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LARC Mocks: 2022 Picture Books

Working list of starred reviews to be considered for the Mock Caldecott and Newbery Award

2022 Picture Books

Acosta, Alicia.  Pumpkin and Me. SLJ 3/22

Ahiyya, Vera. KINDergarten: Where Kindness Matters Every Day. PW 8/1/22

Ainoya, Yuki. Sato the Rabbit: The Moon. HB 1-2/22

Alary, Laura. Sun in My Tummy.SLJ 3/22

Alexander, Jed. Gold K 10/15/22

Andres, Jose Carlos  Who Stole My Leg? SLJ 8/22

Andrews, Jan.  When the Wind Came.  K 5/15/22

Applegate, Katherine. Doggo and Pupper Save the World.  K 10/15/22

Arnold, Elana K. Pip and Zip. PW 5/16/22

Ashman, Linda. Fire Chief Fran.  K 9/15/22, PW 10/17/22, BL 11/1-15/22

Ashman, Linda. I Like This, You Like That.  SLJ 4/22

Barnett, Mac. The Great Zapfino. PW 2/7/22, SLJ 6/22, K 10/15/22

Barnett, Mac. John's Turn. PW 1/10/22

Barnett, Mac.  The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  PW 8/8/22, BL 9/1/22

Barrows, Annie.  Like.  BL 9/1/22

Bebar, Ruth. Tia Fortuna's New Home: A Jewish Cuban Journey.  K 12/15/21

Bell, Jennifer A. The Best Gift for Bear. PW 9/12/22

Bernstrom, Daniel.  Song in the City.  BL 10/15/22

Blackall, Sophie.  Farmhouse. K 7/1/22, PW 7/18/22, BL 9/1/22, HB 9/22

Bolden,Tonya.  Going Places: Victor Hugo Green and His Glorious Book.  K 8/15/22

Bondestam, Linda. My Life at the Bottom: The Story of a Lonesome Axolotl.  SLJ 5/22

Bolling, Valerie.  Together We Ride.  BL 5/15/22

Briseno, Stephen.  The Notebook Keeper: A Story of Kindness from the Border.  BL 5/15/22

Brockington, Drew.  Puppy Bus.  K 5/1/22

Brown, Tameka Fryer.  Twelve Dinging Doorbells. K 9/1/22, PW 9/12/22

Buitrago, Jairo.  Drawing Outdoors.  K 4/15/22, PW 8/29/22

Buitrago, Jairo. Ways to Make Friends.  K 7/15/22

Cali, Davide.  Too Many Pigs and One Big Bad Wolf. K 10/1/22

Cali, Davide.  The Writer.  BL 3/1/22

Camper, Cathy.  Arab Arab All Year Long!  SLJ 6/22

Carranza, Leonarda.  Abuelita and Me.  BL 3/15/22, K 5/1/22

Carzoo, Breanna. Lou. PW 5/2/22, K 7/15/22

Chen, Eva.  I Am Golden.  PW 12/6/21, BL 12/15/21, K 3/1/22

Chen, Shige. I Love You. SLJ 2/22

Cheng, Christopher.  Will We Always Hold Hands?  K 9/15/22

Clarke, Maxine Beneba.  Fashionista: Fashion Your Feelings.  K 10/15/22

Cole, Henry.  Building.  BL 4/15/22

Cole, Henry. Forever Home: A Dog and Boy Love Story.  SLJ 7/22

Collier, Bryan.  Music is a Rainbow.  SLJ 6/22

Cooper, Desiree.  Nothing Special.  BL 10/15/22

Cooper, Kelly.  Midnight and Moon.  BL 2/15/22

Cordell, Matthew.  Cornbread & Poppy.  PW 11/29/21, BL 12/15/21

Cousins, Lucy.  A Good Place. SLJ 4/22

Crews, Nina.  I'm Not Small.  BL 3/1/22

Curato, Mike. Where is Bina Bear? PW 10/18/21

David-Sax, Pauline. Everything in It's Place: A Story of Books and Belonging. PW 5/23/22,  K 7/15/22

Deedy, Carmen Agra.  Wombat Said Come In.  K 8/1/22

deGroat, Diane.  The Adventures of Robo-Kid.  K 5/15/22

de la Pena, Matt.  Patchwork. K 7/1/22

de Regil, Tania. Something About Grandma. PW 9/26/22

de Seve, Randall. This Story is not About a Kitten. K 9/1/22

Denise, Christopher.  Knight Owl.  BL 3/15/22

DeNoya, Lee.  The Girl Who Wrote Her Own Fairytale.  BL 2/15/22

Derby, Cindy.  Blurp's Book of Manners.  K 10/15/22, PW 10/17/22

Donovan, Sam & Kristen Wixted.  Miss Rita, Mystery Reader.  BL 5/1/22

Dorleans, Marie. Our Fort. PW 2/21/22

Dubuc, Marianne. On Baba's Back. PW 10/18/21

Duncan, Alice Faye.  Opal Lee and What It Means to Be Free.  BL 9/15/21

Duncan, Alice Faye.  Yellow Dog Blues.  BL 8/22, K 8/15/22

Eady, Antwan. Night and the Moon. PW 12/13/21

Edwards, Michelle.  Me and the Boss: A Story about Mending and Love.  BL 10/1/22, K 1j0/15/22

Emberley, Michael.  I Did It!  K 8/15/22

Emily, Rachel. In You I See: A Story that Celebrates the Beauty Within.  SLJ 2/22

Ericson, Nora.  Too Early. K 9/15/22, PW 10/10/22

Evans, Gabriel.  Norton and the Bear.  BL 3/15/22

Evans, Rebecca.  Alone Like Me.  K 2/15/22

Faber, Polly. Through the North Pole Snow. PW 9/12/22

Fagan, Cary. Boney. PW 8/15/22

Falatko, Julie. Rick the Rock of Room 214. PW 6/27/22

Falconer, Ian. Two Dogs. PW 3/28/22, K 4/15/22

Ferneyhough, Liza. Nana, Nenek & Nina. PW 7/4/22

Fleming, Meg. Rock That Vote. PW 10/10/22

Flores, Feather. The Twelve Cats of Christmas. PW 9/12/22

Fogliano, Julie.  I Don't Care. K 7/15/22, BL 9/1/22

Fong, Pam.  Once upon a Forest.  BL 1/1-15/22

Fong, Pam.  A Spark in the Dark.  BL 10/1/22

Ford, Bernette.  Uncle John's City Garden.  BL 5/1/22

Forler, Nan. Rodney Was a Tortoise. PW 12/6/21, BL 2/1/22

Forsythe, Matthew. Mina. BCCB 12/21, BL 1/1-15/22, HB 1 - 2/22

Foxell,  Imogen.  Maybe You Might.  K 8/15/22

Fraillon, Zana.  The Curiosities.  K 5/15/22, SLJ 7/22

Freedman, Deborah.  Tiny Dino.  BL 3/1/22, PW 8/29/22

Gehl, Laura.  Apple and Magnolia.  K 12/1/21

Geron, Eric. Bye, Bye, Binary. PW 9/5/22

Gianferrari, Maria. Being a Dog: A Tail of Mindfulness. SLJ 5/22

Giddens, Rhiannon.  Build a House. K 7/1/22

Gilmore, Sophie. The Sea in the Way. PW 7/18/22, K 9/1/22

Giovanni, Nikki.  A Library.  BL 9/15/22

Goade, Michaela.  Berry Song.  K 2/15/22, PW 4/11/22, BL 5/15/22, SLJ 7/22

Goldstone, Bruce.  Zero Zebras: A Counting Book About What's Not There.  K 8/15/22

Gomez, Blanca. Dress-Up Day. PW 1/10/22, SLJ 3/22

Gonzalez, Karina Nicole.  The Coquies Still Sing.  K 8/1/22, PW 9/26/22

Goodale, E.B., Also  SLJ 12/21, PW 6/6/22

Gopal, Jyoati Rajan.  American Delsl.  SLJ 7/22

Gopal, Jyoati Rajan.  My Paati's Saris.  SLJ 9/22, PW 9/26/22

Gourley, Kashelle.  I'm Not Missing.  BL 5/1/22

Graham, Bob.  Jigsaw: Mystery in the Mall.  K 5/1/22

Grant, Shauntay.  My Fade is Fresh.  SLJ 9/22, K 9/15/22, PW 10/10/22, BL 11/1-15/22

Greanias, Margaret Chiu.  Amah Faraway.  SLJ 12/21

Greendeer, Danielle and others.  Keepunumuk: Weeachumun's Thanksgiving Story.  BL 9/15/22

Greenwood, Sara.  My Brother Is Away.  BL 10/1/22

Grimes, Nikki.  Playtime for Restless Rascals.  K 8/1/22

Guridi, Raul Nieto. It's So Difficult. PW 4/11/22

Hahn, Sabina.  Pineapple Princess.  BL 5/1/22

Hare, John. Field Trip to Volcano Island.  SLJ 4/22

Harper, Charise Mericle.  I Cannot Draw a Horse.  BL 9/1/22

Harrison, Hannah.Poopsie Gets Lost. SLJ 5/22

Heder, Thyra. Sal Boat (A Boat by Sal). PW 6/27/22, BL 8/22

Hemingway, Edward.  Pigeon & Cat.  SLJ 7/22

Heti, Sheila.  A Garden of Creatures.  BL 6/1-15/22

Higgins, Carter.  Big and Small and In-Between.  SLJ 4/22

Hodgkinson, Leigh. Martha Maps it Out. BL 7/22

Howden, Sarah. The Tunnel. BCCB 2/22

Howell-Baptiste, Kirby.  Little Black Girl: Oh, the Things You Can Do! SLJ 8/22

Hrab, Naseem. How to Party Like a Snail. PW 10/31/22

Hunter, Anne. Baby Squeaks. PW 3/21/22

Hurston, Zona Neale. Magnolia Flower. K 8/1/22, PW 8/1/22

Hussain, Nadiya. Today I'm Strong. BCCB 5/22

Ignatow, Amy. Symphony for a Broken Orchestra. K 7/1/22, PW 10/3/22

Impala.  Lola Loves Animals. SLJ 3/22

Isern, Susanna.  Zorro dice mentiras.  SLJ 3/22

Iwai, Melissa.  Gigi and Ojiji.  BL 3/1/22

John, Jory. This Book Will Get You to Sleep! PW 3/7/22

Johnson, Dinah.  H is for Harlem. K 5/15/22, SLJ 7/22, PW 9/26/22

Johnson, Dinah.  Indigo Dreaming.  K 10/15/22

Kamanda, Ali. Black Boy, Black Boy.  SLJ 8/22

Katstaller, Rachel.  Skater Cielo.  K 6/15/22, PW 10/3/22

Kazemi, Nahid.  Shahrzad and the Angry King.  K 11/1/21

Kahn, Naaz. Room For Everyone. HB 1 -2/22

Kerascoet. I Forgive Alex: A Simple Story About Understanding.  SLJ 7/22

Kilgore, Emily.  The Christmas Book Flood.  K 9/1/22

Kim, Jihyun.  The Depth of the Lake and the Height of the Sky.  BL 4/1/22, K 5/15/22, SLJ 5/22

Kjolstadmyr, Inger Marie.  The Bird Coat. K 10/15/22

Kline, Logan S. Finding Fire. PW 7/18/22

Kosinski, Colleen Rowan.  Love Made Me More.  SLJ 9/22

Kraegel, Kenneth.  Mushroom Lullaby. K 7/1/22, PW 8/15/22, BL 9/1/22

LaCour, Nina.  Mama and Mommy and Me in the Middle.  BL 2/1/22, PW 5/2/22

Lai, Thanhha. .Hundred Years of Happiness.  SLJ 4/22, PW 5/30/22

Lainez, Rene Colato.  Let's Be Friends/Seamos amigos.  BL 2/1/22

Lam, Thao.  The Line in the Sand.  K 8/1/22, SLJ 9/22

LaRocca, Rajani. I'll Go and Come Back. PW 1/31/22

Lawson, Jonarno. A Day for Sandcastles. PW 2/21/22, BCCB 3/22, K 3/15/22, BL 5/1/22

Lehman, Barbara. Little Red and the Cat Who Loved Cake. HB 1 - 2/22

Lehrhaupt, Adam.  There Was a Hole.  BL 4/15/22

Levis, Caron.  Feathers Together.  K 8/15/22, PW 9/19/22

Lim, Hope.  Mommy's Hometown.  K 4/15/22, PW 5/2/22

Lin, Grace.  Once upon a Book.  BL 11/1-15/22

Lippert, Tonya.  Home.  BL 2/15/22

Lloyd-Jones, Sally. Tiny Cedric. PW 12/20/21

Lo, Richard.  After the Moonrise.  SLJ 8/22

Loring Fisher, Jo.  Wolf Girl.  SLJ 12/21

Lyall, Casey.  A  Spoonful of Frogs.  BL 6/1-15/22, HB 9-10/22

Lyons, Kally Starling.  My Hands Tell a Story.  SLJ 4/22, PW 5/30/22

MacLeod, Mr. & Mrs.  How to Eat a Book.  SLJ 9/22

MacLachlan, Patricia. Snow Horses: A First Night Story. K 9/1/22, PW 10/3/22, BL 11/1-15/22

Majewski, Marc.  Butterfly Child.  BL 11/1-15/22

Malbrough, Mike.  Love is Here.  K 12/1/21

Mancillas, Monica.  Mariana and Her Family.  BL 10/1/22

Manoli, Costantia.  Tomatoes in my Lunchbox.  K 4/15/22, PW 10/31/22

Manushkin, Fran. Latkes and Applesauce: A Hanukkah Story.  K 9/1/22

Marcero, Deborah.  Out of a Jar. SLJ 2/21

Martin, Jr., Bill. and Michael Sampson. Armadillo Antics. PW 2/7/22

Maruno, Jennifer. While You Sleep  K 10/15/22

Maynor, Megan.  Not Enough Lollipops.  K 12/1/21

Mayper, Monica.  Night on the Sand. K 9/15/22

McAnulty, Stacy. Our Planet! There's No Place Like Earth. SLJ 5/22

McGinty, Alice B. Bathe the Cat. HB 1 -2/22

Meddour, Wendy.  Tisha and the Blossoms. SLJ 4/22

Medina, Juana.  I Feel!: A Book of Emotions.  SLJ 9/22

Meganck, Margaux. People Are Wild. PW 6/6/22

Mello, Roger.  Joao By a Thread.  K 10/1/22

Menendez, Juliet.  Dream with the/Sueno con las Latinitas.  BL 9/1/22

Meserve, Jessica.  Beyond the Burrow.  BL 3/15/22

Miller, Pat Zietlow. See You Someday Soon. K 5/1/22

Moahloli, Refiloe.  I Am You: A Book About Ubuntu. SLJ 12/21.

Moore, David Barclay.  Carrimebac, the Town that Walked.  SLJ 5/22

Moore, Katrina. Sometimes Love. BL 7/22

Morgan, Sally. Little Bird's Day. HB 1 - 2/22

Monsen, Avery. Chester van Crime Who Forgot How to Rhyme. PW 1/24/22

Morpugo, Michael.  Flying Scotsman and the Best Birthday Ever.  BL 11/1-15/22

Morrison, Frank. Kick Push. PW 11/1/21

Morrison, Nora & Jessie Ann Foley.  Agatha May and the Angelfish. SLJ 9/22, BL 11/1-15/22

Mountford, Karl James.  The Circles in the Sky.  K 7/15/22

Muller, Gerda. Whose Footprints Are These? PW 9/19/22

Murguia, Bethanie Deeney.  What's Your Name?  K 10/1/22, PW 10/10/22

Muth, Felicity.  Am I Even a Bee?  BL 3/1/22

Nainy, Mamta.  Rainbow Hands.  BL 3/15/22

Neilson, Emily.  The Rainbow Parade.  K 2/1/22, BL 5/1/22, PW 6/20/22

Nepveu-Villeneuve, Maude.  Olivia Wrapped in Vines. SLJ 12/21

Neruda, Pablo.  Book of Questions.  SLJ 12/21

Newman, Patricia. A River's Gifts: The Mighty Elwha River Reborn.  K 8/15/22

Njie, Haddy.  A Dream for Every Season. K 9/1/22

Noel, Jack.  Skater Baby.  BL 2/1/22

Nontsbokweni, Sihle-isipho.  Wanda the Brave.  BL 8/22, K 9/1/22

Obuobi, Laura.  Black Gold. K 9/1/22

Pa, Mikolaj.  Van  Dog.  BL 10/15/22

Palmer, Charly. The Legend of Gravity: A Tall Basketball Tale. HB 1 - 2/22

Paquette, Ammi-Joan. All From a Walnut. PW 1/3/22

Park, Hyunmin.  So Much Snow. K 8/15/22

Paul, Baptiste.  Climb On!  BL 1/1-15/22

Perdomo, Juliana.  Sometimes, All I Need Is Me.  BL 4/1/22

Petty, Dev. How Old is Mr. Tortoise? PW 4/25/22

Pinfold, Levi.  Paradise Sands. K 8/1/22, HB 11/22

Pinkney, Andrea Davis. Bright Brown Baby. PW 11/29/21

Pinkwater, Daniel.  Kat Hats.  BL 1/1-15/22

Pintadera, Fran. Madani's Best Game HB 9/22

Ponti, Claude. Blaze and the Castle Cake for Bertha Daye. PW 3/28/22

Powers, Andie.  I Am Quiet: A Story for the Introvert in All of Us.  BL 4/15/22

Preus, Margi.  Lily Leads the Way. K 3/15/22

Price, Kathy Z. Mardi Gras Almost Didn't Come This Year. PW 12/20/21, BL 1/1-15/22

Pumphrey, Jerome and Jarrett. It's a Sign! PW 3/7/22

Pumphery Jerome and Jarrett.  Somewhere in the Bayou. SLJ 4/22

Ramos, NoNieqa.  Beauty Woke.  BL 1/1-15/22, K 12/1/21

Raul the Third, My Nap, Mi Siesta: A Coco Rocho Book.  SLJ 3/22

Raul the Third. My Party. Mi Fiesta: A Coco Rocho Book.  SLJ 3/22

Rex, Adam. Digestion! The Musical. PW 9/19/22

Reynolds, Aaron.  Creepy Crayon!  K 6/15/22

Rhee, Helena Ku.  Rosa's Song.  BL 5/15/22

Rich, Simon.  I'm Terrified of Bath Time.  BL 3/15/22

Riddiough, Lisa Frenkel. Letters to Live By: An Alphabet Book with Intention.  SLJ 2/22

Robert, Nadine. Clover. PW 7/18/22

Rocco, Hayley.  How to Send a Hug. K 10/1/22, BL 11/1-15/22

Rodman, Mary Ann.  Wibble Wobble BOOM!  BL 9/1/22

Roeder, Vanessa.  The Stack. SLJ 12/21

Rose, Tiffany.  Dear Reader: A Love Letter to Libraries.  K 12/1/21

Ruzzier, Sergio.  No! Said Custard the Squirrel. K 7/15/22, PW 7/25/22

Sainte-Marie, Buffy.  Still This Love Goes On.  K 8/1/22, HB 11/22

Salati, Doug. Hot Dog. PW 2/14/22, K 9/15/22, HB 11/22

Sanchez, Jenny Tores.  Con mucho amor.  BL 2/1/22

Sanford, Adaiah. The Legend of the Spirit Serpent.  K 3/15/22

Santana Camargo, Sebastian.  My Uncle is Coming Tomorrow. K 8/15/22

Sarda, Julia.  The Queen in the Cave.  BL 3/15/22

Savage, Stephen. Moonlight. PW 5/30/22

Scanlon, Liz Garton. Frances in the Country. PW 4/25/22

Scanlon, Liz Garton. Would You Come Too? PW 6/6/22

Schu, John.  This Is a School.  BL 2/15/22

Schubert, Leda. Firsts & Lasts: The Changing Seasons. BCCB 3/22

Schwartz, Howard.  All You Need.  SLJ 5/22

Scieszka, Jon.  The Real Dada Mother Goose: A Treasury of Complete Nonsense.  PW 8/8/22, BL 9/1/22

Shannon, David.  Gold!  BL 9/1/22

Shapiro, Esme.  My Self, Your Self.  K 10/1/22, PW 10/31/22

Shrinivasan, Divya.  Little Owl's Love.  SLJ 9/22

Shum, Benson. Anzu the Great Kaiju.  SLJ 2/22

Singer, Marilyn.  Dog Says, Cat Says.  BL 2/1/22

Sirdeshpande, Rashmi.  Dadaji's Paintbrush. SLJ 6/22

Skomsvold, Kjersti Annesdatter.  Bedtime for Bo.  K 10/15/22

Smith, Lane   A Gift for Nana.  K 2/15/22, PW 5/30/22

Snider, Grant. One Boy Watching. PW 5/2/22

Snyder, Laurel.  Endlessly Ever After: Pick Your Path to Countless Fairy Tale Endings! SLJ 5/22

Soontornvat, Christina. To Change a Planet.  K 7/15/22

Sorelli, Traci. Powwow Day. PW 12/20/21, K 12/15/21, SLJ 4/22

Sorosiak, Calie.  Everywhere with You.  BL 4/15/22

Spillett-Summer, Tasha.  Beautiful You, Beautiful Me.  K 9/15/22

Stead, Philip. Every Dog in the Neighborhood.  SLJ 6/22

Stead, Philip.  I'd Like to Be the Window for a Wise Old Dog.  BL 4/15/22

Stead, Philip. The Sun is Late and So Is the Farmer.  K 8/1/22, BL 9/1/22

Stein, David Ezra. Don't Worry, Murray. PW 4/4/22

Sterling, Holly.  Ballet Kids.  K 10/1/22

Sundin, David.  The Book That Did Not Want to Be Read.  BL 12/1/21

Tarnowska, Wafa.  Nour's Secret Library. SLJ 2/22

Taylor III, Theodore.  Off the Wall. K 9/1/22, HB 11/22

Theodore, Adrea. A History of Me. SLJ 2/22

Thompkins-Bigelow, Jamilah.  Abdul's Story.  BL 3/15/22

Thompkins-Bigelow, Jamilah. Hold Them Close: A Love Letter to Black Children. PW 9/19/22

Tokuda-Hall, Maggie.  Love in the Library.  PW 11/29/21, BL 12/1/21, SLJ 12/21

Tomlinson, Rachel.  A Blue Kind of Day.  K 2/15/22

Tonatiuh, Duncan. A Land of Books: Dreams of Young Mexihcah Word Painters. PW 10/17/22

Torres, Jennifer.  Lola Out Loud: Inspired by the Childhood of Activist Dolores Huerta.  SLJ 7/22

Torres, Julio. I Want to Be a Vase. PW 4/18/22

Underwood, Deborah.  Walter Had a Best Friend.  K 7/1/22, PW 8/15/22

Vail, Rachel.  Sometimes I Grumblesquinch.  SLJ 7/22

Van, Muon Thi.  I Love You Because I Love You.  SLJ 4/22

Van Dusen, Chris. Big Truck, Little Island. PW 2/21/22, K 5/15/22

Verde, Susan.  Tortoise and Hare: A Fairy Tale to Help You Find Balance.  BL 4/15/22

Vo, Young.  Gibberish.  BL 2/1/22

Walstead, Alice. How to Catch a Witch.  SLJ 6/22

Wang, Andrea.  Luli and the Language of Tea.  BL 3/1/22

Watts, Bernadette.  Varenka.  SLJ 6/22

Weatherford, Carole Boston. Grandma and Me. SLJ 4/22

Weatherford, Carole Boston.  Me and the Family Tree.  BL 9/1/22

Weatherford, Carole Boston.  Standing in the Need of Prayer: A Modern Retelling of the Classic Spiritual.  BL 9/1/22, K 9/1/22, PW 10/3/22

Weill, Cynthia. Vamanos: Mexican Folk Art Transport in English and Spanish.  K 8/1/22

White, Dianne.  Dark on Light. K 9/15/22, PW 10/24/22

White, Paula. The Baker by the Sea. PW 10/17/22

Wilder, Derick. Does A Bulldozer Have a Butt? PW 2/21/22

Willems, Mo.  The Pigeon Will Ride the Roller Coaster!  BL 9/1/22

Williams, Alicia D.  The Talk. K 8/15/22, PW 8/29/22

Williams, Margery.  The Velveteen Rabbit.  BL 4/15/22

Williams, Tyus D. Big Cats: What Do Lions, Tigers, and Panthers Get Up To All Day?  K 4/15/22

Wilson, Ciara.  Why Not You? SLJ 3/22

Wolf, Allan. The Blanket Where Violet Sits. PW 8/15/22

Wong-Kalu, Hinaleimoana, Dean.  Kapaemahu.  K 4/1/22, SLJ 8/22

Woodard, Bellen. More Than Peach.  SLJ 7/22

Woodson, Jacqueline. The World Belonged to Us. PW 3/14/22, K 4/15/22

Woodson, Jacqueline.  The Year We Learned to Fly. PW 11/15/21, BL 12/1/21, K 2/15/22, BL 5/1/22

Wu, Helen.  Tofu Takes Time. SLJ 5/22

Yang, James. Go Sled! Go!  SLJ 9/22

Yoshitake, Shinsuke.  I Won't Give Up My Rubber Band. K 5/1/22

Young, Vo.  Gibberish.  K 4/15/22

Youngblood, Shay.  Mama's Home.  K 9/15/22

Yvette, Latonya.  The Hair Book.  SLJ 3/22

Zimmerman, Andrea. Firefighter Flo!. PW 10/17/22


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  1. In identifying a “distinguished American picture book for children,” defined as illustration, committee members need to consider:
    1. Excellence of execution in the artistic technique employed;
    2. Excellence of pictorial interpretation of story, theme, or concept;
    3. Appropriateness of style of illustration to the story, theme or concept;
    4. Delineation of plot, theme, characters, setting, mood or information through the pictures;
    5. Excellence of presentation in recognition of a child audience.
  2. The only limitation to graphic form is that the form must be one which may be used in a picture book. The book must be a self-contained entity, not dependent on other media (i.e., sound, film or computer program) for its enjoyment.
  3. Each book is to be considered as a picture book. The committee is to make its decision primarily on the illustration, but other components of a book are to be considered especially when they make a book less effective as a children’s picture book. Such other components might include the written text, the overall design of the book, etc.

Note: The committee should keep in mind that the award is for distinguished illustrations in a picture book and for excellence of pictorial presentation for children. The award is not for didactic intent or for popularity.