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2023 Annual Report Guide: 1 - General

RCLS Helpful Hints SAR


Several questions are pre-filled.  Review this information for accuracy; do not assume it is correct.  If there is a discrepancy, write a detailed note to inform DLD that an update is required. Report as of December 31, 2023, except for current library director/manager.

1.46 Library Budget Subject to Vote (Calendar Year 2023)

If there was no public budget vote in calendar year 2023, enter N and complete 1.47.  Don’t forget to include a building referendum in addition to an operating budget vote.

1.47 Library Budget Subject to Vote (Prior Year)

Hint – The 1.47 budget information will be identical to the 2022 report if the answer to 1.46 is no.

1.49 Has the Library experienced any unusual circumstance?