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Stay curious, stay inspired, stay connected!: Itay Goren

Resources and ideas for this time of corona virus isolation.

Itay Goren

A note from Itay:

It’s good to hear from you and thank you for your initiative. 
Exactly three weeks ago I participated in a concert for the Montclair Music Club. It was on March 9, Monday morning and was the first day that the stock market was falling. It took place in a big church in Montclair and I was going to perform Handel’s Chaconne and the Piano Sonata by Randall Svane, who lives in Montclair and came to the concert. At that time there were not yet cancelling events in our area but I was very surprised that people came to the concert. There where about 50-60 people in attendance, however many already started to not shake hands and keep their distance. Only days later we started hearing about “social distancing”. Randy and I were talking before the concert about the situation and I told him that this will probably be our last concert and social gathering for a long time to come. In hindsight, that concert should have been cancelled. 
Below is a video from that concert which you can share with the library’s patrons: