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RCLS: ILS Services: MobileStaff (MobileCirc)


MobileStaff (formerly MobileCirc) is an app for iOS and Android devices that supports certain patron and item transactions that are typically performed in WorkFlows or SymphonyWeb. The following table lists some features and limitations:

In MobileStaff, You Can In MobileStaff, You Cannot
Check items in and out Place Holds
Renew items Pay Bills
Add user records Add Titles
Manage holds and generate a “holds pull list” Mark Items Missing or Lost
Inventory an item Bookdrop Discharge
Work Offline Fine Free Discharge


Recommended Equipment

MobileStaff supports Bluetooth barcode scanners and receipt printers. If you wish to purchase these accessories for your library, the products listed here have been tested and proven to work with devices running MobileStaff. 

SocketMobile s740 Barcode Scanner   ($329)

SocketMobile Durascan D740   ($429)
Star SM-T300i  Mobile Printer  ($409)
The Samsung Galaxy S8 tablets do not ship with a charging brick. They can be charged with any charger that outputs between 25 and 65 watts through USB Type C.  This is a link to the official charger from Samsung, though cheaper alternatives can certainly be found at Amazon or other online retailers:

Mobile Staff Offline Mode

If access to Symphony server is unavailable, MobileStaff has an Offline mode that enables staff to complete the following tasks.

  • Check items out
  • Renew by item
  • Mark items as used in-house
  • Inventory items
  • Add (but not modify) users.

To login to Offline mode, tap “Work Offline” on the login screen. Note: You cannot work in Offline mode until you have logged into a live session of MobileStaff at least once. 

Once your connection to the server is available again, log back into MobileStaff regularly (online) and tap Offline in the left navigation followed by the “Upload Offline Transactions” button.

Discharging While Offline

While MobileStaff's Offline mode offers the capability of checking in items, this still presents the same circulation problems that affect WorkFlows offline mode. Namely, that transit and hold slips do not print while working in this mode. This can create a scenario where materials from other libraries accidentally end up sitting on your shelves, or where holds are not properly captured for the next patron in line.

In light of this, we still recommend waiting for the connection to Symphony to be restored before discharging items.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Setup Tips

Your tablet may arrive with a residual charge, but it's best to fully charge the tablet before beginning setup. Charge it using the included cable. If you don't have a charging brick, you can charge it using a computer USB port, though this may be slower.

Power on the device by holding the power button for a few seconds. Agree to the Samsung terms and then connect to a WiFi network.

A Google Account is REQUIRED in order to download apps from the App Store, including MobileStaff. If your library already has a Google account (for a YouTube channel, Google Analytics, etc.) you can use that one. Otherwise, create a new one. We do not recommend using your personal Google account. The tablet will sync your private data, including photos and web browsing history which will then be accessible by anyone using the tablet.

During setup, the tablet will ask for a slew of permissions--location settings, wifi scanning settings, data diagnostic settings, personalization settings. None of these are required for MobileStaff and we recommend you turn them off.

After confirming your Google Account, the tablet will ask you to sign into a Samsung Account. This is a separate, completely optional account. You can skip this, and we recommend that you do so.

Open the Google Play Store. Search for "MobileStaff." Look for the following icon:

Press install.

The store will ask you to sign an agreement for the Google Play store terms. You must accept these terms to continue. Soon after it will prompt you to enter payment information. This is not necessary. Though the interface doesn't make it clear, you can skip this step and still download free apps.

Downloading the MobileStaff App may be delayed as the tablet updates the pre-installed apps.

During setup, you may get a notification (pull down from the top of the screen to see notifications) that the tablet has detected the SPen that comes packaged with the tablet. Tap this notification to be taken to the pen setup screen. Attach the S Pen to the back of the tablet on the shiny black stripe beneath the camera with the tip facing up. It is magnetized so it should click into place.

Once MobileStaff has downloaded, you can open the app and it will take you to the setup screen. Here, you will enter the license key and Activation URL.

If the activation is successful, it will prompt you to select an institution. Using the dropdown list, find and select the name of your library.

Login with your library's "nnnCIRC" user, the same username and password typically used when logging into WorkFlows. MobileStaff is now ready to use.

Borrowing MobileStaff Units

Procedures for Borrowing MobileStaff Kits

1. Three MobileStaff Kits will be stored in the Business Office supply room when not in use. A sign out sheet is available for in-house use (note: check with Eileen for availability).

2. Upon borrowing a Kit a library assumes responsibility for all items included in the Kit in the event of damage or loss. The member library assumes the following responsibilities when borrowing a Kit:
     a. the replacement cost of any and all items damaged or lost;
     b. using WiFi, when available, to avoid overages on the Verizon Data Plan associated with the Kits;
     c. payment for any excessive usage of the Data Plan provided, as determined by the RCLS Executive Director; and
     d. recharging all items in the Kit before returning the Kit to RCLS, on or before the due date.

3. The lending period for a Kit is one (1) week. A one (1) week renewal may be granted if there is a Kit available. If required and there is a Kit available a second one (1) week renewal may be granted.

4. To borrow one of the Kits a member library must contact Eileen Acosta, Communications Assistant, by telephone (845-243-3747 ext. 221) or e-mail (eacosta@rcls.org).
     a. She will verify that a Kit is available for the time period requested and schedule the loan.
     b. At the appropriate time she will place a hold on the Kit on behalf of the library, change the Kit’s status to “in transit” and put it into delivery.
     c. When the library receives the Kit it must be checked-out to the library.
     d. If a renewal is required the library must contact Eileen to determine if it is available.

5. A list of contents for each Kit is provided for the convenience of the borrower along with a form to report any possible problems they experienced with the equipment.

6. When the Kit is returned through delivery, it will be checked-in and go to the ILS Department to verify all contents are accounted for, in good working condition and if required re-charge items prior to making the Kit available for the next borrower.