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2023 Annual Report Guide: 5 & 6 - Technology & Staff

RCLS Helpful Hints Section 5 & 6


5.1 = Yes

5.2 = Yes

5.3 = Yes

5.4 Annual Number of Visits to the Library’s Website: If you contract with a web-hosting service, check with the vendor to see if it can provide you with the number of annual visitors.

If you cannot get a number from your web hosting service, double your in-person visitor counts (3.51) and use that for web visits, and add a Note explaining why more accurate counts are not available.

5.5 No (unless you've done so on your own).

5.7 Does the library file for E-rate benefits?

RCLS is aware that FML and NFL file for their own E-rate. IT Independent libraries may or may not file for E-rate on their own.

5.8 Is the library part of a consortium for E-rate benefits?

Answer Y if you subscribe to RCLS IT Services.  Answer N, If you are an IT Independent library.

5.9 If yes, in which consortium are you participating?

Answer: Ramapo Catskill Library System

5.10 – 5.12  Do not use an RCLS staff person name.



6.1 The number of hours per week that equals full time employment.  This number can only change by Board action, i.e.: 35 hours.

  • To calculate Full Time Equivalents (FTE), take the total weekly hours for each employee and divide the total by the above amount, i.e.: a part timer works 10 hours a week, so 10/35 = .29 FT.

Warning - 6.4,  6.5,  6.6  &  6.7 are in a different order than on the 2022 Annual Report.  The descriptions have also been slightly tweaked. 

The same is true for 6.14,  6.15,  6.16,  6.17,  6.18,  6.19, they are in a different order than on the 2022 Annual Report.