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A guide to selected historical documents, events, places, and other material focusing on Black History, Native Americans, and other racial minority populations in the Town of Warwick.

Historical Portraits & Photos

There are very few portraits of Warwick's persons of color in the local archives.  Here are a few that we have found--- unfortunately, they are not  yet identified.

These two portraits of Black American women were taken by photographer E. F. Still, circa 1890s-1910s.  From glass plate negatives, Joslyn Collection of the Warwick Historical Society archive (click on the portrait full lenth view to visit them at New York Heritage):

undefined Closeup:
undefined Closeup:

There area few  other photos and portraits in the archive of the Warwick Historical Society:











This section of a photo of Main St. during a 

World War I victory parade shows a group of

children who appear to be following along with

a  woman of color marching in the front parade--

perhaps their mother or other family member,

who served as a nurse or local support

committee member.

undefinedThese portraits of a

gardener working at

he F. C. Cary 

property on Main St.

near where the Post

Office is today are

also part of the

Joslyn collection, 

Warwick Historical


The large building in the rear is the old Wawayanda Hotel.

These photos are circa 1890-1920, before the library was


This portrait of John Finnegan -- likely John Finnegan of Greenwood Lake

  b.1881- d. 1942)was taken by Frank Welles and published as a postcard.  The

handwritten description indicates that Mr. Finnegan was bi-racial; we can guess

that he was of partly Native American heritage since studying and collecting

Indian culture and history was something Welles was intensely interested in.  We

speculate that in this portrait Welles celebrates and documents someone

of local Native American ancestry.



Greenwood Forest Farms

Notables and residents of Greenwood Forest Farms