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Hathorn Road, Warwick, New York


  • David Sanford (1711-1761) of Newtown, Connecticut, moved to Warwick.
  • His son Ezra (Sr.) (1747-1822) born here, married Ann Hopper.
  • His son, Ezra, Jr. (Nov. 11, 1793-Aug. 14, 1883)  married Oct. 29, 1814 Adeline Terry (d. Aug. 13, 1875). They were married 61 years.  Purchased Hathorn property in 1834. He was farmer, miller and tanner, and was among the active and progressive men of his time. He was one of the first to enlist from Orange County for service in the War of 1812.
  • Pierson Ezra Sanford (Aug. 26, 1832-Dec. 10, 1916) initially lived in the Morehouse homestead just up Hathorn Rd., then after his father's death resided in the Hathorn house.
(Source: Obituary of Pierson Ezra Sanford  Warwick Advertiser 1916/12/14; sketch of Ezra Sanford in Ruttenber & Clark's History of Orange County, p. 604)


Warwick Advertiser May 19, 1881



 Ezra Sanford, Jr. (Nov. 11, 1793-Aug. 14, 1883)


Pay record for War of 1812:

Son of Ezra Sanford and Ann Hopper,

born in Warwick.  Married Oct. 29,

1814 to Adeline Terry.  Children:

  • Uriah T.
  • Hester Ann
  • George W. (died)
  • George W. (2nd)
  • Mary E.
  • William M.
  • Julia,
  • Pierson E.
  • Abigail
  • Emily

Chiefly engaged in agriculture and milling

pursuits. A founding director of the Chester

National Bank, a director and helped

construct the Warwick Valley Railroad.

Member of the Warwick Baptist Church.


Ezra Sanford, Sr.' s Revolutionary Service

 Ezra Sanford, Jr. and his daughters

Seated left to right – Abigail Sanford Gabriel, Ezra Sanford, Hester Ann Sanford Price, and standing: Emma Sanford Tuttle, Julia Sanford Morehouse, Elizabeth (Libby) Sanford. Each of the girls had been given a gold watch and chain by their father. The picture was known as the “chain gang” photo (identifications courtesy of Jean Beattie May).

Pierson Ezra Sanford

Postcard of the house when owned by Pierson Ezra Sanford, son of Ezra Sanford, Jr.  This photo taken after four separate dormers were merged into one, apparently part of the renovations planned by E. G. W. Dietrich in 1889.

Pierson E. Sanford was born August 26, 1832. He attended the district schools of his boyhood days, Mr. Sanford married, in 1855, Miss Annie S. Burt, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Burt. In 1856 he left the parental roof and engaged in farming for himself. The dairy business early enlisted his activities, and in 1864 he established quarters in New York City for the buying and sale of milk, cream, butter and cheese. He commuted daily to New York City on the 7 AM train for many years, and  donated the village clock  for which the Clocktower building is named, in 1907. He died in 1916. (Source: Obituaries of Ezra Sanford, Jr. and P. E. Sanford, and Warwick Valley Dispath 1950/02/01)

A house with members of the Sanford family-- it does not appear to be the Hathorn House, as the chimney configuration doesn't seem to match.  However, it is possible the Sanfords made major changes.  This photo dated to the early 1860s by costume historian Mimi Sherman.

Edward Burt Sanford

Edward Burt Sanford was the next Sanford to own the Hathorn farm.  It was willed to him by his father Pierson E. Sanford.

Will description of Pierson Ezra Estate from Middletown Times Press Jan. 10, 1917 page 2


Ezra Sanford, Jr..  Warwick Advertiser August 16, 1883


Pierson Ezra Sanford / Warwick Dispatch / Dec. 13, 1916


Pierson Ezra Sanford / Middletown Times Press, Monday Dec. 11, 1916 p. 5

Edward B. Sanford, Warwick Advertiser Dec. 29, 1932:

"Edward B. Sanford died at his apartment at 40 N. Main Street, Atlantic City, shortly after midnight on Monday night of this week, after an illness of three days from a heart affection.  Mr. Sanford was a son of the late Pierson E. Sanford and Ann Burt, and was born in the homestead south of this village on March 12, 1865.  He attended the Warwick Institute, and then went to Cornell University.  He studied law and for some years practiced in New York City, but retired a number of years ago because of ill health.  For some years past he has had his home in Atlantic City, and also spent a part of the winter in Florida.  Mr. Sanford never married, and the nearest surviving relatives are the children of his sister Pauline, who was the wife of Dr. W. W. Wendover; S. Hutton Wendover of Meriden, Conn., and Mrs. Howard Conklin of White Plains, N.Y.  The body has been brought to this village, and funeral services will be held in the Cemetery Chapel this afternoon at two o'clock, with Rev. Dr. Applegate officiating.  Burial will be in the family plot in Warwick Cemetery."