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Stay curious, stay inspired, stay connected!: Carole Brill meditation

Resources and ideas for this time of corona virus isolation.

Carole Brill meditation

I've not been able to create a meditation video, but I'm happy to be sharing these meditation YouTubes that I've listened to, for you. 
 I know Mooji - I used to organize his NY teachings, and spent time with him in the US, Europe and India.  Tara Brach and I have been friends since college (we lived together as hippies on a farm in Massachusetts). What I teach is in total harmony with both of their teachings
These videos help you come to the place of stillness and calm within you. I recommend you listen to them more than once. As you get more familiar with their wonderful voices and their guidance, your experiences  will take you deeper and deeper into yourself. As I find other meditations on the youtube, I'll update this site.
You can search for more meditations and talks by Mooji and Tara Brach on their websites, and YouTube.
 Wishing you all peace, good health, and strength. We'll get through this aloneness together. Remember to take a deep breath...

Carole Brill, in addition to being the founder of the Young Masters Recital Series, has been practicing meditation for more than 30 years and has been conducting weekly meditation sessions at the Valley Cottage Library for several years.

Meditation with Tara Brach

Meditation with Eckart Tolle


Breathe 4 Change


"Qigong is a moving meditation, allowing the mind to sink into the moment, while the body circulates internal energy."( Lee Holden) It also deeply calms the nervous system, and helps the body heal itself.
Here are a few easy to follow YouTubes I hope you find helpful. I love Qigong. You can do the shorter practices twice if you like!

The Qigong youtube below comes without instructions, but it’s not hard to follow. If you’ve been coming to the meditation classes at the library Thursday mornings, you will recognize most of these moves.
The qigong I’ve been teaching has been based on this meditative flow. Enjoy!

The video below is a longer, invigorating qigong session about 15 minutes, with clear explanations of the benefits of each move.