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Spam Reporting Addresses in MessageBee

When patrons mark incoming emails from MessageBee as "Spam," or "Junk," they are automatically added to a no-send list. If no action is taken, MessageBee will not attempt to contact these patrons again. These email addresses are tagged with the "Spam Reporting Address" reason in your MessageBee reports dashboard. See an example below:


How To Resolve This Issue

If the patron wants to receive notifications via MessageBee, they must remove that spam marker. This process is dependent on what email provider they use. Typically, there will be a "Not Spam" or "Not Junk" button available while they view the original message sent from MessageBee. They may also need to add the sending address [webmaster@rcls.org] to their contact list. Below are some links to major email provider support articles with instructions for unmarking spam:

Google (Gmail)
Apple (iCloud)
Microsoft (Outlook)

Final Step

Once the patron has followed the steps above, MessageBee Administrators or RCLS Staff can open a support ticket and request that the email be removed from the no-send list.

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