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Stay curious, stay inspired, stay connected!: Haining Luan - buddha sutra calligraphy

Resources and ideas for this time of corona virus isolation.

Haining Luan Bio

Haining Luan was born in Nanjing, an ancient city of China with 6 imperial dynasties rich in value of history and culture. His father a renowned playwright, Haining was nurtured with a kaleidoscopic heritage of local and national literati, and practiced ink-brush calligraphy as a teenager. In 1994 he became China National Award TV Host for hosting TV series “Dream of the Century”, but quit his lucrative position, came to USA for a fresh start, was twice featured in San Francisco Chronicle Newspaper as an “exceptional ability immigrant for cross-culture understandings”. ( (

His calligraphy is mostly buddhist sutra in Mandarin from Sanskrit translation. Haining writes natural strokes in his own personal style which he considers “clear of decadent, cliche prototypes, and brings unique liveliness and luster to this wonderful enlightening treasure". He also writes ink-brush poetry in characters with English translation. Through his calligraphy Haining wishes to bring more blessings, prosperity, wisdom and peace to our community. People have used his calligraphy artwork in church christening, wedding, and education for young children.      

Haining had BA degree in English literature from Nanjing University and PMC from SPEA graduate school of Indiana University. He is a resident calligrapher at Shelly Luan Art Gallery. (