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RCLS: ILS Services: Koha Practice Scenerios

Practice Scenerios

Search for The Nightingale.

Refine search to Author: Kristin Hannah.

Limit to currently available items.

Review bib record and item information.

Mark a copy as missing. If multiple items at your location, check one out to your patron. If not, place a hold for your patron.

Your patron needs a new password.

Place a hold for them on the April 1-7 issue of The Economist Magazine (or another magazine).

Renew anything they have checked out.

Your patron doesn’t have their card.

Find their account.

Check something out to your patron.

The patron reports that they lost the item.

Pay the lost item charge.

Change item status to lost and paid for.

Update their phone number.

Your patron is going on vacation.

They need to suspend their holds and renew some checkouts.

Change their messaging preferences so they get hold notices by text.

Check items out to your patron if needed.

Make an item claims returned.

Update their email address.

Check the item in and resolve the claim as if it were found days later in the staff work room.

Your patron returns a book on puppy training chewed beyond repair. It belongs to a different library. Check something out if needed. Mark item damaged and transfer to owning library.

Add a  message of some kind to the account.