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Hathorn Road, Warwick, New York


John was a successful businessman as well as a teacher and surveyor; he operated several businesses.  During his frequent absences on official business, Elizabeth, the children, their slaves, and hired help would have kept the many enterprises going:

  • Forge for making bar iron (near New Milford)
  • Tannery
  • Potash works
  • Blacksmith shop
  • Wood shop
  • Store
  • Inn

Source: Ferdinand Sanford


The family has many descendants, but a lot of them don't know they are -- So we list descendants from various sources here to help them connect to their illustrious ancestors.

  • Hathorn, Catherine [Warwick Advertiser 9/5/1923]
  • Hodges, ? (father of Mrs. Charles Williams, his mother Catherine Hathorn) [Warwick Advertiser 9/5/1923]
  • Williams, Charles F., Mrs. (nee Hodges). [Warwick Advertiser 9/5/1923]




Eighteen Babies and Counting

According to Ferdinand Sanford, who recorded a number of stories carried forward by the family, "In the same bedroom on the first floor nine children were born to Col. Hathorn and the same number to his son, George Hathorn."

Letter of Elizabeth Hathorn

This letter of Elizabeth Hathorn shows that she was literate and carried on business for John in his absence.[ Click here for transcription]


Family Bible, private family collection.  Examination of handwriting with Battle of Minisink reports shows that John made the initial entries.

Elizabeth Welling and John Hathorn were issued a marriage license on December 18, 1771.married on Jan. 9, 1772.

Their eleven children are:

  1. Sarah (Sally) HATHORN, b. December 09, 1773, Warwick, Orange, Ny216, d. September 23, 1839216.
  2. Thomas Welling HATHORN, b. December 28, 1774, Warwick, Orange, Ny216, d. January 16, 1851216.
  3. Mary HATHORN, b. February 13, 1777, Warwick, Orange, Ny216, d. date unknown.
  4. Hannah HATHORN, b. August 17, 1779, Warwick, Orange, Ny216, d. May 01, 1813, Goshen, , Ny216.
  5. Elizabeth HATHORN, b. April 27, 1782, Warwick, Orange, Ny216, d. July 03, 1851216.
  6. John HATHORN, b. March 11, 1785, Warwick, Orange, Ny216, d. July 27, 1850216.
  7. Catherine Cornelia HATHORN, b. July 24, 1787, Warwick, Orange, Ny216, d. September 28, 1826216.
  8. George Clinton HATHORN, b. July 24, 1787, Warwick, Orange, Ny216, d. September 23, 1863216.
  9. Andrew HATHORN, b. May 17, 1789, Warwick, Orange, Ny216, d. May 25, 1813216.
  10. Peter Townsend HATHORN, b. April 01, 1792, Warwick, Orange, Ny216, d. July 25, 1823216.
  11. Richard Morris HATHORN, b. April 01, 1794, Warwick, Orange, Ny216, d. March 30, 181621


From "The Wellings of Warwick" by Rev. A. A. Haines, oublished in the Warwick Advertiser June 6 & 13, 1889:

"The children of John and Elizabeth Hathorn were six sons and five daughters: Thomas, who married a Rickey and lived in Paterson; Andrew, a lawyer, unmarried, buried on Sanford farm without headstone; George, married Sally Bell, born in Connecticut and a sister of James Bell;Townsend, unmarried, buried on Sanford farm without headstone; Morris, probably died in youth, John, Jr., married Hannah (called Dorchie) Post, daughter of Col. James (?) Post, lived at Horseheads, NY; one of the sons lived for a time in Brooklyn and his children, it is said, reside in New York city; Sarah, born the 9th of December, 1773, and died the 23th of September, 1839,married Belden Burt, son of Benjamin and Anna and brother of the wife of John Welling, born Jan. 1764, died Jan. 5, 1831. They are buried in the Burt buying ground upon the old farm. (transcriber's note: Grounds of Chateau Hathorn, which was the Benjamin Burt farm).


Notes on descendants gathered from various sources.

  • Undated note to Ferdinand Sanford signed "A.B.S." in the collection of the Warwick Historical Society:  "...About ten years ago George Wisner of goshen brought to call here the Mr. Hathorn of whom Pierson (Ezra Sanford) spoke, as having met in New York during the Harrison campaign-- James Henry Pelton a son of Nathaniel Pelton is a descendant of Col. Hathorn.  Annie Davis is a descendant also, and from her mother has no doubt heard much of the history of the Hathorn family.  Mrs. Hendges a graddaughter of Col. Hathorn of whom I spoke to you boarded at Denton with a Mrs. Decker (whose daughter married Van Steenburg of Goshen) and it is possible they might know the address..."
  • Obituary of Mrs. Cordelia Burt Davis (b. Sept. 23, 1809- d. Mr. 5, 1896) from the Warwick Advertiser March 12, 1896 p. 3. (extracted info.); born on Belden Burt homestead now owned by V. A. Wilder (in 2014, is Chateau Hathorn, recorded as being 'built around' the early homestead).  Married to Edward L. Davis. Last survivor of 11 children. She and husband lived in the old (Alanson) Austin property in village (house was at corner of Galloway and Oakland, torn down).  Three daughters: Anna W. Davis, Sarah C. Davis; Nancy Davis Nanny (wife of James H. Nanny of Edenville).
  • From DAR application of Mrs. Clara Harwood, born in Union Springs, NY.  Dauther of Zachariah Story Winegar and Hanna Hathorne
  • Warwick Advertiser Aug. 14, 1890 p. 3.  "Mr. James H. Pelton and family...spent time with his aunt mrs. Edward L. Davis.(possible descendant)
  • Warwick Advertiser Oct. 11, 1888, p. 3: Mrs. Jacob DeMott of NYC visiting aunt, Mrs. Edward L. Davis (possible descendant)
  • From "The Wellings of Warwick" by Rev. Haines: "Children of Belden and Sarah (Hathorn) Burt were Thomas h., Elizabeth, married a Dolsen, John, Anna Benjamin, Mary, Catherine, Samuel, Coleman, lacy, Benden, Jrs., Cordelia.
  • Warwick Advertiser Sept. 5, 1889 p. 2: Clint W. Nanny visiting grandmother, Mrs. Edward L. Davis.


Although John voted in 1785  to abolish slavery in New York, he did not automatically manumit his slaves.

(source: "Slavery in Orange County" by Henry Pomares, Orange County Historical Society Journal No. 11 (1980) p. 25)

That law provided for the gradual emancipation of slaves; it required owners to register their slaves and the date of birth of all slaves born into their household to track their length of service and required manumission date.

In that ledger, John's slaves are listed as:

  • Serene  (likely Baise, see Under Old Rooftrees;freed 1814)
  • Polly Barge (freed 1822)
  • Elizabeth (daughter of Serene)
  • Hannah
  • Mary (daughter of Serene)
  • William Herbert
  • David Baise/Bays (later lived above the McBurney farm, now Warwick conference center; accompanied Hathorn when her arrived in Warwick, according to Ferdinand Sanford)

Click here for full transcription of ledger with details

The New York Historical Society owns a manuscript by Hathorn, his report of the birth of a slave child: