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Historic Environmental Movements of Warwick

This guide presents material on the history of social movements and activism about Warwick's environment.


undefinedThe Town of Warwick has a long tradition of activism to guide, support, or protest changes that will impact the natural environment. 

This guide contains summaries and documents for four environmental activist movements that have has a profound impact on the quality of life in our town: 


  • The fight to prevent the Black Dirt from becoming a jetport in 1960-62.
  • The protest of creation of a dumping area for radium in nearby Vernon (Warwick Against the Radium Dump, or WARD) in 1986.
  • The creation of Sterling Forest State Park in reaction to proposed development,  from 1950s-1998.
  • The Open Space Preservation movement [Purchase of Development Rights, PDR, and subsequent actions] to save agricultural and environmentally important lands, from 1999-Current