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LARC Mocks: 2024 Non-Fiction

Working list of starred reviews to be considered for the Mock Caldecott and Newbery Award

2024 Non-Fiction

Albee, Sarah.  The Painter and the President: Gilbert Stuart's Brush with George Washington.  K 5/15/24

Anderson, Beth.  Thomas Jefferson's Battle for Science: Bias, Truth, and a Mighty Moose.  K 5/1/24

Anderson, Ferin Davis & Stephanie Sammartino McPherson.  Wildfire: The Culture, Science, and Future of Fire.  BL 4/1/24

Bajramovic, Hana.  Whose Right Is It?  The Fourteenth Amendment and the Fight for Equality.  BL 5/15/24

Baker-Smith, Grahame.  The Ever-Changing Earth.  K 5/15/24

Balis, Andrea.  Witch Hunt: The Cold War, Joe McCarthy and the Red Scare.  K 2/15/24, BL 3/1/24

Barone, Rebecca.  Mountain of Fire: The Eruption and Survivors of Mount St.Helens.  K 4/1/24

Bausum, Ann.  The Bard and the Book: How the First Folio Saved the Plays of William Shakespeare from Oblivion.  BL 1/1-15/24, PW 1/29/24

Bell, Cece.  Animal Albums from A to Z.  K 1/1/24

Bolling, Valerie.  I See Color.  K 4/15/24

Booth, Leslie Barnard.  One Day This Tree Will Fall.  K 1/1/24

Boughton, Simon.  The Wild River and the Great Dam: The Construction of the Hoover Dam and the Vanishing Colorado River.  BL 3/1/24

Broyles, Anne.  I'm Gonna Paint: Ralph Fasanella, Artist of the People.  SLJ 12/23

Brunelle, Lynn.  Life After Whale: The Amazing Ecosystem of a Whale Fall.  K 4/1/24, BL 4/1/24

Carson, Rachel. Something About the Sky. PW 1/8/24

Cerullo, Mary M. Tiny Titans:The Big Story of Plankton. K 5/15/24

Clarkson, Giselle.  The Observologist: A Handbook for Mounting Very Small Scientific Expeditions.  K 12/15/23, SLJ 1/24

Cline-Ransome, Lesa.  Fighting with Love: The Legacy of John Lewis.  BL 11/1-11/15/23, PW 11/20/23, K 11/15/23

Cole, Kamilah. So Let Them Burn. PW 10/23/23

Compestine, Ying Chang. Growing Up Under a Red Flag: A Memoir of Surviving the Chinese Cultural Revolution. PW 3/18/24

Cooke, Pan.  Puzzled: A Memoir of Growing Up with OCD.  BL 2/1/12024

Crowder, Melanie & Megan Benedict.  Great Gusts: Winds of the World and the Science behind Them.  BL 3/1/24

Cusick, Dawn.  The Astrochimps: America's First Astronauts.  K 12/1/23, BL 2/1/12024

Dave, Raksha.  Lessons From Our Ancestors: Uncovering Ancient World Wisdom.  K 5/15/24

Day, Nicholas.  Nothing: John Cage and 4'33".  BL 2/1/12024

Donnelly, Rebecca. Survival of the Fittest.  K 2/15/24

Dussutour, Alice.  Born a Girl: It Takes Courage.  BL 2/1/12024

Emill, Jumata. Wander in the Dark. PW 10/23/23

Fadeeva, Olga.  Water: Discovering the Precious Resource All around Us.  BL 3/1/24

Finan, Sarah.  What We Wear When We Take Care.  K 4/15/24

Fleming, Candace.  The Enigma Girls: How Ten Teenagers Broke Ciphers, Kept Secrets, and Helped Win World War ii.  K 1/15/24, BL 2/1/12024

Forster, Miriam.  Bugs: A Skittery, Jittery History.  K 12/15/23

Frankel, Erin.  A Plate of Hope: The Inspiring Story of Chef Jose Andres and World Central Kitchen.  K 12/1/23

Freedman, Deborah.  Partly Cloudy.  K 1/1/24

Gall, Chris.  Dive! The Story of Breathing Underwater.  BL 3/1/24

Ganz-Schmitt, Sue. Skybound: Starring Mary Myers as Carlotta, Daredevil Aeronaut and Scientist. K 3/15/24

Gibbs, Shawnee and Shawnelle. Ghost Roast. PW 10/23/23

Golio, Gary.  Everywhere Beauty is Harlem: The Vision of Photographer Roy DeCarava.  K 11/1/23, PW 11/20/23

Heos, Bridget.  Gardening: The Definitive Interactive Nature Guide.  K 4/1/24

Hevron, Amy.  City of Leafcutter Ants: A Sustainable Society of Millions.  BL 5/15/24, K 5/1/24

Ho, Joanna.  We Who Produce Pearls: An Anthem for Asian/America.  K 4/15/24

Hocker, Katherine.  I Was:The Stories of Animal Skulls.  K 2/15/24

Hoelzel, Philip.  Planting Hope: A Portrait of Photographer Sebastiao Salgado.  BL 1/1-15/24

Hohn, Nadia L.  The Antiracist Kitchen: 21 Stories (and Recipes).  K 11/1/23

Hosler, Jay.  Ant Story.  K 1/1/24

Hoyt, Megan.  A Grand Idea: How William J. Wilgus Created Grand Central Terminal.  SLJ 1/24

Hurston, Zora Neale.  Barracoon: Adapted for Young Readers--The Story of the Last "Black Cargo."  BL 12/1-15/23, SLJ 2/24

Ixta, Carolina. Shut Up, This is Serious. PW 10/23/23

Jacob, Lucinda. I Am the Wind: Irish Poems for Children Everywhere. SLJ 1/24

Jones, Jennifer.  On the Line: My Story of Becoming the First African American Rockette.  SLJ 12/23

Keith, Jr., Tony.  How the Boogeyman Became a Poet.  BL 1/1-15/24

Kelkar, Supriya.  And Yet You Shine: The Kohinoor Diamond, Colonization, and Resistance.  BL 2/1/12024

Kheiriyeh, Rashin.  Rumi - Poet of Joy and Love.  K 1/1/24

King, Coretta Scott.  Coretta: The Autobiography of Mrs. Coretta Scott King.  K 11/1/23

Kolbert, Elizabeth.  The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History.  SLJ 1/24

Kuehnert, Stephanie.  Pieces of a Girl.  BL 2/15/24

Kunkel, Angela Burke.  World More Beautiful: The Life and Art of Barbara Cooney. K 5/15/24

Lamothe, Matt & Jenny Volvovski.  All about U.S.: A Look at the Lives of 50 Kids across the United States.  BL 5/15/24, K 5/15/24

Lapati, JoAnna.  Guts for Glory: The Story of Civil War Soldier Rosetta Wakeman.  K 12/1/23

Lee, Erika.  Made in Asian America: A History for Young People.  K 2/15/24

Leigh, Lindsey.  The Dark!  Wild Life in the Mysterious World of Caves.  BL 5/15/24

Leung, Julie.  Mr. Pei's Perfect Shapes: The Story of Architect I.M. Pei.  K 3/1/24

Lewis, Amanda West.  A Planet Is a Poem.  BL 5/1/24

Lord, Janet.  Crick, Crack, Crow! K 5/15/24

Mack, Jeff.  Time to Make Art.  K 11/1/23

Marrin, Albert.  When Forests Burn: The Story of Wildfire in America.  BL 1/1-15/24, K 1/1/24

Mason, Jenny.  Nervous System.  BL 4/1/24

McBride, Amber.  Poemhood: Our Black Revival: History, Folklore & the Black Experience: A Young Adult Poetry Anthology.  BL 2/15/24

McCormick, Patricia & Mevan Babakar.  The Bicycle: How an Act of Kindness Changed a Young Refugee's Life. BL 4/1/24

McDaniel, Breanna J.  Go Forth and Tell: The Life of Augusta Baker, Librarian and Master Storyteller.  BL 11/1-11/15/23, PW 11/20/23, K 12/1/23

McDonald, Megan.  Is This a House for a Hermit Crab?  BL 1/1-15/24

McIntyre, Rick & David A. Poulsen.  The Unlikely Hero: The Story of Wolf 8 (Young Readers' Edition).  BL 3/1/24

Meadows, Michelle. Jimmy's Rhythm & Blues: The Extraordinary Life of James Baldwin. PW 11/20/23

Montgomery, Heather L.  Sick!: The Twists and Turns Behind Animal Germs.  K 12/1/23

Montgomery, Sy.  Brave Baby Hummingbird.  BL 1/1-15/24, PW 2/19/24

Moore, Michael Boulware.  Freedom on the Sea: The True Story of the Civil War Hero Robert Smalls and His Daring Escape to Freedom.  BL 2/15/24, K 3/15/24

Moss, Marissa.  Spying on Spies: How Elilzabeth Smith Friedman Broke the Nazis' Secret Codes.  K 2/1/24

Nadel, Estelle. The Girl Who Sang: A Holocaust Memoir of Hope and Survival.  K 11/1/23

Nehanda, Walela. Bless the Blood. PW 11/20/23, BL 1/1-15/24

Nelson, Vaunda Micheaux.  Small Shoes, Great Strides: How Three Brave Girls Opened Doors to School Equality. SLJ 1/24

Neri, G.  My Antarctica: True Adventures in the Land of Mummified Seals, Space Robots, and So Much More.  K 1/1/24, BL 2/15/24

Nickum, Nora.  This Book is Full of Holes: From Underground to Outer Space and Everywhere in Between.  K 1/15/24

Ogle, Rex. Road Home. PW 2/12/24

Patel, Sajni. A Drop of Venom. PW 10/23/23

Penas, Rob.  Pedro's Yo-Yos: How a Filipino Immigrant Came to America and Changed the World of Toys.  K 2/1/24

Pew, Kailei.  Kid-Ventors: 35 Real KIds and Their Amazing Inventions.  SLJ 3/24

Plan, Melody Sumaoang.  Inside the Compost Bin.  K 5/15/24

Polak, Monique.  Remember This: The Fascinating World of Memory.  SLJ 2/24

Ramos, NoNieqa.  Best Believe: The Tres Hermanas, a Sisterhood for the Common Good.  BL 1/1-15/24

Robbins, Dean.  The Fastest Drummer: Clap Your Hands for Viola Smith.  K 2/1/24

Robinson, Lisa.  Gifts from Georgia's Garden: How Georgia O'Keefe Nourished Her Art.  BL 1/1-15/24, K 1/1/24

Rockliff, Mara.  Signs of Hope: The Revolutionary Art of Sister Corita Kent.  BL 4/1/24

Rosenstock, Barb.  The Great Lakes: Our Freshwater Treasure.  BL 3/1/24

Roth, Jonathan.  Almost Underwear: How a Piece of Cloth Traveled from Kitty Hawk to the Moon and Mars.  BL 5/1/24, K 5/15/24

Rubin, Sean.  The Iguanodon's Horn: How Artists and Scientists Put a Dinosaur Back Together Again and Again and Again.  K 1/1/24, BL 2/1/12024

Safina, Carl. Owls in Our Yard!  The Story of Alfie.  BL 3/1/24

Sanchez Vegara, Maria Isabel.  Tenzing Norgay. SLJ 2/24

Santos, Victor D.O. What Makes Us Human. SLJ 2/24

Sass, A.J. Just Shy of Ordinary. PW 10/23/23

Silver, Erin. Mighty Scared: The Amazing Ways Animals Defend Themselves.  SLJ 2/24

Simler, Isabelle.  Home.  BL 1/1-15/24

Singleton, Chris & Ryan G. Van Cleave.  Chadwick Boseman, King of Wakanda: A Hero On and Off the Screen.  BL 4/1/24

Stone, Tanya Lee.  Remembering Rosalind Franklin: Rosalind Franklin & the Discovery of the Double Helix Structure of DNA.  BL 12/1-15/23.

Stremer, Jessica.  Fire Escape: How Animals and Plants Survive Wildfires. K 4/1/24, BL 5/1/24

Sutherland, Krystal. The Invocations. PW 10/23/23

Sweeney, Linda Booth. Apart, Together: A Book About Transformation.  SLJ 12/23

Sweeney, Linda Booth. The Noisy Puddle: A Vernal Pool Through the Seasons.  K 3/1/24

Thiru, Dinesh. Into the Sunken City. PW 10/23/23

Towler, Paige.  How It Happened! Pizza: The Cool Stories and Facts Behind Every Slice.  SLJ 12/23

Troupe, Thomas Kingsley.  What Would Happen If You Only Ate Chocolate?  BL 4/1/24

Wang, Jin.  Born Naughty: My Childhood in China.  K 3/15/24, BL 4/1/24

Ward, Jennifer.  Sleepy: Surprising Ways Animals Snooze.  K 5/1/24

Weatherford, Carole Boston. A Crown of Stories: The Life and Language of Beloved Writer Toni Morrison. PW 1/22/24

Weatherford, Carole Boston.  Outspoken: Paul Robeson, Ahead of His Time: A One-Man Show.  BL 2/1/12024

Williams, Dinah Dunn.  Amazing Immortals: A Guide to Gods and Goddesses Around the World.  SLJ 2/24

Winter, Jonah.  Bird Rehearsal.  K 3/1/24

Woelfle, Gretchen.  How Benjamin Franklin Became a Revolutionary in Seven (Not-So-Easy) Steps.  K 12/1/23

Yang, Kao Kalia.  The Rock in My Throat.  BL 2/15/24

Yolen, Jane. In and Out the Window. SLJ 1/24

Yoo, Paula. Rising from the Ashes: Los Angeles, 1992. Edward Jae Song Lee, Latasha Harlins, Rodney King and a City on Fire. PW 4/22/24

York, Carly Anne.  Queens of the Jungle: Meet the Female Animals Who Rule the Animal Kingdom.  K 3/15/24

Yu, Pei-Yun.  The Boy from Clearwater: Book 2.  BL 2/1/12024