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Historic Environmental Movements of Warwick

This guide presents material on the history of social movements and activism about Warwick's environment.

Other Environmental Projects & Activism Movements in Our History

undefinedThere have been many other projects to protect and enhance access to our Town's natural places, and organizations which contribute to the protection of these resources:

  • The Town of Warwick has purchased, provided access to, and maintained a number of parklands.
  • The Villages of Warwick have also purchased, provided access to, and maintain, a number of parklands.
  • The Town and its Villages have periodically reviewed and updated Comprehensive Plans and zoning laws,stating the communities goals and values and providing guidance for open space and resource conservation.
  • The Orange County Land Trust has been instrumental in the preservation of public lands and other open space in Warwick, including:
  • The Warwick Conservancy, formed in 1999 and merged with the Orange County Land Trust in 2015, was instrumental in the preservation of Hallowed Ground Park, Railroad Green, lands of the Lewis Estate, and the early stages of the preservation of Wright Family Farm.
  • The Appalachian Trail Conservancy owns and maintains the Appalachian Trail, which passes through Warwick:

Other resources showing environmental activism in the area include::