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Marketing Services focuses on brand awareness, education of stakeholders, driving traffic to the RCLS website, demonstrating the return on investment to member libraries, strengthening advocacy relationships, and increasing outreach/partnerships.

Marketing Services offer many ways to boost visibility and generate awareness of the impact public libraries make in their communities. A primary focus is on social media platforms to interact and engage with various target audiences.

Marketing Services help enhance traditional marketing methods such as print materials, email, community engagement, and multiple forms of advertising (paid and free). The various sections of the marketing website maintain resources and services available to member libraries. These resources include software recommendations, templates, social media strategies, email marketing outlines, campaign initiatives, and search engine optimization.

David Cosco

Marketing Manager


845-243-3747 ext. 245



Please be aware that the webinars listed here originate from various locations worldwide. Therefore, kindly verify the time zone when registering and/or upon receiving the email confirmation. Unless the event states that CE credit will be given, it will not be provided.

March 13 5 Secrets of Email Marketing Geniuses

March 14 How nonprofits can make change with storytelling techniques

March 18  Creating Social Video Ads with Canva

March 20  SpringySession: Creating Instructional Videos Like a Pro by SpringShare

March 20 MasterTHIS: SEO

March 20 Uplift: Using Design to Stand Out on Social

March 21 AI and Libraries: Applications, Implications, and Possibilities

March 21 Using AI in the Library

March 21 Top 10 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools for Every Marketer

March 26 YouTube Shorts: Unleash the Opportunity for Your Brand

March 28 Extending Content Shelf Life with AI in Marketing

March 28 Making it to the Inbox in 2024: What’s changed and what hasn’t by Constant Contact

March 29 How to Optimize Your Digital Marketing

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