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LARC Mocks: 2018 Picture Books

Working list of starred reviews to be considered for the Mock Caldecott and Newbery Award

Picture Books

Please alpha by author. If title is already on the list, please add abbreviation and date to it. (PW = Publishers Weekly, SLJ = School Library Journal, HB = Horn Book, Kirkus = K, Booklist = BL The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books = BCCB (feel free to add other journal titles and abbreviations.

Adbage, Lisen  Koko and Bo  K 3/15/18

Agee, Jon. The Wall in the Middle of the Book. PW 7/30/18

Alexander, Jed. Red. PW 2/12/18

Almond, David. The Dam. PW 7/9/18, K 7/1/18

Andros, Camille.  The Dress and the Girl  SLJ 8/18

Angleberger, Tom.  The Princess and the Pit Stop.  BL 4/15/18

Antony, Steve.  Unplugged  K 11/15/17

Aronson, Billy  Melia and Jo  K 5/15/18

Averbeck, Jim  Two Problems for Sophia  K 5/1/15, BCCB 5/18, K 6/1/18

Averbeck, Jim.  Trevor  SLJ 7/18

Baldwin, James. Litlle Man, Little Man: A Story of Childhood. PW 6/18/18

Barnett, Mac. Square. PW 3/5/18, SLJ 4/18

Bat Zvi, Pnina & Wolfe, Margie  The Promise  K 3/1/18

Bauer, Marion Dane. The Stuff of Stars. PW 7/16/18, BL 8/18

Becker, Aaron.  A Stone for Sascha. PW 3/12/18, SLJ 4/18, K 3/15/18

Bee, William.  Stanley's Numbers  K 1/1/18

Berger, Samantha  Snail Mail  K 3/15/18

Bernstein, Galia  I Am a Cat  SLJ 12/17, PW 12/4/17

Briere-Haquet, Alice.  NINA Jazz Legend and Civil-Rights Activist  K 11/1/17

Blackall, Sophie. Hello Lighthouse. PW 1/22/18, SLJ 1/18, BL 2/1/18, BCCB 4/18

Blexbolex. Vacation. PW 1/8/18

Bliss, Harry. Grace for Gus. PW 11/20/17

Bozzi, Riccardo. The Forest. PW 5/7/18

Brill, Calista. Cat Wishes. PW 5/21/18

Bruchac, Joseph Chester Nez and the Unbreakable Code: A Navajo Code Talker's Story  K 3/1/18

Buitrago, Jairo. On the Other Side of the Garden. PW 12/18/17, K 1/15/18, SLJ 2/18

Calabrese, Keith.  Lena's Shoes are Nervous: A First-Day-of-School Dilemma  SLJ 8/18

Cali, Davide  Good Morning, Neighbor  K 7/15/18

Chedru, Delphine  Who's the Biggest? K 5/1/18

Chen, Julie  When I Grow Up  K 7/1/18

Chung, Arree  Mixed: A Colorful Story  K 5/15/18

Clark, M.H. Tiny, Perfect Things  K 5/15/18

Clarke-Robinson, Monica.  Let the Children March  K 11/1/17

Coat, Janik.  Llamaphones.  BL 4/15/18

Collier, Brian. It's Shoe Time! HB 1-2 /18

Collingridge, Richard. Tiny Little Rocket. PW 5/14/18

Colon, Raul. Imagine! PW 6/25/18, BL 6/1-15/18, SLJ 7/18, K 7/15/18

Compestine, Ying Change. The Chinese Emperor's New Clothes. PW 10/23/17

Cooper, Kelly. If a Horse Had Words. PW 4/16/18

Coppo, Marianna. Petra. PW 11/20/17, K 12/15/17

Cordell, Matthew.  King Alice.  BL 8/18

Crowe, Carmen. Four Little Pigs. PW 1/1/18

Crowther, Kitty  Stories of the Night  K 7/1/18, PW 8/6/18

Cuevas, Michelle. The Town of Turtle. PW 2/19/18

Cummins, Lucy Ruth. Stumpkin. PW 7/2/18

Daciute, Evelina  The Fox on the Swing  K 4/1/18

Damm, Antje.  The Visitor  SLJ 8/18

Danowski, Sonja.  Smon Smon  K 1/1/18

Davies, Nicola  The Day War Came  K 6/15/18

Daywalt, Drew. Sleepy, the Goodnight Buddy. PW 6/18/18

de Arias, Patricia  Marwan's Journey.  K 3/15/18, PW 3/26/18

Delacroix, Sibylle.  Grains of Sand.  BL 3/1/18

de la Pena, Matt. Carmela Full of Wishes. PW 7/30/18

de la Pena, Matt. Love. PW 10/9/17, K 12/15/17, SLJ 1/18, HB 3-4/18

dePaola, Tomie. In a Small Kingdom. PW 1/22/18, K 7/15/18

de Seve, Randall.  Zola's Elephant.  BL 6/1-15/18, K 7/15/18

Desmond, Jenni  Albert's Tree  K 3/1/18

DiCamillo, Kate. Good Rosie! PW 6/25/18, SLJ 7/18, K 7/1/18

Diaz, Junot. Islandborn. PW 12/18/17, SLJ 2/18

Dillon, Diane.  I Can Be Anything!  Don't Tell Me I Can't!  K 12/15/17

Doerrfeld, Cori  Good Dog  K 5/15/18

Doerrfeld, Cori.  The Rabbit Listened  K 11/15/17, PW 11/27/17

Dunbar, Polly  A Lion Is A Lion  K 3/1/18

Elliott, David.  In The Past K 12/15/17

Engle, Margarita.  The Flying Girl K 12/15/17

Everson, Caroline  Song On The Wind  K 3/1/18

Fan, Terry.  Ocean Meets Sky.  PW 2/26/18, BL  3/1/18, K 4/1/18

Fleming, Denise. This is the Nest That Robin Built. HB 3-4/18

Florian, Douglas. Play! Play! Play! PW 1/1/18

Fogliano, Julie.  A House That Once Was.  BL 4/15/18, K 3/15/18

Fox, Mem. Ducks Away! HB 01-2/18

Franceschelli, Christopher.  K 1/1/18

Gay, Marie-Louise  Mustafa  K 5/15/18, SLJ 7/18

Gehl, Laura.  I Got a Chicken for My Birthday K 1/15/18

George, Kallie  Goodnight, Anne: Inspired by Anne of Green Gables  K 7/15/18

Gianferrari, Maria. Hawk Rising. PW 3/26/18

Gigot, Jami. Seb and the Sun. BL 1/1/18

Gomi, Taro. The Crocodile and the Dentist. PW 5/28/18

Greig, Louise The Night Box  K 7/15/18

Haack, Daniel  Prince & Knight  K 4/1/18

Hadilaksono, Caroline. Surprise! PW 7/23/18

Hale, Ohara  Be Still, Life  K 5/15/18

Hall, Kristen. The Honeybee. BL 2/15/18

Hall, Michael. Little i. HB 01-2/18

Helfand, Harriet Cohen  And There Was Evening, And There Was Morning K 7/15/18

Henkes, Kevin  A Parade of Elephants  K 6/15/18, SLJ 8/18

Herrera, Juan Felipe. Imagine. PW 8/6/18

Hesse, Karen  Night Job  K 7/15/18, SLJ 8/18

Hesterman, Katie. A Round of Robins. HB 5-6/18

Higgins, Ryan T. We Don't Eat Our Classmates. PW 4/16/18, K 6/1/18

Himmelman, John  Floaty  SLJ 1/18

Hobbie, Holly. Elmore. PW 10/30/17

Hoffman, Mark. Fruit Bowl. PW 4/16/18

Hosseini, Khaled. Sea Prayer. PW 7/30/18

Howell, Troy.  Whale in a Fishbowl.  BL 3/15/18, K 3/1/18, PW 4/2/18, BCCB 5/18

Hurst, Elise.  Adelaide's Secret World  K 11/15/17

Hutchins, Hazel & Herbert, Gail  Anna At the Museum  K 6/15/18

Idle, Molly.  Flora and the Ostrich An Opposites Book K 1/1/18

Idle, Molly  Pearl  K 7/15/18

Isadora, Rachel.  My Dog Laughs  SLJ 8/18

Jackson, Richard  A Kiss for Akaraka  K 7/15/18

James, Matt  The Funeral  SLJ 2/18, BL 2/1/18, PW 2/12/18

Jocelyn, Marthe.  One Red Button  K 1/1/18

Johanson, Carl.  All Kinds of Planes. BL 8/18

John, Jory.  Giraffe Problems.  BL 6/1-15/18, PW 6/18/18

Johnson, Mariana Ruiz. While You Are Sleeping. PW 10/30/17

Kalan, Elliott. Horse Meets Dog. PW 8/6/18

Kaplan, Bruce Eric. Someone Farted. PW 2/5/18

Kastelic, Maja  A Boy And A House  K 6/15/18

Keller, Laurie.  Potato Pants!  BL 8/18

Kerascoet  I Walk With Vanessa: A Story About a Simple Act of Kindness  SLJ 12/17, PW 12/11/17, K 12/15/17

Kerley, Barbara.  Tigers and Tea with Toppy  SLJ 8/18

Khan, Hena.  Crescent Moon sand Pointed Minarets: A Muslim Book of Shapes  SLJ 7/18

Kheiriyeh, Rashin.  Saffron Ice Cream  SLJ 4/18

Kuefler, Joseph.  The Digger and the Flower   K 10/15/2017, SLJ 12/17

Laden, Nina.  Peek-A-Moo  K 1/1/18

Lam, Thao. Wallpaper. PW 2/19/18

Latham, Irene.  Can I Touch Your Hair?  Poems of Race, Mistakes, and Friendship   K 10/15/2017

Latour, Francie  Auntie Luce's Talking Paintings  K 7/15/18

Ledyard, Stephanie Parsley.  Pie is for Sharing.  BL 4/15/18, K 3/15/18, HB 5-6/18

Le, Minh  Drawn Together. PW 3/26/18, K 5/1/18, SLJ 6/18, BL 6/1-15/18

Leet, Rhonda  Franny's Father is a Feminist  K 4/1/18

Lendroth. Susan. Natsumi! BL 2/1/18

Lies, Brian.  The Rough Patch.  BL 5/1/18, PW 5/28/18

Lies, Brian.  Got to Get Back to Bear's!  BL 6/1-15/18

Light, Steve  Black Bird Yellow Sun SLJ 2/18

Lilly, Elizabeth.  Geraldine  SLJ 4/18, K 4/1/18, PW 4/16/18

Lin, Grace  A Big Mooncake for Little Star  K 5/15/18, PW 6/11/18, HB 7-8/18

Love, Jessica. Julian is a Mermaid. PW 3/5/18, K 3/15/18, BCCB 5/18, HB 5-6/18

Lukoff, Kyle  A Storytelling of Ravens  K 3/15/18

Luxbacher, Irene  Deep Underwater  K 6/1/18

MacLachlan, Patricia and Emily MacLachlan Charest. Little Robot Alone. PW 3/26/18

Maclear, Kyo.  Bloom K 12/15/17

Maier, Brenda. The Little Red Fort. BCCB 4/18

Mantchev, Lisa.  Jinx and the Doom Fight Crime  K 11/15/17

Mara, Nichole.  All Aboard!  Let's Ride a Train  K 1/1/18

Marino, Gianna.  If I Had a Horse  K 11/1/17

Martinez-Neal, Juana. Alma and How She Got Her Name. PW 1/29/18 BL 2/1/18

McAnulty, Stacy  Max Explains Everything  K 3/1/18

McClure, Nikki  The Great Chicken Escape  K 3/1/18

McKinnon, Natalie  Seed Magic  K 3/1/18

McNamara, Margaret.  The Dinosaur Expert.  BL 5/1/18, SLJ 7/18

Melmed, Laura Krauss  Daddy, Me and the Magic Hour  K 4/1/18

Meloy, Colin. The Golden Thread: A Song for Pete Seeger. PW 3/5/18

Meshon, Aaron. Now That I'm Here. PW 4/2/18

Miller, Pat Zietlow. Be Kind. PW 12/4/17

Miyares, Daniel. Night Out. PW 3/12/18

Mora, Oge.  Thank You, Omu!  SLJ 7/18

Morales, Yuyi. Dreamers. PW 7/16/18

Moriconi, Renato. The Little Barbarian. PW 6/25/18, K 7/15/18

Morris, Jackie. Mrs. Noah's Pockets. PW 1/8/18, K 3/1/18

Morris, Richard T.  Sheep 101  K 1/1/18

Munro, Roxie.  Rodent Rascals K 1/15/18

Murguia, Bethanie  Do You Believe in Unicorns? K 7/15/18

Murphy, Mary.  Mouse is Small  K 1/1/18

Narita, Kate  100 Bugs! A Counting Book  K 5/15/18

North, Ryan  How to Be a T. Rex  K 7/15/18

O'Brien, Anne Sibley  Someone New  K 6/1/18

Oguma, Koki & Wolf, Gita  The Barber's Dilemma And Other Stories from Manmaru Street  K 4/15/18

O'Leary, Sara.  The Boy and the Blue Moon  K 12/15/17

Oliveros, Jessie  The Remember Balloons  K 7/1/18

O'Malley, Kevin & O'Brien Patrick  Captain Raptor and The Perilous Planet  K 7/15/18

Paul, Baptiste.  The Field  K 12/15/17, BL 2/1/18, HB 5-6/18

Penfold, Alexandra  All Are Welcome  K 6/1/18

Penfold, Alexandra. The Littlest Viking. PW 11/13/17

Peoples-Riley, Daria  This Is It  SLJ 1/18

Pfeffer, Rubin.  Summer Supper.  BL 3/1/18, K 4/1/18

Phelan, Matt. Pignic. PW 12/11/17

Pignat, Caroline  Poetree  K 7/15/18

Pimentel, Annette Bay.  Girl Running  K 11/15/17

Ponti, Claude  Hiznobyuti  K 4/15/18

Ramesh, Madhuri & Chandi, Manish  Walking Is A Way of Knowing In a Kadar Forest  K 4/15/18

Raschka, Chris. New Shoes. PW 2/26/18, BCCB 4/18,  SLJ 6/18

Raschka, Chris. Paul Writes (a Letter). PW 7/23/18

Reul, Sarah Lynne. The Breaking News. BCCB 4/18

Reynolds, Aaron.  Dude!  BL  3/15/18

Rhee, Helena Ku.  The Turtle Ship  SLJ 6/18

Rockwell, Anne  Hiking Day  K 7/15/18

Rosenstock, Barb. Otis and Will Discover the Deep: The Record-Setting Dive of the Bathysphere. PW 4/9/18

Rosenthal, Amy Krouse. Don't Blink! BCCB 4/18

Ross, Sonny. Duck Gets a Job. PW 3/26/18

Rubin, Sean. Bolivar. BL 2/1/18

Ruiz, Mariana Johnson.  While You Are Sleeping   K 10/15/2017

Salmieri, Daniel.  Bear and Wolf  SLJ 4/18

Sandall, Ellie.  Everybunny Count!   K 10/15/2017

Sanna, Francesca. Me and My Fear. PW 7/9/18

Scanlon, Liz Garton  Kate, Who Tamed the Wind  SLJ 12/17, K 11/15/17

Scanlon, Liz Garton & Audrey Vernick.  Dear Substitute.  PW 4/16/18, BL 5/1/18

Scholastic.  Beep Beep Robot!  A Spinning Gears Book  K 1/1/18

Schwartz, Joanne  Pinny In Fall  K 6/15/18

Scotto, Thomas  Jerome By Heart  K 3/15/18

Seeger, Laura Vaccaro.  Blue  SLJ 7/18, K 7/15/18

Sheneman, Drew. Don't Eat That! PW 4/23/18

Sierra, Judy.  The Great Dictionary Caper. PW 10/23/17,  K 11/1/17

Sima, Jessie. Harriet Gets Carried Away. PW 1/15/18

Singh, Rina. Holi Colors. PW 1/1/18

Soosh  Dad By My Side  K 4/1/18

Sorell, Traci  We Are Grateful Otsaliheliga  K 7/15/18

Soundar, Chitra.  You're Safe with Me. BL 5/15/18

Spanyol, Jessica.  Clive is a Nurse K 1/1/18

Spurr, Elizabeth.  In the Snow K 1/1/18

Stead, Philip C. All the Animals Where I Live. PW 12/18/17

Stead, Philip C. Vernon is on His Way: Small Stories. PW 4/9/18, BL 5/15/18

Stein, David Ezra  Honey  SLJ 1/18, PW 3/12/18

Stein, David Ezra. Interrupting Chicken and the Elephant of Surprise. PW 7/23/18

Stin, Matt  Little Chef  K 6/15/18

Sullivan, John. Kitten and the Night Watchman. PW 7/16/18, K 7/15/18

Sullivan, Mary. Nobody's Duck. PW 11/20/17

Tamaki, Jillian. They Say Blue. PW 1/1/18, SLJ 2/18, BL 2/15/18, HB 7-8/18

Tey, Priscilla. In-Between Things. PW 3/19/18

Thompkins-Bigelow, Jamilah. Mommy's Khimar. PW 1/29/18

Thompson, Carol.  Sol  K 1/1/18

Trimmer, Christian. Teddy's Favorite Toy. PW 12/4/17

Trimmer, Christian.  Snow Pony and the Seven Miniature Ponies  SLJ 7/18

Turk, Evan.  Heartbeat. PW 4/9/18,  BL 4/15/18

Twohy, Mike  Stop, Go, Yes, No! A Story of Opposites  K 5/1/15

Urban, Linda.  Mabel and Sam at Home.  BL 5/1/18

Usher, Sam  Sun  K 4/15/18

Valdez, Patricia. Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor: The Woman who Loved Reptiles. PW 2/19/18

Valerio, Geraldo. Blue Rider. PW 1/1/18, K 1/15/18, HB 7-8/18

Verde, Susan.  Hey, Wall: A Story of Art and Community  SLJ 8/18

Yamasaki, Katie  When the Cousins Came  K 5/1/18

VanDerwater, Amy Ludwig.  Dreaming of You K 1/1/18

Verde, Susan  Rock 'N Roll Soul  K 3/1/18

Verdick, Elizabeth  Small Walt and Mo the Tow  K 7/15/18

Vere, Ed How To Be a Lion  K 4/1/18

Vignocci, Chiara. Shake the Tree! BCCB 1/18

Waboose, Jan Bourdeau.  The Spirit Trackers K 1/15/18

Wallace, Sandra Neil.  Between the Lines K 12/15/17

Walker, Anna.  Florette  K 12/1/17

Walters, Eric.  Bedtime 1 2 3  K 1/1/18

Walters, Eric.  From the Heart of Africa A Book of Wisdom  K 11/1/17

Watkins, Rowboat. Big Bunny. PW 2/26/18

Wells, Rosemary.  Fiona's Little Accident  K 11/1/17

Wenzel, Brendan. Hello Hello. PW 1/8/18

Westib, Robert Paul. Sakura's Cherry Blossoms. BL 1/1/18

Wheeler, Lisa. People Don't Bite People. BL 1/1/18, PW 2/12/18

Wiesner, David  I Got It!  PW 1/29/18 SLJ 2/18

Willems, Mo. A Busy Creature's Day Eating: An Alphabetical Smorgasbord. PW 1/22/18, BL 2/1/18, SLJ 4/18

Willems, Mo.  I Lost My Tooth!  BL 8/18

Wittenstein, Barry.  The Boo-Boos that Changed the World  K 12/15/17

Woodcock, Fiona  Look  K 5/15/18

Woodson, Jacqueline. The Day You Begin. PW 6/11/18, K 7/1/18, SLJ 8/18

Wright, Richard.  Seeing Into Tomorrow K 12/15/17

Yamasaki, Katie.  When the Cousins Came  SLJ 6/18

Yang, Belle  Angel in Beijing  K 6/15/18

Yang, James. Bus! Stop! PW 12/18/17, HB 5-6/18

Yelchin, Eugene  Pip & Pup  K 3/1/18

Yeomans, Ellen. The Other Ducks. PW 3/19/18, BL 4/1/18, K 3/15/18

Yorinks, Arthur and Maurice Sendak. Presto & Zesto in Limboland. PW 5/28/18, BL 8/18


  1. In identifying a “distinguished American picture book for children,” defined as illustration, committee members need to consider:
    1. Excellence of execution in the artistic technique employed;
    2. Excellence of pictorial interpretation of story, theme, or concept;
    3. Appropriateness of style of illustration to the story, theme or concept;
    4. Delineation of plot, theme, characters, setting, mood or information through the pictures;
    5. Excellence of presentation in recognition of a child audience.
  2. The only limitation to graphic form is that the form must be one which may be used in a picture book. The book must be a self-contained entity, not dependent on other media (i.e., sound, film or computer program) for its enjoyment.
  3. Each book is to be considered as a picture book. The committee is to make its decision primarily on the illustration, but other components of a book are to be considered especially when they make a book less effective as a children’s picture book. Such other components might include the written text, the overall design of the book, etc.

Note: The committee should keep in mind that the award is for distinguished illustrations in a picture book and for excellence of pictorial presentation for children. The award is not for didactic intent or for popularity.