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RCLS: ILS Services: MobileStaff (MobileCirc)


Simplify patron interaction with staff through MobileStaff, a robust app for iOS or Android devices. Library staff can use powerful features to bring the library services out from behind the circulation desk and into the stacks, public spaces, and external outreach programs.

Borrowing MobileStaff Units

Procedures for Borrowing MobileStaff Kits

1. Three MobileStaff Kits will be stored in the Business Office supply room when not in use. A sign out sheet is available for in-house use (note: check with Eileen for availability).

2. Upon borrowing a Kit a library assumes responsibility for all items included in the Kit in the event of damage or loss. The member library assumes the following responsibilities when borrowing a Kit:
     a. the replacement cost of any and all items damaged or lost;
     b. using WiFi, when available, to avoid overages on the Verizon Data Plan associated with the Kits;
     c. payment for any excessive usage of the Data Plan provided, as determined by the RCLS Executive Director; and
     d. recharging all items in the Kit before returning the Kit to RCLS, on or before the due date.

3. The lending period for a Kit is one (1) week. A one (1) week renewal may be granted if there is a Kit available. If required and there is a Kit available a second one (1) week renewal may be granted.

4. To borrow one of the Kits a member library must contact Eileen Acosta, Communications Assistant, by telephone (845-243-3747 ext. 221) or e-mail (eacosta@rcls.org).
     a. She will verify that a Kit is available for the time period requested and schedule the loan.
     b. At the appropriate time she will place a hold on the Kit on behalf of the library, change the Kit’s status to “in transit” and put it into delivery.
     c. When the library receives the Kit it must be checked-out to the library.
     d. If a renewal is required the library must contact Eileen to determine if it is available.

5. A list of contents for each Kit is provided for the convenience of the borrower along with a form to report any possible problems they experienced with the equipment.

6. When the Kit is returned through delivery, it will be checked-in and go to the ANSER Department to verify all contents are accounted for, in good working condition and if required re-charge items prior to making the Kit available for the next borrower.

Recommended Equipment

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 & 5G connection  (about $30.00 per month from Verizon or t_Mobile)
[Because the tablets involve a 5G connection subscription, RCLS can't order on behalf of another library].
SocketMobile s740    $329
Star SM-T300i  Mobile Printer  ($409)

MobileStaff Set-Up (password protected)