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Marketing Services: ANALYTICS

Marketing analytics

Marketing analytics is the examination of data to assess the performance of a marketing activity or campaign. By utilizing technology and analytical, companies can see what drives or influences their customers’ actions. In turn, the company can appropriately adjust its marketing campaigns and improve its return on investment. Marketing analytics became an important marketing component in the 1940s when advertisers launched television commercials and asked the question, “Which commercials are actually converting prospective customers into buyers?” These tools help marketers and others to examine the reach and influence of their marketing.

Why we need marketing analytics tools? Marketers must have a method for evaluating the success or performance of marketing campaigns and initiatives. Marketing analytics are the tools that help to accomplish the review of marketing strategies. Marketing analytics tools allow marketers to increase their efforts and demonstrate their value. The objective is to make marketing activities more useful while supporting the investment.  Marketing analytics tools can collect data from all outlets of marketing and report on them simultaneously. The tools allow for the generation of reports to track campaign success and perform a competitive assessment.

Marketing analytics tools

Google Analytics lets you measure advertising ROI and track flash, video, and social networking sites and applications. The basic version of Google Analytics is free and is fit for most companies.

Heap is a web and mobile analytics tool that assists you in tracking all the activities of customers while visiting your website. Heap can also choose the events you want to evaluate and review on your dashboard. It can help you track individual user behavior and segment users based on their behavior. The company offers a free plan as well as plans that require you to pay a monthly subscription fee. 

Why do you need marketing analytics tools?

Marketing analytics tools will capture and track the following data involving your marketing campaigns:

1) Data of visitors on your website

2) Non organic performance data

3) Email marketing data

4) Behavior data

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