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Historic Environmental Movements of Warwick

This guide presents material on the history of social movements and activism about Warwick's environment.

Nature Writing about the Town of Warwick

undefinedMany people over the centuries have studied and and written about our Town's natural features, plants, and animals. 

Here are some their works:

  • Herbert, Henry WilliamWarwick Woodlands and other writings (1830s)

Under the pen name "Frank Forester", this English exile, one of the most popular field sports writer of his day, visited the Warwick area many times.  His narratives of hunting game are filled with detail and lyrical enjoyment of our great outdoors, and his sketches show a keen observation of nature.  His works have been constantly reprinted, to this day.  Warwick Woodlands was first published in 1845, and as the subtitle indicates, "Or Things as They Were Ten Years Ago", he describes Warwick in the mid-1830s.

  1. Warwick Woodlands, Warwick Valley Edition (1921)
  2. Selected Drawings from Warwick Woodlands
  3. Portrait of Henry William Herbert 
  4. A chapter in Under Old Rooftrees by Eliza Benedcit Hornby is devoted to Warwick's memories of this prominent, well loved, and exasperating visitor.
  • Hornby, Eliza Benedict. Under Old Rooftrees (1908, containing oral history from colonial and early 19th centuries).

​Scattered througout this quaint collection of stories that Hornby recorded, from listening to her elders and taking notes, are many observations about nature, the uses of native plants, etc. 

  1. Under Old Rooftrees, annotated edition.
  • Crissey, Joel Henry.(d. 1919) Poems. Joel Crissey was a lover of nature who wrote beautiful poetry, and included among his acquaintances the farmous naturalist John Burroughs.  
  1. Obituary of Joel H. Crissey, 1919
  2. Photograph of Joel H. Crissey with John Burroughs, at Warwick
  • Farley, Sarah ("Sadie").  (c. 1890-1900)  Sadie Farley was a young woman living in Warwick for a time period, whose family were avid hikers and observers of nature.  She graduated from Warwick High School in 1900. Her hiking journal was copied for the AWPL collection by a descendant.
  1. Excerpt from the hiking journal of Sadie Farley
  2. Biographical sketch of Sadie Farley
  • Hansen, George​​​​​ (1930s-1960s)
  1. Obituary of George Hansen
  2. Trail Sketches from Honey Ranch