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Marketing Services focuses on brand awareness, education of stakeholders, driving traffic to the RCLS website, demonstrating the return on investment to member libraries, strengthening advocacy relationships, and increasing outreach/partnerships.

Marketing Services offer many ways to boost visibility and generate awareness of the impact public libraries make in their communities. A primary focus is on social media platforms to interact and engage with various target audiences.

Marketing Services help enhance traditional marketing methods such as print materials, email, community engagement, and multiple forms of advertising (paid and free). The various sections of the marketing website maintain resources and services available to member libraries. These resources include software recommendations, templates, social media strategies, email marketing outlines, campaign initiatives, and search engine optimization.

David Cosco

Marketing Manager


845-243-3747 ext. 245



June 5: Writing for Social Media

June 6: 5 Ways to Promote Ebooks, Audiobooks, & More in Libby

June 7: How to Grow Your List in Constant Contact

June 7: The ethics, uses, & impacts of AI in the world of Marketing, Design, & other Creative Professions. 

June 8: Marketing to Your Neighborhood- Leveraging Social Media

June 8: How to Plan Your Email Marketing in Constant Contact

June 8: Creating Print Materials with LibraryAware

June 9: WordPress – Don’t Underestimate the Power of Plugins


June 12 - 16: Uplift- A week for Social Good- a week of educational sessions that will help you succeed on social media led by experts from world-leading nonprofits and more. Five unique sessions available:

June 12: The Power of Storytelling: Best Practices for Driving Awareness & Inspiring Action on Social Media

June 13: Capture (and Keep) Attention: How to Create Engaging Content for Social Media

June 14: What Drives Donations: How to Fundraise Effectively on Social Media

June 15: Disaster Readiness: 5 Tools to Weather Any Crisis

June 16: Telling Your Analytics Story: How to Effectively Measure Success on Social


June 14: Foundations of Graphic Design by Canva

June 20: Social Media 102

June 20: YouTube Shorts

June 21: 10 Ways to Create More Content in Less Time

June 22: Event Marketing Strategies for Building Lasting Connections

June 22: From PROMPT to Performance: How AI Is Reshaping Marketing

June 22: How to Build a Powerful Video Marketing Creation Process Using AI

June 22: Fast Chat: Beyond ChatGPT: How to Mater AI for Content Design

June 23: Best Ways to Grow Your Business on a Budget

June 27: Advanced TikTok Strategies

June 30: Tips to Improve SEO Rankings & Website Results

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