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RCLS: ILS Services: RCLS Go

Minimum OS Standards: 6.13.2024

For the 24.06 release of RCLS Go, users on iOS 15.8.2 or earlier will be unable to update or download the app from the App Store. Those users should update their operating system to a supported version in order to get access to the app again. Users on Android 11 and earlier will receive a notice of our intent to stop updates to their app on the basis that their operating system has reached end-of-life.

Effective Date: 2024-06-19 (24.06 release)
New Minimum OS Requirements:
For Android users: Android 12
For iOS users: iOS 16


Alternative for those who cannot access RCLS Go:

The web version of Aspen Discovery is mobile responsive. It can be accessed from a phone's browser and provides much of the functionality of RCLS Go, including catalog searching, placing holds, paying fines, and displaying a digital barcode.

The URL for every catalog in our system can be found here: https://ramapo.aspendiscovery.org/MyAccount/SelectInterface

Users may wish to bookmark their library's catalog for easy access. These bookmarks can be placed directly on a user's home screen, emulating the quick access convenience of an app. Instructions for adding a bookmark on both major operating systems are below:

Bookmarking a Website on iOS (Safari): https://support.apple.com/guide/iphone/bookmark-favorite-webpages-iph42ab2f3a7/ios

Bookmarking a Website on Android (Chrome): https://support.google.com/pixelslate/answer/188842?hl=en&co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid


[Note: "RCLS Go" is the branding. Online Documentation will refer to the app as Aspen LiDA]

RCLS Go is now available on the App Store and Google Play

Login, searching, and account instructions can be found here on the Aspen Discovery Help dashboard.

Notably, patrons can produce a virtual barcode for scanning by clicking the Card option at the bottom of the screen.

Marketing materials for RCLS Go are available on the Marketing Services LibGuide.

A 60-minute staff training, provided by ByWater Solutions, is available on NicheAcademy.

Current Issues with RCLS Go

Below are issues that have been reported with RCLS Go. All information has been passed to the developers for testing and fixing.

Currently, there is a bug that prevents users from proceeding after initial setup if they don't consent to notifications. The app developers have provided this temporary workaround.  Resolved in v.24.03

Certain sorting options use internal names rather than human-friendly translations. Resolved in v.24.03

Filtering search results by format does not work on iOS. Resolved in v.24.04

On iOS, opening the fines page in the account drawer blocks other functions that require the in-app browser. The error can be resolved by closing and reopening the app. Resolved in v.24.04

iOS users have reported extra characters in some messages within RCLS Go. Most notably in the Holds Queue and in the PIN Reset message. Resolved in v.24.04

Android users cannot access some dropdown menus (selecting pickup location while placing a hold). Resolved in v.24.04

Creating a new list from search results does not immediately make the new list available for display. Logging out and in shows the new list.  Resolved in v.24.04

iOS users have reported delays when placing holds on specific editions of materials. Holds are placed successfully, but in some cases the UI does not update to show a success message.

Some users have reported an error message after using the app for a few minutes: "There was a problem retrieving your previous session. Please log in again."

Android users report app crashes when fetching results for certain browse categories. Fix pending in 24.05

Sorting holds by a datapoint other than Title results in cover images and title info becoming mismatched. Fix pending in 24.05

Frequently Asked Questions

I've linked an account, but the name associated with the linked account does not appear in the selection box or beneath the barcode.

In order for RCLS Go to pull the patron's name from the database and display it beneath the barcode, that person must have signed into either Aspen Discovery or RCLS Go at least once. If you manage a child account or a family member account, we recommend that you log into your library's public catalog or into RCLS Go using the linked account in order properly display the name.

Reporting Bugs

If you encounter a bug or an error within RCLS Go, please report it to Alex Carver (alex AT rcls.org). Along with a description of the issue, please also include your OS (iOS or Android) as well as the software version number. You can get this information directly from the RCLS Go app by clicking More -> Preferences -> Support. You can take a screenshot of this information to send along with your bug report.

Other screenshots or screen recordings are extra helpful.