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2023 Annual Report Guide: Print the Report


How to Print a Report, whether locked or not:

Survey Report: To generate a printable version of the data you entered in your annual report survey. You can choose to print the entire survey, selected sections of the survey, with or without the current year’s data, and with or without the previous year’s data. Click on the appropriate radio button for your selection. If you are choosing a particular section, click the down arrow at the right of the selection box and select the section you wish to print. You can also choose to print the report in either PDF or HTML format. The main difference between the two reports is that the PDF report has a page break between each section, and the HTML does not. That makes the HTML version consume a little less paper if you do not need each section to start on a new page. The HTML version also generates the report in less time. A separate window will open when the report has been generated.

If you wish to print a copy in the PDF format, click show PDF report. The formatting may take a few minutes. When the report has been generated, Adobe Acrobat Reader will be started. Click the print icon at the top left of the Reader screen to print a paper copy. To save an electronic version of your report, click the disk icon at the top left of the Reader screen and follow the usual instructions for that command. Your survey will be saved as a .PDF (Portable Document Format) file.

If you want an HTML version, click show WEB report. Once it appears, simply go to the File menu and select Print. To save the electronic version in HTML format, go to the File menu and select Save As and follow the usual instructions for that command.

02/14/24 Update:  The "Show Web Report" (HTML format) does not print notes correctly, especially in the Trustee Section.  The HTML format duplicates the same note several times.  The "Show PDF Report" prints the notes correctly.