

Note: Because the literary qualities to be considered will vary depending on content, the committee need not expect to find excellence in each of the named elements. The book should, however, have distinguished qualities in all of the elements pertinent to it.

b.Committee members must consider excellence of presentation for a child audience.

2. Each book is to be considered as a contribution to American literature. The committee is to make its decision primarily on the text. Other components of a book, such as illustrations, overall design of the book, etc., may be considered when they make the book less effective.

3. The book must be a self-contained entity, not dependent on other media (i.e., sound or film equipment) for its enjoyment.
Note: The committee should keep in mind that the award is for literary quality and quality presentation for children. The award is not for didactic content or popularity.

Adopted by the ALSC Board, January 1978. Revised, Midwinter 1987. Revised, Annual 2008.