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Video Book Talks: Make Videos

8 tips for teachers, librarians, and small business. How to make videos during coronavirus.

Top Tips from Content Creators

  • Have fun! Enjoy the learning process and just start recording. Your videos will get better the more you practice. 
  • Record horizontally. Turn your phone or other device on its side.
  • Sound can be tricky. If you're really struggling, consider recording voice-content later to add to your video.
  • Get help and feedback. You may want to write book talks but not be on camera or vice versa. Get a book talking buddy and make them together.
  • Reuse with ease. Keep your original content (photos, clips, sounds) in folders for easy reuse.

Top Tips from Schools

  • Break playlists up by audience. Make it easy to find the children and young adult content.
  • Put the title of the book into the book talk video title. Adding the title on the video thumbnail helps identify the needed book talk.
  • Make video book talks about one book. Talking one book per video and keeping videos short makes them more useful in school libraries and classroom.
  • Show how much you love talking about books. Show your excitement and enthusiasm for the books. Remember, book talks are performance art. Have fun!