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LARC Mocks: 2018 Chapter Books

Working list of starred reviews to be considered for the Mock Caldecott and Newbery Award

Chapter Books

Please alpha by author. If title is already on the list, please add abbreviation and date to it. (PW = Publishers Weekly, SLJ = School Library Journal, HB = Horn Book, Kirkus = K, Booklist = BL The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books = BCCB (feel free to add other journal titles and abbreviations)

Abbott, Tony.  Denis Ever After. BL 6/1-15/18

Applegate, Katherine.  Ending #1: The Last.  BL 3/1/18, K 3/1/18, PW 3/12/18

Abawi, Atia. A Land of Permanent Goodbyes. PW 11/13/17, K 12/1/17

Abouet, Marguerite  Akissi: Tales of Mischief  K 4/15/18

Acevedo, Elizabeth. The Poet X. PW 1/22/18, HB 3-4/18

Acros, Carrie.  We Are All That's Left.  BL 3/15/18

Adeyemi, Tomi. Children of Blood and Bone. PW 1/1/18

Ahmadi, Arvin. Down and Across. PW 10/16/17

Ahmed, Samira. Love, Hate, and Other Filters. PW 10/16/17

Albert, Melissa.  The Hazel Wood  K 10/15/17, PW 11/13/17, BCCB 1/18

Alexander, Kwame.  Rebound.  BL 3/15/18, K 3/15/18

Almond, David. The Tale of Angelino Brown. PW 12/18/17, K 1/1/18, BCCB 3/18

Anderson, John David.  Granted  K 11/15/17, SLJ 2/18

Anderson, M.T. and Eugene Yelchin.  The Assassination of Brangwain Spurge.  BL 6/1-15/18

Andrews, Jesse. Munmun. PW 2/5/18

Applegate, Katherine.  Endling: The Last  SLJ 4/18

Arcos, Carrie. We Are All That's Left. PW 3/12/18

Arnold, David.  The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik  SLJ 4/18 

Arnold, Elana K.  Damsel  SLJ 6/18

Auxier, Jonathan. Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster. PW 7/9/18

Avi. The Button War: A Tale of the Great War. PW 4/9/18

Baldwin, Cindy.  Where the Watermelons Grow.  BL 6/1-15/18

Baldwin, James  Little Man, Little Man: A Story of Childhood  K 6/15/18

Balliett, Blue.  Out of the Wild Night K 12/15/17

Barnett, Mac.  Mac Undercover  SLJ 7/18

Barzak, Christopher. The Gone Away Place. PW 3/12/18

Beasley, Kate. Lions & Liars. BL 5/15/18

Berquist, Emma. Devils unto Dust. PW 3/5/18

Bhathena, Tanaz. A Girl Like That. PW 11/27/17

Bigelow, Lisa Jenn  Drum Roll, Please  SLJ 2/18

Birney, Betty G. Life According to Og the Frog. PW 5/28/18, SLJ 7/18

Birdsall, Jeanne.  The Penderwicks at Last.  BL 5/1/18

Black, Holly. The Cruel Prince. PW 10/16/17

Blake, Ashley Herring. Ivy Aberdeen's Letter to the World. PW 1/1/18, K 12/15/17, SLJ 1/18, BL 4/15/18

Bliss, Bryan.  We'll Fy Away.  BL 3/1/18, PW 4/2/18

Bliss, Harry.  Grace for Gus  K 11/15/17, HB 1- 2/18, 

Boothby, Ian. Sparks! BL 2/15/18

Bowman, Akemi Dawn.  Summer Bird Blue.  BL 6/1-15/18

Bowman, Erin. Contagion. PW 5/14/18

Brown, Peter. The Wild Robot Escapes. BL 1/1/18

Caines, Rachel and Ann Aguirre. Honor Among Thieves. PW 12/4/17

Caletti, Deb.  A Heart in a Body in the World.  BL 6/1-15/18

Callender, Kheryn.  Hurricane Child  K 12/15/17, SLJ 1/18, BL 2/1/18

Cameron, Neill.  Mega Robo Bros K 12/15/17

Cameron, Sophie.  Out of the Blue  SLJ 4/18

Carroll, Emma  Strange Star  SLJ 1/18

Cartaya, Pablo.  Marcus Vega Doesn't Speak Spanish  SLJ 6/18

Chao, Gloria. American Panda. PW 11/20/17

Charles, Tami.  Like Vanessa K 1/15/18, BL 3/1/18

Chase, Paula  So Done  K 6/1/18, PW 6/25/18

Chen, Justina.  Lovely, Dark, and Deep.  BL 6/1-15/18

Cherry, Alison. The Pros of Cons. PW 1/1/18

Choldenko, Gennifer.  Al Capone Throws Me a Curve. BL 3/1/18, K 3/1/18

Choi, Mary H. K. Emergency Contact. PW 1/1/18

Christopher, Lucy.  Storm-Wake.  BL 5/15/18

Clare, Gwendolyn.  Ink, Iron, and Glass K 12/15/17

Clayton, Dhonielle.  The Belles K 12/1/17

Cline-Ransome, Lesa.  Finding Langston.  BL 4/15/18, K 5/1/18

Colfer, Eoin & Andrew Donkin. Illegal. PW 4/30/18, K 6/1/18, BL 7/18

Connor, Leslie.  The Truth as Told By Mason Buttle  K 10/15/17, PW 11/6/17

Cornwell, Betsy.  The Forest Queen.  BL 7/18

Creech, Sharon.  Saving Winslow  SLJ 7/18, PW 7/9/18

Crowley, Kieran. The Misfits Club. BL 1/1/18

Cruz, Marie Miranda.  Everlasting Nora SLJ 7/18

Curtis, Christopher Paul. The Journey of Little Charlie. PW 10/30/17, K 12/1/17, SLJ 1/18, BCCB 1/18, HB 3-4/18

Dabos, Christelle. A Winter's Promise: Book One of the Mirror Visitor Quartet. PW 7/9/18

Dasgupta, Sayantani  The Serpent's Secret  SLJ 1/18

Daud, Somaiya.  Mirage.  BL 7/18, SLJ 7/18

de Fombelle, Timothee.  The Book of Pearl  K 11/15/17, BCCB 3/18

DeKeyser, Stacy  The Rhino in Right Field  K 5/1/18

Dellaira, Ava. In Search of Us. PW 1/15/18

Deracine, Anat. Driving by Starlight. PW 4/2/18

DeStefano, Lauren.  Dreaming Dangerous.  BL 5/1/18

DiCamillo, Kate.  Louisiana's Way Home.  BL 7/18

Doll, Jen. Unclaimed Baggage. PW 6/11/18

Dominguez, Angela  Stella Diaz Has Something to Say  SLJ 1/18

Dowell, Frances. Sam the Man and the Dragon Van Plan. BCCB 2/18

Duiker, K. Sello  The Hidden Star  K 4/1/18

Durst, Sarah Beth. The Stone Girl's Story. PW 2/26/18

Edge, Christopher  The Jamie Drake Equation  K 4/1/18

Elliott, L. M. Hamilton and Peggy! A Revolutionary Friendship. PW 12/11/17

Ellis, Grace.  Moonstruck, v.1: Magic to Brew.  BL 5/15/18

Epstein, Adam Jay. Snared: Escape to the Above. PW 5/7/18

Evans, Lissa.  Wed Wabbit  K 12/1/17, HB 3-4/18

Falatko, Julie.  Two Dogs in a Trench Coat Go to School. BL 4/1/18

Faruqi, Saadia  Meet Yasmin!  K 6/15/18, SLJ 7/18

Finlay, Adrianne.  Your One and Only  K 11/15/17

Fisher, Lija.  The Cryptid Catcher.  BL 7/18

Fleming, Ann Marie.  Window Horses: The Poetic Persian Epiphany of Rosie Ming  SLJ 4/18

Forman, Gayle. I Have Lost My Way. PW 2/5/18

Foster, Stewart.  All the Things That Could Go Wrong  SLJ 7/18

France, Emily. Zen and Gone. PW 5/7/18

Friend, Natasha.  How We Roll  SLJ 6/18

Gardner, Faith.  The Second Life of Ava Rivers.  BL 7/18

Gaughen, A. C. Reign the Earth. PW 11/6/17

Gemeinhart, Dan.  Good Dog  K 12/15/17

Gephart, Donna.  In Your Shoes  SLJ 7/18

Gilbert, Kelly Loy.  Picture Us in the Light.  PW 2/12/18, BL 3/15/18, SLJ 4/18

Giles, Lamar.  Fresh Ink.  BL 5/15/18,  SLJ 6/18

Goo, Maurene.  The Way You Make Me Feel. BL 4/1/18

Gottfred, B. T. The Handsome Girl & Her Beautiful Boy. PW 3/12/18

Greenwald, Tommy. Hooked. BCCB 1/18

Gudsnuk, Kristen.  Making Friends  SLJ 7/18

Hackl, Jo Watson  Smack Dab in the Middle of Maybe  K 5/15/18

Hand, Cynthia.  My Plain Jane.  BL 3/15/18, PW 4/9/18

Hardinge, Francis. A Skinful of Shadows. HB 1-2/18

Hargrave, Kiran Millwood. The Island at the End of Everything. BL 2/1/18

Hartman, Rachel.  Tess of the Road  K 11/15/17

Hashimi, Nadia. The Sky at Our Feet. PW 1/22/18, K 1/15/18

Heidicker, Christian McKay.  Attack of the 50 Foot Wallflower.  BL 6/1-15/18

Heilig, Heidi.  For a Muse of Fire  SLJ 7/18

Henry, Katie.  Heretics Anonymous.  BL 6/1-15/18

Hernandez, Jaime The Dragon Slayer: Folktales from Latin America  K 3/15/18

Hesse, Monica.  The War Outside.  BL 6/1-15/18, SLJ 7/18, PW 7/9/18

Hills, Tad  Rocket the Brave!  K 5/15/18

Hiranandani, Veera.  The Night Diary K 1/1/18, PW 1/15/18, SLJ 1/18

Hitchcock, Shannon.  One True Way  K 12/15/17

Holczer, Tracy. Everything Else in the Universe. PW 4/16/18

Holm, Jennifer  Miss Communication  K 5/1/18

Hutchinson, Shaun David. The Apocalypse of Elena Mendoza. PW 12/11/17

Ireland, Justina. Dread Nation. PW 1/29/18

Ireland, Justina.  Scream Site.  BL 7/18

Jackson, Tiffany D.  Monday's Not Coming SLJ 4/18, PW 4/23/18

Janowitz, Jessie. The Doughnut Fix. BCCB 4/18

Jensen, Lisa. Beast: A Tale of Love and Revenge. PW 5/14/18

Johnson, Jaleigh  The Door to the Lost  K 5/1/18

Johnson, Maureen. Truly Devious. PW 10/23/17

Johnson, Terry Lynn.  Avalanche!   K 10/15/2017

Johnson, Varian  The Parker Inheritance  SLJ 12/17, K 1/1/18, HB 3-4/18, BCCB 4/18

Jun, Nie.  My Beijing: Four Stories of Everyday Wonder.  BL 7/18

Kadohata, Cynthia. Checked. PW 12/4/17, BL 1/1/18

Kalmar, Daphne.  A Stitch in Time. PW 4/23/18, BL 5/15/18

Kaplan, Maxine. The Accidental Bad Girl. PW 3/19/18

Kaufman, Amie.  Ice Wolves  K 12/15/17

Kaufman, Amie & Kristoff, Jay.  Obsidio. BL 4/1/18

Keller, Tae.  The Science of Breakable Things  K 12/15/17

Kelly, Erin Entrada  You Go First  SLJ 12/17, BCCB 4/18

Kephart, Beth. Wild Blues. PW 4/16/18, BL 6/1-15/18

Khorram, Adib. Darius the Great is Not Okay. PW 6/4/18

Kiely, Brendan. Tradition. PW 3/12/18

Kim, Michelle. Running through Sprinklers. BCCB 4/18

Kisner, Adrienne.  Dear Rachel Maddow   SLJ 6/18

Klages, Ellen.  Out of Left Field.  BL 3/15/18, K 3/1/18, PW 4/2/18

Knight, Xanthe Gresham.  Wild Swans  K 1/15/18

Konen, Leah.  Love and Other Train Wrecks   K 10/15/2017

Krulik, Nancy. Grilled Cheese and Dragons. PW 10/30/17

Kuipers, Alice.  Polly Diamond and the Magic Book.  BL 4/15/18

Laperla, Artur.  The Epic Origin of Super Potato  SLJ 7/18

Larson, Hope  All Summer Long  K 3/15/18

Lasky, Kathryn.  The Quest of the Cubs  K 11/15/17

Lawson, Richard. All We Can Do is Wait. PW 11/27/17

Legrand, Claire.  Sawkill Girls.  BL 6/1-15/18

Levine, Kristin  The Jigsaw Jungle  K 5/1/18

Lien, Henry. Peasprout Chen, Future Legend of Skate and Sword. PW 1/29/18

Lindelauf, Benny  Tortot, The Cold Fish Who Lost His World and Found His Heart  k 3/1/18

Lucier, Makiia. Isle of Blood and Stone. PW 3/5/18

Maciejewski, Mark  Electric Boogerloo  K 4/1/18

Mack, Jeff  Mr. Monkey Bakes a Cake  K 5/1/18

MacKnight, Wendy McLeod.  The Frame-Up.  BL 5/1/18

Magoon, Kekla.  The Season of Styx Malone  SLJ 6/18

Magras, Diane. The Mad Wolf's Daughter. PW 1/8/18

Makechnie, Amy  The Unforgettable Guinevere St. Clair  K 5/1/18, BL 6/1-15/18

Marshall, Kate Alice.  I Am Still Alive.  BL 6/1-15/18

Mass, Wendy and Rebecca Stead. Bob. PW 3/5/18, BL 5/1/18

Mather, Janice Lynn.  Learning to Breathe SLJ 4/18

McAnulty, Stacy  The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl  SLJ 2/18, K 3/15/18, PW 4/2/18

McGhee, Alison.  What I Leave Behind. BL 3/1/18, PW 3/26/18

McNally, Janet.  The Looking Glass.  BL 5/1/18

McNeill, Malcolm.  The Beginning Woods K 1/15/18

Medina, Meg.  Merci Suarez Changes Gears.  BL 6/1-15/18, SLJ 7/18

Melton, Sandhya. From Twinkle, with Love. BL 4/1/18

Meriano, Anna.  A Dash of Trouble   K 10/15/2017

Messner, Kate  Breakout  SLJ 2/18, PW 4/16/18

Millard, Glenda.  The Stars at Oktober Bend. PW 3/26/18,  SLJ 4/18

Miller, Darcy.  Margot and Mateo Save the World.  BL 7/18

Miller, Samuel.  A Lite Too Bright  SLJ 4/18

Milman, Derek. Scream All Night. PW 5/21/18

Morrissey, Bridget. What You Left Me. PW 4/16/18

Mosier, Paul.  Echo's Sister.  BL 7/18

Murdock, Catherine.  The Book of Boy  K 11/15/17, BL 2/15/18

Murphy, Julie. Puddin'. PW 2/19/18

Na, An. The Place Between Breaths. PW 1/8/18, BL 3/1/18

Nesbet, Anne. The Orphan Band of Springdale. PW 2/12/18, BCCB 4/18

Nielsen, Susin.  No Fixed Address  SLJ 6/18

Norton, Preston.  Neanderthal Opens the Door to the Universe.  PW 3/12/18, BL 5/1/18

Nwaubani, Adaoi Tricia.  Buried beneath the Baoba Tree.  BL 6/1-15/18

O'Connor, George.  Hermes Tales of the Trickster  K 12/15/17

Oliver, Lauren.  Broken Things.  BL 7/18

O'Neill, Katie.  Aquicorn Cove  SLJ 7/18

Ormsbee, K.E.  The House in Poplar Wood  K 6/15/18

Oshiro, Mark.  Anger is a Gift SLJ 4/18

Pan, Emily X. R. The Astonishing Color of After. PW 1/22/18

Pearce, Philippa. Tom's Midnight Garden. PW 3/5/18

Penaflor, Lygia Day.  All of This is True  SLJ 6/18

Perkins, Lynne Rae. Secret Sisters of the Salty Sea. PW 2/19/18, BL 3/1/18, BCCB 5/18

Petruck, Rebecca.  Boy Bites Bug.  BL 3/1/18

Phelan, Matt.  Knights vs. Dinosaurs  SLJ 6/18

Pirates, The Story and Geoff Rodkey. Stuck in the Stone Age. PW 12/18/17

Pla, Sally J.  Stanley Will Probably Be Fine  K 11/15/17

Polisner, Gae.  In Sight of Stars.  BL 3/1/18

Pollack, Tom.  This Story is a Lie   SLJ 6/18

Ponti, James  Trapped!  K 6/15/18

Potter, Ellen.  Big Foot and Little Foot. BL 3/1/18

Pullman, Philip.  The Book of Dust La Belle Sauvage  K 11/15/17

Purcell, Kim.  This is Not a Love Letter  K 11/1/17

Qualey, Marcha. Gracie LaRoo at Pig Jubilee. BCCB 3/18

Respicio, Mae  The House That Lou Built  K 3/15/18

Reynolds, Jason  Sunny  K 4/15/18, BL 5/1/18

Rhodes, Jewell Parker  Ghost Boys  SLJ 1/18, BL 2/1/18, PW 2/19/18

Ribay, Randy. After the Shot Drops. PW 1/15/18

Richmond, Caroline Tung  Live in Infamy: A companion to The Only Thing to Fear  SLJ 1/18

Rivers, Karen.  You Are Everything  SLJ 7/18

Rocklin, Joanne. Love, Penelope. BL 1/1/18

Rosen, L.C.  Jack of Hearts (and Other Parts)  SLJ 7/18

Rylant, Cynthia. Rosetown. PW 2/26/18, BL 5/1/18

Saeed, Aisha  Amal Unbound  K 4/1/18,  SLJ 6/18

Safi, Aminah Mae. Not the Girls You're Looking For. PW 4/9/18

Salter, Charlotte  Where the Woods End  K 6/1/18

Sappingfield, Eliot.  A Problematic Paradox  K 12/15/17

Schaeffer, Rebecca.  Not Even Bones.  BL 7/18

Schmatz, Pat.  The Key to Every Thing.  BL 4/15/18

Schoffstall, John  Half-Witch  K 5/1/18

Schrefer, Eliot.  Mez's Magic   K 10/15/2017

Schusterman, Michelle  Spell & Spindle  K 4/15/18

Sell, Chad.  The Cardboard Kingdom  SLJ 4/18, K 4/1/18, PW 4/16/18, BCCB 5/18, BL 5/15/18

Selznick, Brian and David Serlin. Baby Monkey, Private Eye. PW 11/20/17, K 12/15/17, SLJ 1/18, BCCB 3/18

Shabazz, Ilyasah with Renee Watson  Betty Before X. PW 10/30/17, SLJ 12/17, K 11/1/17

Shusterman, Neal. Thunderhead. PW 11/6/17, K 12/15/17

Small, David.  Home After Dark.  BL 6/1-15/18

Smibert, Angie. Bone's Gift. BCCB 4/18

Smith, Andrew.  Rabbit & Robot.  BL 6/1-15/18, PW 7/9/18

Sorosiak, Carlie.  Wild Blue Wonder.  BL 3/1/18

Spotswood, Jessica & Tess Sharpe.  Toil and Trouble: 15 Tales of Women and Witchcraft.  BL 5/1/18

Stamper, Vesper.  What the Night Sings  K 11/15/17, PW 11/20/17

Steele, Hamish.  Deadendia: The Watcher's Test, v.1.  BL 7/18

Steiger, A.J.  When My Heart Joins the Thousand  K 11/1/17

Steinke, Aron Nels  Mr Wolf's Class K 3/15/18

Stevens, April.  The Heart and Mind of Frances Pauley  K 11/1/17

Stewart, Martin. The Sacrifice Box. PW 6/4/18

Stoddard, Lindsey.  Just Like Jackie  K 11/1/17

Stone, Tamara Ireland. Little Do We Know. PW 4/9/18

Stokes, Maura Ellen.  Fadeaway.  BL 4/15/18

Stokes, Paula.  Hidden Pieces.  BL 5/1/18

Strasser, Todd. Price of Duty. BL 4/1/18

Sutherland, Tui T.  The Dragonet Prohecy  K 12/15/17

Tahir, Sabaa.  A Reaper at the Gates. BL 5/15/18

Tamaki, Mariko.  Supergirl: Being Super.  BL 5/15/18

Thomas, Jan. My Friends Make Me Happy! PW 10/30/17

Tingle, Tim.  A Name Earned  K 1/1/18

Tyre, Lisa Lewis.  Hope in the Holler  K 12/15/17

Urban, Linda. Road Trip with Max and His Mom. BCCB 4/18

Ukazu, Ngozi. Check Please!  #Hockey.  BL 7/18

Uss, Christina  The Adventures of a Girl Called Bicycle  K 4/1/18

Varon, Sara. New Shoes. PW 1/15/18

Verdi, Jessica.  And She Was  K 1/1/18

Vernon, Ursula.  Whiskerella  K 11/1/17

Viorst, Judith  Lulu is Getting a Sister  SLJ 2/18

Vivian, Siobhan. Stay Sweet. PW 2/19/18

Voigt, Cynthia  Toaff's Way  K 5/15/18

Wallace, Kali  City of Islands  K 5/1/18

Walton, Leslye. The Price Guide to the Occult. PW 1/8/18

Wang, Jen. The Prince and the Dressmaker. PW 12/11/17, HB 3-4/18

Westerfield, Scott.  Spill Zone: The Broken Vow.  BL 7/18

Weyr, Garret. The Language of Spells. BL 4/1/18, K 5/15/18

White, J. A. Nightbooks. PW 5/14/18

Whitesides, Tyler.  The Wishmakers  K 11/1/17

Wiles, Deborah  A Long Line of Cakes   K 5/15/18

Willems, Mo.  The Itchy Book  SLJ 6/18

Winfrey, Kerry. Things Jolie Needs to Do Before She Bites It. PW 5/21/18

Woods, Matilda. The Boy, the Bird, and the Coffin Maker. PW 3/19/18, BL 4/15/18

Woodson, Jacqueline. Harbor Me. PW 5/21/18, BL 7/18

Wyk, C. V. Blood and Sand. PW 11/13/17

Wynne-Jones, Tim. The Ruinous Sweep. PW 4/16/18

Yang, Kelly.  Front Desk.  BL 4/15/18, K 3/15/18, BCCB 5/18

Yoo, Paula  The Perfect Gift  K 4/1/18

Zoboi, Ibi.  Pride  SLJ 7/18

Newbery Criteria

1. In identifying “distinguished contribution to American literature,” defined as text, in a book for children,

a. Committee members need to consider the following:

  • Interpretation of the theme or concept
  • Presentation of information including accuracy, clarity, and organization
  • Development of a plot
  • Delineation of characters
  • Delineation of a setting
  • Appropriateness of style.

Note: Because the literary qualities to be considered will vary depending on content, the committee need not expect to find excellence in each of the named elements. The book should, however, have distinguished qualities in all of the elements pertinent to it.

b.Committee members must consider excellence of presentation for a child audience.

2. Each book is to be considered as a contribution to American literature. The committee is to make its decision primarily on the text. Other components of a book, such as illustrations, overall design of the book, etc., may be considered when they make the book less effective.

3. The book must be a self-contained entity, not dependent on other media (i.e., sound or film equipment) for its enjoyment.
Note: The committee should keep in mind that the award is for literary quality and quality presentation for children. The award is not for didactic content or popularity.

Adopted by the ALSC Board, January 1978. Revised, Midwinter 1987. Revised, Annual 2008.