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RCLS MS 365 / Email Services: Directors Association & Standing Committees

MS 365 info; Forms to use for email account adds/deletes/changes

Director's Association & Standing Committees

RCLS sets up and maintains "email lists" in Microsoft 365 referred to as "distribution group or groups" for specific groups of users with a common purpose. For example, the group "allrcls" is intended to provide all RCLS email users the ability to exchange, share and request information related to library programs and services from the staff at other libraries.

Click here for more information and to view the complete RCLS Email Policy.

Directors or designees, Click here to request a new email account and/or add staff to distribution group(s).

Groups can be posted to only by subscribing members of that group:

rclsdir                 RCLS member library directors

rclsnewdir          RCLS member library new directors

adminasst           RCLS member library Administrative Assistants

ansercomm         RCLS Director's Association ANSER (Automation) Committee

ansercontacts    ANSER (automation) contacts at each member library 

cedcomm            RCLS Director's Association Continuing Education Committee

closings                Directors and one other staff person responsible for Emergency Closings

ctug                     ANSER (automation) Circulation/Technical Services User's Group

dabylaws            RCLS Director's Association Bylaws Committee

diracc                  RCLS Director's Association Direct Access Committee

direxec                RCLS Director's Association Executive Committee

pos                        RCLS Headquarters Management Plan of Service Team

rug                       ANSER (automation) Reference User's Group

sysserv                RCLS Director's Association System Services Committee